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Keahifire chapter 17 . 17h
XD I enjoyed the omake! The bane of every Uchiha male that has ever lives: fangirls! Quake in fear as they prowl on the hunt for you!
Ahem. But anyways–I really like this story. I hope you can write soon!
ObsessivelyObsessiveObsession chapter 4 . 3/13
Blurting out his life story seemed extremely uncharacteristic and forced. You obviously needed some way to introduce Sasuke into the plot, but this was forcing it like this is a major takeaway from the story.
Anne chapter 17 . 3/10
I've read this in one setting and this is probably one of the best if not the best naruto-bleach crossover. You gave Sasuke a character you cant help but follow as he tried to rediscover who he was. The mystery of what he did, what happened and how it circled around his brother kept me guessing. Especially what happened with his brother. I really dont care much about the insertion of naruto characters but your character of Sakura made me hate her even more than i did in the manga. She was just a loathsome bitch. Anyway i almost gave up when they were introduced. Then again considering how they are the prominent characters of that verse, I cant really blame you.

I am not so much into romance but the idea of Rukia and Sasuke made me wish they will end up together. Her presence seemed to have a good impact on him and thats a feat. In my opinion, naruto and sakura never truly did anything for him in the manga except to forgive. Naruto was not the one who made him change, I believe. It was still his final moment with itachi which made him truly realize everything... But thats beside the point since we are talking about your story.

Keep it up and i wish to
RainbowHeart chapter 11 . 3/3
This is awesome. You had me hooked from beginning to end!


This made my night!

Love how you blended both worlds so nicely. Love the conversation between Rukia and Sasuke about the memories and learning from your mistakes.

The romance or hint of it was unexpected but I'll go along with it.
Imperialpatty chapter 17 . 2/16
I feel blessed...and vindicated at the same time

I'm reading this fanfic from a fan's POV and not as an ex-author. You're doing this piece justice and I find myself impatiently waiting for the next chapter.

Just in case, I am not here to do even an iota of meddling. I forfeited that right all those years ago when I left this story behind. This is your story now, plain and simple and its wonderful.

I just want to say two things about this chapter and chapter 11:

Chapter 11: About your note: thank you. Thank you so much for voicing what probably a lot of authors feel. This is what I meant by vindicated.

This chapter: My LOL moment (literally): that reference Avatar the Last Airbender. You sir have keen sense for gold comedy.

Final say: I never realized the amount of mystery/conspiracy subplot this story had. Keep at it. You can do this. You can finish this. I believe in you.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/15
you made some few errors on your grammar
john15641 chapter 17 . 2/12
your work is one of the reasons why i still browse ff to be honest
Hi chapter 17 . 1/20
This story is so good?
Fudgecicles chapter 17 . 1/9
Okay, seriously? Why does everyone know Itachi? What is going on!?
Pretty good story so far!
hunter145466 chapter 1 . 1/9
Fudgecicles chapter 13 . 1/9
Okay, I'm getting very interested in what's going on here. Not only why everyone hates Sasuke's guts, but what is really up with the ANBU corporation and all the Naruto characters there. I'm thinking at least some of them are probably reincarnations, since that has been mentioned and would explain the different names and why they don't remember Sasuke. I'm also interested in how Isshin is involved with Sasuke.
Fudgecicles chapter 11 . 1/7
I'm really enjoying the story. I am, however, rather confused on exactly how the crossover is happening. At times it seems like you simply took characters from Naruto and altered them to fit the bleach storyline, but at other times it seems like you've actually blended the two worlds together. Other than that, though, I'm quite enjoying it.
Kuma Akuma chapter 17 . 12/22/2016
I feel like Sasuke would be more combative to Yammato, but that's just my imo. And I can't wait till it blows up in his face frankly (at least I'm assuming it will). I mean, he can really only push Sasuke away by not telling him the truth. Hopefully, for his sake, Jushiro and Rukia reign him in, along with maybe Renji and Ichigo. I do want to know what Sasuke did was so bad though? And I want to know how powerful he was...and what the hell the name of his Zanpakuto is.
Gustauve-Drakenhime chapter 17 . 12/18/2016
An excellent chapter. Good buildup, a fast pace - no superfluity. I like it very much.
Keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 17 . 12/17/2016
I was thinking of these pairings in my opinion, how about
Sasuke and Rukia
Sasuke and Soifon
Sasuke and Hinata
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