Reviews for Gladiator
John chapter 241 . 5/13
So excited for the match!
Been too long and a lot to catch up on and post. But looking forward to the coming chapter!
Markusmaximus chapter 240 . 5/14
rereading the fight between Iroh and Toph has got me thinking, i wonder how likely it is that due to the imprisonment of sokka, azula stopped drinking the anti pregnancy tea, and just had a normal brew l, which means that she may have gotten prego from when they meet up in the prison that night. he will have a son to sokka which will be of the correct prophecies bloodlines ie sozin and roku, just an extra generation on, or is this a shame and its just sokka will be come the male heir ( chpt 241)
wgolyoko chapter 240 . 5/11
Reviewing this for the first time in years to tell you that this "Fick you" was the best line I've ever read. I literally gasped, out loud. Well done x)
x.sOmAr.x chapter 241 . 5/11
! What drama! I fucking love it. God I knew that if there was a double update you'd definitely leave us on a cliff hanger but didn't realize just how much! This is amazing as always and thank you for the double update :)
Guest chapter 241 . 5/8
It’s about to go down.
What a scene and what a story: I can’t wait for how this ends
W chapter 241 . 5/8
CM and Sokka's entrance was so badass. Looking forward to this fight.

(Also Shaofeng got the fling he deserved.)
GoodScottish chapter 241 . 5/10
God what a spot to leave off at, had me hooked start to finish and I can't wait for the next upload to see how this plays out.
TheSlySage chapter 10 . 5/10
the nostalgia! haven't read this one in like 2years.. and we didn't have bookmarks backt then and i lost my place so I'm starting over now that it feels like a fresh read after so long

best Sokkla story to exist
W chapter 240 . 5/7
Ozai "humoring" Azula by offering her to choose between Sokka dying by CM's explosion or killed by his own hand was really messed-up. He not only helds no regards for her feelings but laughing at them too in the most demeaning way possible, like it means nothing to him, like she means nothing to him. Too domineering when proclaiming her life was his to do with as he pleases. Too insulting when dismissing her Agni Kai challenge in a heartbeat, cause he sees no honor in her to defend begin with. Too vengeful when he declared that he will take everything she has left, like he hasn't hurt her enough already (- and intended to keep up with her until the end for the matter, it's not a fight he will back down from). Like, how many blows he delivered in a single conversation?

Sokka's love and protectiveness, on the other hand, directly contrast Ozai's ego and fury. Her heartfelt goodbye asking Zhao to take care of Azula was tear-jerking. It made me cry again for the second time, even though I know he will win.

And lastly, Zhao: "I just stood there, like a fool, doing nothing. How does someone put a stop to two storms angled to crash together?" Seethus was in the very same position before, the parallel is just funny. Ursa and Azula may have more luck breaking a wall with headbutts than reasoning with Ozai's convictions.
RapierDragon chapter 241 . 5/7
I can almost imagine a somewhat comical ending for Ozai.
Possible spoiler below.
Even if I'm wrong, this would also make a good ending.
Sokka beats CombustionMan, Ozai gets so mad that he goes to lightning-bend to kill Sokka;
Only for Sokka to catch the lightning with his space-sword and shoots it back at Ozai.
Ozai dies from his own stupidity. And maybe his own embarrassment (cause he see's what's coming and soils himself).
Azula is then free to legally marry Sokka.
Noneofit chapter 241 . 5/8
Double update just to end on a cliffhanger?! Monster!
Guest chapter 241 . 5/6
I had hope that the fall kills him but meh, it would have bring more trouble for Azula I guess.
The most anticipated fight is near! can't wait.
Itz Al Zaac chapter 241 . 5/8
Curses! A cliffhanger again.

Thanks anyway
looking forward to better content in two weeks. Stay safe
Lupinthrope chapter 241 . 5/7
Get him Sokka!
animulal chapter 241 . 5/6
I don’t suppose Iroh will at least one thing honorable after making his biggest mistake. Like, I don’t know, warning the South Pole that the fire lord is about to flip his shit and melt the southern ice cap because Ozai knows that’s where Sokka is from? Sure he’s luckily meet the avatar and Zuko and savage something from ducking up so badly with azula and sokka. But then again this Iroh doesn’t strike me as the one to do such a thing. He’s headed straight to the mainland and toph will be gone before he can say “Tea.”
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