Reviews for Ripples in Water
LoveLifeForgetProblems chapter 77 . 4/16
Yo maaaan, love this fic! Hope you update it soon!
jliu1128 chapter 77 . 4/8
Finished this in a few hours. I know it's been a while since you've updated but I truly hope you haven't abandoned this for good!
MayaWeotes chapter 77 . 3/29
Gah! Harry's words are a little too late for my tastes, but on the other hand, needed to be heard. Minerva never seemed the prejudiced type before, but even I can admit that her views have onvioualy shifted. Is it wrong to say that I'm both curious and worried about what could happen at the Order meeting? Molly no doubt along with her two youngest will have rather...boisterous reactions. Arthur and Bill may be neutral for all I know. Kingsley could be worried, but logical and resigned. Though Minerva might push for more action judging by her reaction to Harry's info. Along that trend of information gathered by Harry about other nations, what about America? Has MACUSA given any notice? But then the aftermath if Hermione gets wind of any of this...well, that'll be a sight to see, now won't it?
CoquetteKitten chapter 77 . 3/19
I've just raced through your magnificently creative, well-written and compelling story in one short day. I'm blown away and so very much hop you come back to this story. I cannot wait to see the well-deserved smack down coming to Harry, Minerva, the Weasleys, the Order and Wizarding Britain.
Bentears chapter 77 . 3/12
Fantastic story. I am really enjoying reading it. Happy writing!
Scarlet Dewdrops chapter 77 . 3/6
I hope you haven't abandoned this story. It's good, and I look forward to an update when your muse wills it.
Hermione24 chapter 77 . 3/5
I hope you'll finish this story... Can't wait to find out what happens to everyone else. If Harry can fully redeem himself. Thank you for sharing your story.
One-two chapter 77 . 3/2
ContinuaciĆ³n por favor, no la Abandones quiero saber quĆ© pasa por favor continua, amo tu historia.
Razeus1 chapter 77 . 2/20
Please, please come back!
Angelic Lady chapter 77 . 2/12
Wow , I like your writing and hope you contitnue because I can't wait to see where this story is leading
Guest chapter 77 . 2/8
would love to see this finish as it's one of my favourite story's
FreeElf97 chapter 7 . 2/5
One thing that I don't understand is that she is annoyed that Ron cheated on her but she also slept with a MARRIED man? Hyprocritical much? (She doesn't know that Esme and Carlilse do not love each other)
thepotionsguild chapter 77 . 1/30
I'm so glad I found this! The story is wonderfully complex and the ships are all amazing. If a new chapter is posted I'll be the first to read it.
thepotionsguild chapter 75 . 1/30
thepotionsguild chapter 61 . 1/30
They're adorable!
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