Reviews for Transcending Bonds
sagar hussain chapter 19 . 10/11
Awesome chapter
Rawrking chapter 19 . 10/4
so cliche...amnesia, losing power, nerfs...this is just some OC with the same name as Uchiha Sasuke
xNightShroudx chapter 19 . 9/17
If you make sasuke kill zennosuke in the next chapter, I'll be thrilled. That character has no purpose and he's a total loser
Six Foot Assassin chapter 19 . 9/14
What has this story turned Sasuke into. This is no Sasuke Uchiha, more like some OC Sasuke wannabe.
Lusalec chapter 19 . 9/12
I liked it.
yibbles chapter 19 . 9/11
Yay u updated again !thanks I can't wait to read the next chappie!
ronlol2 chapter 19 . 9/11
Amazing story
Mushroom3565 chapter 19 . 9/10
Wow! Such a quick update! The chapter was great as always. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Huner145466 chapter 1 . 9/8
Yet another good chapter, not as long as I'd like considering the wait but it's better than no chapter at all. I was wondering why soi fon was in the character tag now I know.
xNightShroudx chapter 18 . 9/7
you really put your heart into this entry. I really enjoyed the update, what's your plan for the next chapter? Will Sasuke be meeting Soifon for the first time, and what will her reaction be?
Commander Blunt chapter 18 . 9/7
I wasnt sure if this was still an ongoing story or not.
Glad someone decided to continue the story thanks for the ch. man. Looking foward to the next one.
ronlol2 chapter 18 . 9/7
Woow amazing please continueee
john15641 chapter 17 . 9/7
thank fuckin god. thanks for the update yeahh
sagar hussain chapter 18 . 9/6
Awesome chapter.
yibbles chapter 18 . 9/6
Thank you thank you! I was worried cause ur an awesome author and I was dying inside from not having new material to read !
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