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TheOne320 chapter 16 . 8/14
You must have completely changed canon for Madara to still be alive at that point. weird. If Madara is alive, I wonder what Obito is doing?
Guest chapter 1 . 8/1
Your understanding isn't quite accurate. While your understanding is correct in some parts, other parts aren't. For one thing, the whole thing about a "civilian council" and a "shinobi council" is something that only really comes up in fanfiction; in the actual series, there's only one council made up of village elders.

So rather than thinking of the system as a top-to-bottom linear structure, you should think of it more like a tree.

At the very top are the Daimyou, who governs an entire country. As you've said, the Hi no Kuni Daimyou is the feudal lord over the entire Land of Fire (the country that Konoha is located in).

The five major countries are all shinobi countries, meaning they have a sizeable military force consisting of ninja. Each of these forces is concentrated within a "hidden village". Konoha is the hidden village of the Land of Fire. Each hidden village has its own leader, the Kage.

The Hokage is the leader of Konoha. He (or she) is the one who has the final say in all village matters. The Konoha Council is a group of village elders (most of whom are/where shinobi in the past) who advise the Hokage and can offer suggestions on certain issues. If the Hokage is killed or incapacitated, it is usually up to the Konoha Council to elect a new one.

The Sannin are just a title; they have no political power, though they are world-renowned for their skills, hence why they tend to have a large influence even though none of it is official.

Under the Hokage's leadership, there are three main forces to Konoha's shinobi force: the Regular Forces, the ANBU, and the Medical Teams.

The Medical Teams play a strictly supportive role, and are in charge of Konoha's hospitals and medical research.

The Regular Forces consist of the jonin, chuunin, and genin. The jonin usually have the highest say, since they are considered the most elite of the three. Next are the chuunin, who often serve as team leaders; and then the genin, who are mostly still junior ninjas. The tokubetsu jonin are ninjas who tend to have jonin-level skills in only one particular area, as opposed to being well-rounded like regular jonin, and so they are often regarded as "specialists" in their field.

The ANBU are directly under the Hokage's leadership, and serve as the covert operations force of the village. If we were to liken them to real-world military terms, the Regular Forces would be like the standard military forces (e.g. the army, the Navy, etc...), whereas the ANBU would be like a combination of FBI/CIA Special Operatives and the Secret Service. They are usually hand-picked by the Hokage, and generally consist of only the best of the best.,.,
Akio Desusta chapter 1 . 7/23
Nice chapter
yanchoco chapter 30 . 7/12
i'm actually forgot the pairing. when i finish the whole chapter suddenly my eyes caught summary there lays gaafemnaru! shit! hahaha i thought this is itanaru, silly me.. hope you'll update soon, thank you!
TheBeautyInTheDarkness chapter 30 . 7/9
Please! Let's change this to Itachi x Naru!
AyaEmett chapter 30 . 7/9
cassandraaeris12 chapter 30 . 7/8
great story :)
Kaede Kayano chapter 30 . 7/4
Urg. I get the feeling this is on HIATUS or something. WHY. Naruto NEEDS to meet Gaara againnnnn
Kushinada-hime chapter 30 . 6/24
...Ok. Nice story. Got me hooked so far. :D Aside from a few faulty diction here and there, it's good! One of the best Fem!Naru so far! One question though- Naruto already have the Cat and Snake summons, so does that mean she won't be getting a Toad contract in the future? Because getting three contract summons seem like...i dunno...OP?
animecutylover chapter 30 . 6/19
Awww... Kurama's worried~! :3

When are you gonna update again? I really want to see Naruto helping Kakashi with Team 7. XD
animecutylover chapter 29 . 6/19
Lol. XD
animecutylover chapter 28 . 6/19
Lol. Awww... So cute! :3
animecutylover chapter 27 . 6/19
What?! The snakes came from Uzu?! O-O
animecutylover chapter 26 . 6/19
Omg! She knows 3 other jinchuuriki now, and heard of a fourth(Yugito)! XD
animecutylover chapter 25 . 6/19
This is quite sad.
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