Reviews for Firework
NoSignalBlueScreen chapter 100 . 8/21
First off, this is a wonderful story. I don't know how to really put it in words.
Second, I loved the mention of Flash/Barry and Wally in there. I can't remember if you have a story about them or not, but I'd love to read one of those from you in the future if you're ever up to it. It would be a delight I'm sure.
Lastly I feel like the best thing about this story is the one scene it kept making me think of. Against my will, I kept thinking of Mask of the Phantasm, when Bruce was practically crying at his parents graves saying that he hadn't considered that he could ever be happy again (only in the case of your story, it was because of Dick rather than a potential wife) I just couldn't stop thinking of that scene throughout the story, so I certainly feel like you got that major emotional impact of their relationship across.
Again, awesome story. Keep doing what you do and you'll probably see me snooping about your other stories.

beautybells chapter 100 . 8/8
I know this is a relatively old story but I couldn't love it more. Alfred's perspective is so often neglected that I cannot thank you enough for including it- Dick is spot on, Bruce is every bit the father we get a glimpse of in Season 1 of Young Justice, and you even threw a nod in to Kid Flash. I do wish Bruce had settled his differences with Clark (aka, recognized his own possessive jealousy) but I figure that got worked out later. This is the first of your stories I've read, but I intend to continue on in your in-depth view of a universe I adore. Keep up the good work!
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 100 . 8/7
You did such a great job with this story. I loved every ounce of it. You brought to life all the characters in just the correct way. :)
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 99 . 8/7
This has been an awesome story to read! Only one more chapter left.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 83 . 8/6
Yeah! Randall is going down! That poor kid though... 11 years old... put in with Kevin! that kid needs to get out of the detention center and into prison! I have seen in the news how they have tried 12 year olds and younger as adults for murder. Kevin should be no exception.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 65 . 8/6
I was thinking of a reason for Batman's involvement: He was investigating the Grayson Murders since it's in his city, knowing there's a young child that can be a target he sent the boy to the richest man in town to protect him. Knowing he's protected by Bruce could give Batman reason to proceed to going after Zocco. But, Randle is threatening the case by trying to remove Grayson Jr from his safe place. with that being said Batman could have no other choice but to stop the social worker by going through her files and what not to help keep the boy where he wants him.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 64 . 8/6
Robin's first mission, granted it wasn't in uniform but it was still awesome just the same.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 59 . 8/4
Bet he goes all fanboy in the next chapter...
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 54 . 8/4
Dick will learn in time that Bruce is a parent as well as a friend.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 44 . 8/3
Damn vulture, I hope the adoption does go through, or at least a permanent guardianship.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 38 . 8/2
Oh I bet Robin's gonna come into play some time in the near future...
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 35 . 8/2
oh this should be interesting... (Not that the entire thing hasn't been so far) Sorry for the lack of reviews on my part until now. I was binge reading and didn't take the time sorry.
SuperHeroFan82 chapter 1 . 7/31
This is a great start!
Guest chapter 100 . 7/21
YESSSSSSSSS! OK, in case you couldn't tell by the story history, I have been reading this non-stop (well, work and sleep but almost non-stop) since I found... 'A Weekend in Bruges' in someone's fav list. I am a stickler for chronology so seeing it was a sequel, I went to your profile to find that looong list. This has been a roller coaster of emotion and I loved every second, good and bad because I am a hurt/comfort junkie. I am going straight to the next one, giving this one a 10/10
Creepy-Stalker chapter 11 . 7/20
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