Reviews for Firework
Marigold.Flowers chapter 100 . 7/5
Amazing story. I couldn't stop reading for days
TheButterflyComposer chapter 100 . 6/21
It's as good now as when I first read it. A good introduction to the universe and a wonderful fluff story of the two heroes coming together.
bwahminionra7 chapter 100 . 6/8
I didn’t get to finish this as fast as I wanted to (gotta love obstacles), but dang I’m crying now, lol. This was such an amazing story and now I’m gonna check out all your other creations! Whoop whoop!
bwahminionra7 chapter 57 . 6/3
bwahminionra7 chapter 38 . 6/2
My heart-
bwahminionra7 chapter 15 . 6/2

Elafi Milo chapter 24 . 4/24
A rare glimpse into Alfred's head! I love this chapter, truly I do. Your characters are all as round as if they had actually been born, and your stories well-written and -paced, but somehow this portion of the story, the origin of the Batman persona and Alfred's role in that origin, seems especially poignant.
NightCourtRuby chapter 100 . 4/16
AWWWW! Well, it's been a long few (3) days for me XD The bloody woman :C when I read that note in the earlier chapters, I jumped off my bed and punched the wall. Love the book! The first chapter that Bruce was bipolar was a great idea! Loved it!
Thank you for taking the take to write 335k words (the definite majority of the authors on fanfiction NEVER get into the triple digits for the number of chapters they write!). ONTO YOUR NEXT BOOK! XD
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 99 . 4/15
Oh my gosh, only one more chapter.

Okay, for one, Wally was mentioned, deductive reasoning means Kid Flash will soon arrive, that's awesome and while I don't know his character that well (mostly whatever I got was from Young Justice most recently, a few movies with him and the old Teen Titans cartoon, not exactly enough for me to have that much of a solid opinion of him) but I do know Barry Allen better and I love the Flash and I also know Wally is canonically called Dick Grayson's best friend, so that's cool to hear about.

The court business was bittersweet, but I guess that's as good as it will get for now.

Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo, probably what really made up the crux of Batman for me was these two, even though when I came around, Nightwing was already a thing, I made sure to backtrack before the New 52 came along (I still don't like the New 52, they changed too much in my opinion, the set up was fine for the most part, I felt it was done mostly to try and pander to the new and modern demographics that didn't need it)

See you for the finale.
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 98 . 4/15
Adult's really shouldn't think just because someone is a child, that they aren't intelligent enough to turn the table on them, especially children who just tell the truth, kids are brutally honest most of the time.

I'm looking forward to the end of this story more and more, I love ending on a high note, though I do wish Bruce had been able to comfort Dick properly when they were talking, that was a perfect I love you moment, but typical Bruce, he couldn't say it.

Geez, sometimes I wish I had the power to slap sense into people (yes, even fictional people), it would save me from many, many headaches.
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 97 . 4/15
Finally, the hearing.

I can't have I have personal experience with anything like this, but I do know how stressful anything involving social workers and police can be for kids, poor Dick, I wouldn't blame him for being emotional too.

Randall deserves prison for this, for a long, long time.
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 96 . 4/15
Oh wow, right in the feels-gut, that almost physically hurt.

Dick's speech in front of Bruce's parent's grave, wow that's both heartwarming and heart-wrenching, it made me tear up, and Bruce totally didn't see it coming, he's so hard on himself and his generally attitude really disguises sometimes how much of a good person he actually is.

Both of them need hugs, like pronto
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 95 . 4/15
Man, it still hurts my heart that Bruce can't work up the courage to say 'I Love You' back, but I'm sure you'll make the moment he does more than tearjerking and heartwarming enough for everyone.
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 94 . 4/15
Oh, poor Commissioner Gordon, I don't think it's very good for the man's poor heart to have Bats constantly sneaking up and out on him like, but man, do I appreciate a good running gag, it never gets old.

Tony Zucco, dead of a heart attack, man's that's convenient, but I honestly don't think he deserves a better way to go - unless you wanted the whole poetic justice angle of his cronies killing him, or an old enemy or even a totally out of character Dick Grayson (sometimes, I like darkAUs like this).

Oh, and poor Bruce, not being able to say those words back to Dick, he really should, I know it eventually gets to that point, the waiting just hurts.
HatethePlayer-NevertheGame chapter 93 . 4/15
Hm, nice foreshadowing.

I like that Dick Grayson became a cop in the comics, since it really highlighted how much of his character is made up of being selfless and charitable, his sense of justice would also urge him to want to help others as much as possible and I get the impression he always hated being useless as a civilian.

Tony Zucco being dead is a surprise, I actually forgot about that, let's see where it goes.

Also, there are many similarities between Dick Grayson and Harry Potter, which now I realise.
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