Reviews for That Awkward Moment When
Elise chapter 8 . 4/13
It's almost 3AM after I finished reading this, and I just swore to myself to return to my regular sleeping patterns. But you know what? This fic is worthy! It's amazing, truly entertaining and I felt Brittana here was accurate. They had a fight, and it was realistic. I just decided this to be one of my favorite fics! Thank you, author! You're awesome! :-)
Guest chapter 8 . 4/10
:D I love this story. Thank you.
kot011 chapter 8 . 4/5
the end I mean WHAT? Sequel, sequel!
louicorn chapter 8 . 4/3
Thanks for writing this! Great read :)
Lisaand chapter 8 . 4/3
Oh man, please write a sequel! I absolutely love this story and it would be so interesting to see Brittany and Santana's relationship develop further. Plus come on…Brittany is hilarious in this, you've got her character down in a great way, Santana too.
extendedmetaphors chapter 8 . 4/3
Nooooooo, I want more!
I seriously loved everything about this fic, I probably told you before but ya know! It was so fun and cracky and I could see them act like this and makes it all better. So thanks for writing it!
Gleek-girl2103 chapter 8 . 4/2
sequel pleaseeeee! I want to see them with kids!
Jonnexd chapter 8 . 4/2
Omg i totally want Brittany and Santana to adopt sepp!
Impure Thoughts chapter 8 . 4/1
A sequel would be amazing
jtour chapter 8 . 4/1
I am on love with this. I know that I will laughed ass off even more for the sequel which I hope will be coming out soon.
Guest282 chapter 8 . 3/30
oh wow I can not believe that this is over! : ( I am hoping that you do a sequel, because I am just not ready to give up this story. Either way I loved it and cannot wait to read what comes next.
dafuq33 chapter 8 . 3/30
i can't believe this was the last chapter I LOVED IT SO MUCH and yaaaaasss please let there be a sequel! loved everything about this chapter CAN'T BELIEVE HOW LONG IT WAS TOO! anyway.. GREAT FIC, REALLY FUNNY & WOULD LOVE TO READ MORE ;D 3
Uvaack chapter 8 . 3/30
Awesome story was awesome! I enjoyed every bit of it, you had me laughing out loud at parts and I don't think I've done that since 2859. Definitely hoping for that sequel but in the meantime, thanks for writing!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/30
Seeequel, seeeeequel!
luceroadorada chapter 8 . 3/29
As always this was great to read. I love britt messing with Santana. If you do a sequel which I hope you do I feel like Santana probs gonna get attached to sepp. They had a very cute interaction! Thanks for writing this :)
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