Reviews for Poison and Wine
Bloodsong 13T chapter 67 . 7/25
aw #$(%*&! solona, don't tell him THAT!

and you can only know what 'the right thing' is after you screw it up... man... that sounds profoundly true! :/

great chapter!
ElyssaCousland chapter 67 . 7/25
It's good to see you back! Poor Solona. Fun chapter!
emythelemon chapter 67 . 7/24
ugh Aurelian creeps me right out - though I suppose you're probably going for that, aren't you? Very creepy to have that teasing tone and the jibe at her not knowing the extent of her powers. Worried for Alistair. Worried for what the extent of this creep's powers are. Also i love this subplot because it adds another layer on top of a storyline that we already know to keep it interesting.
Candle in the Night chapter 67 . 7/24
Hmm I wondered when shifty Tevinter Magister would make a reappearance. He's clearly playing some kind of game giving Solona that information but why? He wants Alistair for nefarious purposes it's true. Interesting now that two out of three remaining Grey Wardens have prior knowledge of a Warden's sacrifice. That should make things decidedly different in the long run.

At least the poor Elven soul was put to rest. Solona eventually did the right thing but only because of selfish purposes again. Out of interest how old are the three Wardens in this? I believe I read that Ali is around 20ish, would Elissa and Solona be around the same? Not sure how old Leliana is but I always assumed around mid 20s. They're so young to have such responsibility, maybe I should cut Solona some slack for making mistakes.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/20
This is such fantastic writing; I cannot wait for more chapters to come.
Riptide Monzarc chapter 66 . 6/10
It was amusing to see both the kids bumbling along for their first (couple of) times, but it was great to see them both seek out advice from those more experienced. Though I have a feeling Alistair might not have been led too far astray by Wynne's wisdom, which has me wondering if she would ever compare notes with Zev... ;)

Bloodsong 13T chapter 66 . 6/8
and there was a standing ovation!

uh... not for that part! ;p
i mean... when elissa finally says she's going to stop making both their lives miserable and just do what she/they WANTs! a big OH YES! :)

and zevran, being helpful. nice! :) but i'm disappointed in leliana... no diagrams!? hahahaha!

and evil wynne! that was cute!
InsidiousAgent chapter 66 . 6/6
Aah, to be young and innocent again...
A fun chapter in more ways than one, to be sure.

If I hadn't been so beat from pulling an all-nighter last night I would have needed a cold shower right about now.

I'm always a fan of well written smut in fics like these. And it was very well written.

Your imagery is spot on as always and the dynamics between the characters breathes life into the story.

Well done!
SusieSamurai chapter 66 . 6/5
I know this chapter was like 80% sex, but oh my god was it adorable! Elissa and Alistair are such little dorks haha I guess the chantry wouldn't really teach 'sex-ed' per se. More, if you even think that way the Maker will strike you down with lightning.
Really well written and astoundingly funny, I'm so glad you're back on a roll :)
Candle in the Night chapter 66 . 6/5
This chapter had me giggling stupidly! Having said that Zevran really did provide some great advice there. It's so easy to think of sex like sword play (the pointy bit goes in there sort of thing) but then you remember that these two are young inexperienced people. They need help and Zevran and Leliana are perfect to fit the bill. Maker never Wynne though.

Also the line about a Warden's side effect abilities had me laughing, well done.
emythelemon chapter 66 . 6/5
okay i loved the way you slipped in those lines of dialogue between wynne and alistair. when i first heard that in the game i burst out laughing, it was so unexpected and still one of my favourite moments. good for alistair for sucking up his pride and asking zevran for help! it clearly did help. these poor fumbling lovers have clearly improved now. what a nice, non drama filled chapter. i think the wardens have earned it ;)
ElyssaCousland chapter 66 . 6/5
I love that you didn't gloss over the rather unglamorous aspects of two virgins finally getting together. In many people's experiences, the first time is awkward, messy, unfulfilling, and painful. And shameful, for the pious sort. It's nice having the advantage of characters who know a bit more about what they're doing :)
ShebasDawn chapter 66 . 6/5
Forgot to say, that Wynne made me laugh...

And Alistair's POV was perfect for this chapter. :)
Melysande chapter 66 . 6/5
Alistair should always go to the master...particularly if Zevran considers Elissa a friend and someone to protect. Enjoyed seeing all this from his POV.
ShebasDawn chapter 66 . 6/5
Okay, you know my stream-of-consciousness reviews, so here goes. :D

lol, I have to admit, for a teensy second when I read Alistair felt fur instead of skin I thought maybe she’d turned back into a werewolf. xD

I loved the exchange between Prince and Alistair - well, he *is* a mabari, so it’s likely he was thinking all those things. xD

"I… I don't have any facts or reasons to support that assertion and yet I know it's true." Wow, that’s so Elissa, trying to figure out love analytically!

"I have no idea what ridiculous situation we'll wind up in next but I do know now, with all my heart, that the only thing that makes sense to me is that I want to spend whatever time I have left making you happy instead of making us both miserable." Well, it’s about time! :D But knowing you, you won’t let them stroll off into the sunset hand-in-hand. .

LMAO I can’t believe he just offered to talk to *Zevran* about their sex life. xD

“the sun had painted the western half of the sky in vibrant orange, red, and purple” ooh, I love that word picture. And this: “He smiled into her skin” Perfect expression of intimacy. :)

OMG, I wonder if it really is like that for men - having to think of repulsive things during sex just so they last long enough. Poor things. xD

“His last conscious thought was that he owed a great debt to Zevran and Leliana for all the instructions, before he drifted into a peaceful and contented sleep.”

Wow that is a perfect ending to a perfect chapter. I must admit, I didn’t believe you would let them be happy for a whole chapter, but you did. And it was awesome. The sex was perfect. Please, please write more chapters under the influence of sparkly wine. :D
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