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ChibiDawn23 chapter 15 . 1/5/2017
I like the dynamic duo of Holmes and Lestrade :) Greg does not get enough screen time on the actual show and it's also nice to see him being able to show off a bit too. The guy didn't make DI sitting on his thumbs so it's nice that you show off his skills :)
That moment in the treehouse with Harry and John and Paula Hess? I laughed so hard i scared my cat.
Awwww baby Watson
Off to the next!
QueenNaberrie chapter 15 . 7/30/2016
Oh how sad that Mycroft & Sherlock's dad didn't want anything to do with them. Somehow I think Sherlock's curiosity will get the better of him and he will contact their dad & 2nd family anyway. As for the murder case, well I should really say cover up case, how sad that situation was. It's heartbreaking what lengths people will take to protect their reputations. But if the son was being abused, verbally or otherwise, perhaps Nicolas is better off. At least John & Harry got some closer with their dad & perhaps Harry will finally get the help she needs. Those diaries may continue to help them to forgive their dad. He did truly care about them. Perhaps the Holmes' dad has regrets too. I do hope Sherlock learns to like baby Charlotte. Perhaps once she gets a little older her charm will grow on him. Reading on to your next sequel.
QueenNaberrie chapter 6 . 7/26/2016
1st of all. Awesome story! Although, hearing them complain about 30 (86) is making me think, Sherlock is crazy wearing his suit in that heat AND considering it got up to 36 (97) WITH high humidity in the northeast of the US. I laugh at their whining. You know you've started getting used to 90 weather when it's 86 with a breeze & it actually feels cool in the shade. Ha Ha :) Reading on...
Otaku and Proud chapter 2 . 6/25/2016
My yaoi senses are telling me to ship Mycroft and Stephen but what happened to Anthea?
jada951 chapter 15 . 5/22/2016
you are quite good at writing these cases and having all the folks stay pretty much in character too - the differences in character, esp. in Sherlock are like little perks of humanity to his personality.

I am really enjoying your stories and regret that it's 1 AM and I won't be able to read all of the next story in one go.

mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 15 . 9/29/2015
I love Mycroft. It’s so fun when he shows up.

Nondescript child. LOL. So Sherlock. Again your characterization of hi is just perfect.

What a bombshell in the end. This scene with Mycroft is so compelling. It was really heartbreaking to hear that their father had abandoned them and started another life and that he wanted nothing to do with them? Is that canon? Either way, the story comes off as incredibly compelling. It gives the quirky, eccentric Sherlock a more human feel, as receiving that news would be horrible for anyone to receive.

Overall, this has been a lovely story. Very, very realistic, at times painfully so (but not because of your writing). It feels very in line with canon, while also showcasing your writing spirit at the same time. The characterization is great and you balance the scene changes between the Molly storyline and the crime very well, including bringing her very importantly into the mystery.

Thanks for the opportunity to review!
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 14 . 9/29/2015
You do such a great job characterizing Mrs. Hudson. I can hear her voice coming through the screen. Also, I appreciate that you captured the fact that not everyone feels comfortable running up and holding a newborn. There seems to be an assumption that everyone, especially women, are going to jump right in and do that, but if you haven’t had a lot of experience, it can be a really stressful event!

My respect for Harry went up tenfold after the “you need cake” line. Would have been fun to see what kind she came back with.

Molly and Sherlock’s relationship is so touching. There is something special between them. I’m not saying its romantic, but it comes through really well.

Aaaand Sherlock is back to his old self, calling John average again.

Can’t believe the guys took off to the crime scene like that. I mean, I can believe it, but still! How does Molly feel about that.

I did not see that ending coming. He was there the whole time?
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 13 . 9/27/2015
LOL to Sherlock at the beginning of this chapter. Such perfectly timed humor.

So cool to learn about how Molly was a genius. I didn’t know that about her.

And Sherlock’s commentary to the nurse about breathing was perfect. His witty banter really keeps a scene moving. I loved that he wanted to use the case as a way to distract her from the pain. It’s not a bad idea, really. Of course, he was really just wanting to solve the case, but hey, it works.

Awww, I kind of felt bad for Sherlock when John arrived. So passed over. It makes sense, that John would be so focused on his wife, but Sherlock had been a genuinely good friend and I feel bad that he wasn’t acknowledged.

Sherlock’s reaction to the baby was priceless. And I thought seeing a more relaxed, happy Molly at the end was great too. Especially the part about “making a person.”
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 12 . 9/27/2015
Back again, sorry for the delay. Such a sad opening. Things are just feeling sad and helpless right now for John. And that line about Baby Watson was really sad.

I have to say, everything about John’s storyline just seems depressing. Perhaps that is just the realistic intent of it all. He is after all going through all kinds of sad, hard things. I just find the switch up to Sherlock and his narcissism quite refreshing.

I love that Sherlock carried Molly. The whole hospital scene was very realistic. I liked the addition of the woman screaming down the hallway. Of course that would not be a reassuring sign for Molly when she is in labor.

I loved the way you wove the case back in at the end. The connection to Sullivan came off so natural for Sherlock. I loved it. And the fact that he would bring that up to John who is on his way to see his pregnant, delivering wife and just left a funeral also felt very true to the character. It brings a chapter that started off feeling helpless and depressing to a close with something much more exciting.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 11 . 9/16/2015
Oh no, I’m worried about Molly. Her instincts said to call John, but she didn’t. That makes me worried.

Hope you don’t mind, but I skipped that one scene that you told me about.

Yeah for Molly figuring it out! And yeah for Sherlock actually giving her some credit. She gets walked on so much that its about time that she gets some credit.

I’m getting this really sweet vibe from Sherlock and Molly. It seems very loyal, and I can’t put my finger on it, but is there anything still going on between them romantically, even just thoughts or connection?

That seen in the end when he caught her hand was adorable. Hmmm, really, is there something more than friendship between them? It just seems like they work more than she does with John. At any rate, I really like all the dialogue between the two of them. It seems so believable.

Sorry that this review is so short. I had to glance over the funeral scenes for personal reasons, but my next reviews will be longer.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 10 . 9/8/2015
That opening scene seemed so real, and sad. You could feel his general feeling of misery.

So interesting that they found their dad’s diaries. So many details that could be revealed.

Sherlock processing Molly’s invite to come over was so entertaining. You can just imagine being in his head (except that I can’t) trying to sort over every detail. Must be exhausting.

I really like Sherlock and Molly working together. They make a good, dysfunctional, but good team.

Ahhh a tree house. I never had one myself but it is such a lovely detail.

That whole scene was so sweet and funny and then sweet again. And Harry admitting that she doesn’t want to die was really touching. Seems she has had a wakeup call.

Sherlock being interested something related to John’s well-being is very touching.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 9 . 9/5/2015
Is it okay to admit that I'm more excited about Molly spending time with Sherlock than I am with her being with John?

Sherlock, nice attempt at politeness.

Molly! With the tea request. That was smooth. Well done! I mean that was just fantastic!

The middle section with Lestrade adds a bit more humanity to the story, which really helps with a mystery like this that include a lead character who can be so eccentric.

I like having inside access to Sherlock’s head. Especially to get little nuggets like how he is secretly hoping that the man died of nicotine poisoning.

LOL John. Always a doctor. Always.

Love the ending. I knew John wouldn’t be happy. And the fact that Sherlock hung up on him was just perfect. I’m secretly, or not so secretly, happy that Sherlock got Molly out of the house. She needs a little action in her life otherwise she will go stir crazy (which isn’t good for the baby).
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 8 . 9/4/2015
Awww, that opening line was so sweet. I can picture them their together, taking care of each other. Very sweet intimate scene.

I love that Molly never stops working on the case. She must be going crazy in that apartment. Let her out John!

The line about the posh boarding school was great. I don't know if that’s canon, but it was a great addition. I would imagine it probably is true.

John and Harry’s banter is excellent as well. Very much like siblings. Is Harry canon?

I love that Sherlock says Molly is not delicate. I know John is just trying to protect her, but he seems a little too overprotective. Sherlock can see that she wants to get out of there and I’m glad. Having not read the first story, I'm not sure what her relationship with Sherlock is like at this point, but I wonder what working so closely together while John is away is going to do for them.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 7 . 9/4/2015
Going to skim over the father bit for personal reasons, but that is not to say it wasn’t well written, because it was.

I liked the line “and no child of mind is going to be born in Essex”.

The whole last scene with Molly and John was my favorite. The is the first time I really feel I have a sense of their relationship. Also, I had been wondering if she really had a relationship with Sherlock in this universe, but it appears she had. I love how supportive they are of each other. Very sweet.

My apologies for the brevity of this review. This chapter just hit a tender area with me that I’d rather that dive into. But it was very well written and great for character development.
mockingjaybrandybuck chapter 6 . 9/4/2015
Moriarty! That’s exciting hearing his name dropped. I wonder if he is going to appear in this story.

That was a really nice touch when John stood up for Nick. Awww John’s going to make a great dad.

LOL, John is so proper, with his decision to ignore the choice of language. I also like the different ways his medical knowledge comes out.

The Sherlock/John row about Nick seemed very true to their personalities. Sherlock, having cared about very few people in his life, except for maybe John and John being so thoughtful and paternal, probably even more so now that he is going to be a father.

And then the phone call with Harry. I love that he is so devoted to her.

I liked Sherlocks thoughts “distressed” and “very distressed”. I could hear him thinking.

And then ending with the snarky line “He announced unnecessarily”. Oh no, the ending was so sad. I didn’t see that coming.
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