Reviews for Look! Up In The Sky!
Guest chapter 13 . 10/25
This is the best insane Dumbledore I have ever read. Like Arkham levels of insanity.
Jamr chapter 1 . 9/25
repost green mage will ya I miss reading it
Grovtech chapter 13 . 8/29
I'm enjoying the twists and turns here. I really though Fleur was WW because of the Veela thing, and Hermione was Hawkgirl. The other choices were fun too.

Again I wanted to cry out ARgh since it's been so long since the last update.

A very good Story!
Grovtech chapter 1 . 8/29
I once heard it said that a true author is one that couldn't find that one story that they really wanted to read so they had to write it themselves.

This story is one that I really want to read and was addicted to by the 10th paragraph.

Very good Story!
Katsuhito chapter 13 . 8/12
Very nice. You've got a knack for eliciting an emotional response from your readers (well, from me at least) with more than just the sad scenes. On the concrit side, be careful of homonym errors, such as right/write and sight/site. Those are few and far between though. Fav'd and Follow'd. I look forward to the next chapter. Now I'm going to check out your other works.
serena is arceus chapter 7 . 8/11
Awesome story! Keep going strong!
D72 chapter 13 . 7/22
Well you killed off those spectators more honestly than jkr did the final battle, and gave the new team something to Avenge. :P

And put Kara in legitimate danger, we dunno if drafon fire is mystical in the potterverse, or if it's a problem she could punch to death. After the red first task I expected a particularly grim 2nd and 3rd, but ludo clorbag sure shook things up. With three contestants they could do rock paper scissors, count the jellybeans, or guess the price on a muggle toaster!

The only other question I had besides who got bbq'd was that you mentioned four possible ways for Ginny to die, and that sounds a bit more Marvel like than DC, but I'm likely just forgetting a probability based DC hero.

Poor Magnus, bet it's not a cover name, as I've worked for several Mr. Heads. One went by Rick, and the other one went by Rich. Also, whenever I'm in an airport I hear pages for Mr. Whitehead, which is another unfortunate surname.
Eaglebucky chapter 13 . 7/6
Can't Wait for the next update
easysam chapter 13 . 7/2
It's been 2 years since the last update to this great fic. Hope you are still alive and working on more chapters.

Karakot chapter 13 . 6/28
I love this it is so good. deidra
moon so bright chapter 1 . 6/25
Cool story concept.
Matthew Gemm chapter 13 . 6/19
Nice man. Please update soon.
lordblink chapter 13 . 6/5
A wonderfully written story, and I look forward to hopefully, in the near future, seeing further development on it. Keep up the great work!
PezBerryRocks121 chapter 13 . 5/4
By what superhero's power would it take to get you back on this story? It's so, so good. Though if we had to stop here, I'm glad we have the identities of all of the new JL.
Osmodious chapter 13 . 4/12
Well, this has been a fun story and I hope you finish it for us some time...good characters, fun plot and good action. Crazy Dumbles is a bit off-putting, but most villains are. Thanks for posting this and please finish it someday!
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