Reviews for Firework
The Otaku With Hazel Eyes chapter 100 . 9/17
No matter how many times I read this story, I can never get over how freaking AWESOME it is. The interactions, the drama, the fluff... All wonderful.

I kind of want to see a sequel where Margine gets out of prison and decides to take revenge on Dick for ruining her life. Then Jason, Tim, and Damian learn just how rough it was for Dick to get where he is today.

Just a thought. At any rate, excellent story, through and through. Keep up the good work and happy writing!
kalmaegi chapter 100 . 9/15
Finally got through this. The custody drama was too much for my heart and I keep imagining horrifying things I've read from the Young Justice fandom (which ironically enough, had a more humane and sympathetic CPS worker with misguided intentions) and I really didn't want the much younger Dick, fresh from his grief and loss of belonging, suffer the same thing as the more well adjusted version of him. Other than that and how the suspense with both intense cases had me on my toes, I really had to take a breather.

When Dick outwitted the defense lawyer, I was grinning madly. Everytime he tries to examine his emotions and question them, I can't help but try to do the same with mine. It gives me the time to pause and examine my life. Therapy 101 with Dick Grayson the Boy Wonder.

I can't help but laugh at Bruce's antics though. Him and Batman. A much more benevolent version of Two Face. He was just so charmed with Dick, pouty with Alfred ("You never do that when I was a kid") and so jealous of Clark it's a riot. The Batman threatened with how this child got into their defenses but ultimately won over by the little Robin brimming with potential and so eager and dedicated to help. Also that little segue with Flash was a pleasant surprise.

I love catching the Easter eggs. I usually never get references so I feel accomplished when I do spot it.
Elafi Milo chapter 100 . 8/6
That was splendid. Even though everyone knows how the story ends, you managed to find a way to make it suspenseful and beautiful. Thank you, Paganpunk!
Legitimate Pipsqueak chapter 100 . 6/11
Ahhh, no matter how many times I read this it just brightens my soul a little. I think I've read it over four or five times now, maybe more? Aha either way, I love this story- no, series so much. It's all so well written and amazing and it touches on very big issues while giving them sustenance and reality. It just boggles my mind every time I read this on how thorough and amazing this story truly is.
Thank you so much for writing all of these spark in the dark books!
lastdragonlord chapter 100 . 6/3
I got tears in my eyes when I realized he was about to take the oath.
Let me just say once more: I love this story. It was amazing, and wonderful, and I love baby Dick and I'm definitely going to check out your other works. :-) Thank you again for the incredible experience.
lastdragonlord chapter 57 . 6/2
That was an AWFUL dream and you should be ashamed of yourself.
lastdragonlord chapter 56 . 6/2
I just realized I forgot to comment on how riveted I was by the story of how Thomas found and built the bomb shelter in the cave. It was amazing.
And I love how well your characters are developed. Even the minor ones sound very distinct and have their own ways of talking. Bravo!
lastdragonlord chapter 39 . 6/2
Is the story of the Waynes back to Colonial times all your own worldbuilding? Because it's awesome and I love it. :-D
PlatoOfAncientRome34 chapter 100 . 5/3
This was so good!, I literally almost yelled YUSH! and got up to do a victory dance when Randall was convicted, I almost teared up about the part with the eleven-year-old though DX (that bitch, just goes to show what an absolutely phenomenal writer you are though ).

I've never read a fan-fiction that gave me such feels DX
PlatoOfAncientRome34 chapter 66 . 5/3
Randall is pissing me off more then any other fictional villain (aside from the Joker) that I've ever read about, You sir are one good writer O_O
GetWithIt chapter 100 . 5/2
This was so good! I love parent/child relationships and how sweetly Dick was written:)
Scarease chapter 21 . 4/23
You get to learn to really smile for a change bruce not fake it like do most of the time.
Scarease chapter 2 . 4/18
You would think that Greyson would have signed a godparent on the event of their death or other guardian.
K3nZ13 chapter 12 . 3/20
I'm only on chapter fucking TWELVE! AND IM HOOKED! Why u do dis?!
saveyour950 chapter 100 . 3/5
Thanks you so much for sharing such a wonderful story with the world. I've been seeing your stories tagged as parts of the Spark in the Dark series for a while now, but I never got around to reading the beginning of it until now. Each chapter was so wonderful to read and I loved how you wrote Dick's youthfulness into the story without overdoing it. My absolute favorite part thought is how you portray Bruce and Batman as two separate people who have conversations and arguments while everyone else just assumes it's only Bruce in his head.
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