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Scarease chapter 20 . 3/29
He testifies you got one more peace evidence against Loghain and Howe.
Scarease chapter 3 . 3/28
Duncan is a see future genius tactician and future general of armies .
Riptide Monzarc chapter 71 . 12/16/2017
The amnesia angle is growing and congealing into something quite interesting. The split in perspective with the journal providing an avenue into the 'real' Elissa is cool, too, and it raises the question about who's reading it and where it is.

Great work!
piza chapter 71 . 10/17/2017
I MISSED THE PAST COUPLE UPDATES FHJDKSHGJK though it was a really nice surprise! i'm here on my day off and was thinking 'what's poison and wine up to' and BAM like three new chapters !

holy shit what a time jump, what did flemeth DO. poor solona lmao, i can just imagine what a trip through wilderness with memory-less elissa must have been like dear fuckin lord. i think that goes to show what a good grasp you have on creating vivid characters, and you make it look so easy when it's really quite hard lmao!

aaaghjghjg my heart hurts for brosca, i love brosca :(

so... elissa has resigned herself to death? i'm curious how she'll react when the dark ritual is presented, if she'll still refuse out of duty or not. i've read your other works, and they suggest she accepts, but i know how things can change gjfkdhgjkfd i definitely don't want elissa to die, she's wonderful and i love her, but the dark ritual is so awful and squicky all around (to me at least), and with her tendency of self-sacrifice, i really wonder if she would even ask Alistair about it.

of course, ALL OF THAT IS MOOT if she doesn't get her memories back. An elissa who forgot everything, including the massacre of her family, her sense of duty, and feelings for alistair would have no reason to refuse because she'd have no reason to want to die. all she's got at this point is her logic and practicality, which of course would lean toward the ritual to save hers or someone else's life.

ANYWAY. i'll just have to wait and see. can't wait!
ShebasDawn chapter 71 . 10/14/2017
I love the way you tell us what happened in Orzammar through Elissa's journal! I am a little confused, though - if Elissa has really lost her memory (and it sure seems like she has), and she also lost her journal, then who's reading the journal? Is it Solona? It's Solona, isn't it?

lol, every time I get to the end of the chapter I think, but what happens next?! I want to know noooowww (read that in a whiny voice xD) I hope you update soon!

I love this so much, by the way - and I love Alistair so much for doing it:

Alistair could have answered, of course, but he decided right then that he wouldn't deny her this. If he couldn't provide her an ample explanation, the next best thing would be to let her deduce one herself, instead.

That's so perfect I could hug him. :D

Great work! (And update soon! xD)
Candle in the Night chapter 71 . 10/6/2017
A shame about Brosca, but that was a valuable lesson for them in future. At least his death won't be a complete waste.

And if Elissa's journal is missing then who could have it? Clearly it's being read by someone- it could be one of her companions, honestly I'm suspicious of Solona as she has form for morally dubious decisions. If could easily be someone else though. The talk of Elissa being dead is also disconcerting; I wonder if this new personality would not take kindly to the idea of being killed off if the real Elissa returns.
Bloodsong 13T chapter 71 . 10/6/2017

and an interesting writing device, this. i know you said you glommed onto elissa's journal when you had a bit of a block. but using it to, like, simultaneously get through two storylines at once! HAH! that's... that's genius! maybe i should konk my character over the head and... no? oh well. :/ foiled again.

wow, so many unanswered questions in this chapter, so many open-ended plots. the next chapter better be out soon! :)
Melysande chapter 71 . 10/6/2017
Such a wonderful, sorrowful chapter in so many ways. The contrast between the journal Elissa and the damaged Elissa, Alistair's struggle with his own pain, and the mystery of who's reading that I assume someone is. I'm just hoping that in some way the final sentence is prophetic in too many ways.
Draco Oblivion chapter 70 . 9/16/2017
Ah, that ending was so brilliant. Alistair winning her over with secrets and an understanding of her mind few can match. Honest the uncertainty out of her boyo!
PirateQueen06 chapter 70 . 9/12/2017
Yay, you're back! So excited to see this continue. I really enjoy this story. Don't leave us hanging too long :-)
Riptide Monzarc chapter 70 . 9/11/2017
The memory loss is an interesting angle, especially since we as readers really don't know whom to trust. Of course we're sympathetic to Solona, but there is something compelling about Morrigan's logic. It seems It's driven a splinter into Alistair's mind at least. Although, he seems to be growing into himself now, and helping Elissa get back onto her feet, or rather back into her mind, just might help take his confidence to the next level. Can't wait until next time!
Candle in the Night chapter 70 . 9/11/2017
Definitely feeling Alistair's frustration at not being able to get any answers- but at least he's being proactive about it. It may not be Solona who is responsible but her past conduct is cause for concern. I don't know what to feel regarding whether or not she may be responsible but it's obviously not Morrigan, so the other sneaky mage is a good bet.

I'm eager to see if Alistair's plan works. I don't know much about memory loss truth be told, but perhaps if they keep breaking down that amnesic wall it may come flooding back.
ElyssaCousland chapter 70 . 9/11/2017
Yay you're back!

I enjoy this Elissa, even if it is cruel to torture Alistair so ;). Can't wait for the next chapter!
Melysande chapter 70 . 9/10/2017
Good to see Alistair taking the initiative. He does know her best, but she could still surprise him - as she has with her appearance. Happy to have them all back! I wonder if she'll remember the key secret - the one he doesn't know?
Ygrain33 chapter 70 . 9/10/2017
Aaargh, a cliffy! Why, oh why! Poor Alistair! And poor Elissa, too, this was really one of the worst things that could have happened to her.

A nice touch on Elissa's noble looks unsettling Alistair but I am glad that he figured out so quickly that the person under the makeup is still the same.
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