Reviews for Soiled Souls
Rithralinde chapter 9 . 1/31/2008
this is an excellent story! i hope it continues!
Lament of Meow chapter 9 . 1/3/2008
A very nice ending to this wonderful story! I had been following this and re-reading for about two years now, but I just realized that I hadn't ever left a review! So here it is, telling you how absolutely spectacular this story idea was and how amazingly perfect your writing skills were to bring out its full potential. Thanks so much for writing it and sharing it with us and I look forward to any more of your works. )
Silver Moon chapter 9 . 5/13/2006
Awesome update
Starknight chapter 1 . 8/25/2003
Cool start, you're writing style's very good.
Plamara chapter 9 . 8/15/2003
Hi :-) I liked it even more then your other Dolengil storys (maybe because it was longer?). But why did Estel did not recognice his father, when Elrond was eating with him together in the tent? I think there was no possible way for im to have the lower part of his face covered while eating?

*g* well so much to this story and now to the really important part! *falls to her knees* MORE DOLENGIL STORYS PLEASE!
Hester chapter 9 . 1/20/2003
Continue soon, I dig your story!
Mercredi chapter 9 . 10/27/2002
What a delightful story. I'm disappointed in myself that I hadn't thought to read it sooner. I really like this close up look at Elrond - as well as exploring mankind's social taboos and historical dealings with sickness and injury.
Mehri chapter 9 . 10/26/2002
He put a hand on the healer's shoulder. "Good luck, and please see to Master Dolengil, he tends to be rather pigheaded sometimes!" (*snorts and grins*)

ooooooo this was an abousulte lovely great story! :( the ending? ahhhhhhhhh :'( heheh i am so happy for calla! I ADORED THIS STORY! IT WAS AWESOME! *grins again* oooo soo goood!

hehe hope you write more about Master Dolengil!

gotta go!


Mehri chapter 8 . 10/26/2002
*crys* MY POOR UNCLE ELROND! AHHHHH :( *sniff sniff*

eee! this great chap! haha must quote stuff!

"Faster Rhana! This is my father you carry!" :) its my uncle elrond his horse carrys!

Aragorn smiled at the healer and said, "Master Dolengil will be my patient this time (so sweet!)

Aragorn, brushed back his fathers disheveled hair and whispered. "You don't mind Ada do you? I would rather do this for you than have a stranger touch you. After all this time, I think it is my turn to treat you, instead of the opposite." (hehehe this is adorable!)

"The "foreign" healer, not a native Gondorian, my lord." (*voice grows dangerously low and a growl comes out* HE A BETTER HEALER THEN YOU!

Master Dolengil took a deep breath, bringing a hand to his side, a motion Aragorn did not miss.


*growls at Master Berem*

hehe anyway great chapter as alwasy!
arabiasil chapter 9 . 10/26/2002
Another great chapter. You are really a gifted writer. Dolengil can be sooo elf lord. And isn't it just like Elrond not to gloat. I'm glad everything turned out ok. Are there going to be anymore chapters? I hope so because this has really been a great story. I hope you keep this series going. It is awesome. Way to go. Please keep it up. God Bless.

VilyaSage chapter 9 . 10/26/2002
Vilya: NOOOOO! Cant be over! CAN NOT BE OVER!

*Kaede from telephone* it's over. get OVER it already.

Avaria: ok, so we were hooked. loved the ending though!
Elwen chapter 9 . 10/26/2002
I nice tidy ending.

I shall miss this tale.
Elwen chapter 9 . 10/26/2002
I nice tidy ending.

I shall miss this tale.
Analorien chapter 9 . 10/25/2002
I loved the ending! It felt right, if that is the word I am looking for. One of my favorite stories!
Elwen chapter 8 . 10/23/2002
Elrond doesn't make a very co-operative patient does he?
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