Reviews for Gladiator
DAWNWRIGHTER chapter 25 . 20h
Sokka is such a douchebag in this fic...
SmexehBeast chapter 1 . 7/27
Xenal chapter 21 . 7/27
Very well written and an interesting plot. I'm not even halfway through and I already like the style of writing and the fight scenes. I'm not so sure about the pairing considering I've seen the full show but hey, it's not a problem. One very minor gripe or annoyance i did have with it was that you used the word "grunted" a little too often for my liking. Other than that it'd great and I hope you'll continue.
sacari09 chapter 113 . 7/25
All I can say is... Bravo. Truly a masterpiece to behold and I don't say that lightly. The way you've written Azula was so masterful, I now find the fate she was dealt with in canon to be a complete travesty; what she could of had, but never got the chance to experience (love).

One thing I did notice early on, though, was that you're very 'pro-Azula'. Which is totally fine, and quite interesting, actually. The way you brought up the notion of the absurdity of painting Azula's character trait of being prodigious with negative connotations is marvelous, and one I haven't thought of before. Why should being the best be seen as wrong?

On the other hand though, I also think you give her too much credit. For example, I don't think she cared one bit when Lu-ten died (in canon), but that's why I love you're version of Azula way more - you made her feel like an actual, well-rounded person, instead of just a cold blooded sociopath.

Anyway, I love this fic, and please don't abandon it.
Lazyoooo chapter 67 . 7/25
This is probably one of my favorite chapters so far, please, continue this story, it is amazing.
kakaka chapter 113 . 7/20
Dis Kinslayer dude sounds scary but Sokka mopped the floor with powerful benders so non-bender enemy won't fair well bcause sokka is stronger fighter now then was when he fighted Jet as Sokka can even give Azula tough fight in training even if she use fire bending with sword
Bertl-1 chapter 113 . 7/22
Nice build up. I'm looking forward to this fight!
azita salerin chapter 70 . 7/22
the Wind
azita salerin chapter 69 . 7/22
rocksongsever Faixa_
azita salerin chapter 68 . 7/22
Road Again
azita salerin chapter 67 . 7/22
azita salerin chapter 66 . 7/22
Johnny B Goode
azita salerin chapter 65 . 7/22
Highway to Hell
azita salerin chapter 64 . 7/22
azita salerin chapter 63 . 7/22
Get Around
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