Reviews for Gladiator
jam99chgo chapter 1 . 15h
Ima be straight up seeing 1.5 million words scared me as this is 50% more than the harry potter series. Well here I go I'll let you know how long it took.
John chapter 132 . 9/14
What a dynamic chapter. I feel so off, or ill at ease, with the comfort and conversation with fire benders at their rank. I also am agreeing with Azula a lot in this chapter, got to feel off with Zhao being so easy going and approachable...and a big F to the U to Hahn. lol.
terlos chapter 132 . 9/16
another great chapter,
I'm a Lover not a Hater chapter 132 . 9/16
Interesting chapter, introducing either another side of generally despised characters or their deception skills. Also loved the bit with Song and Rui Shi. Can't wait to see what happens with Hahn even if I can guess what it is.
QueenChristine17 chapter 131 . 9/15
So I guess the engagement is official now. I needed this chapter, but I have the feeling something big is coming soon.
Pric3y chapter 26 . 9/15
Well damn! I did NOT see that coming... I'm so looking forward to the drama!
prinsesseazula chapter 132 . 9/15
Is it me or Sokka is becoming a good Fire Nation's citizen? lol I'm excited to see how his teaching will go! I couldn't help but laugh at "It certainly had the potential for it" xD, but I hope everything turns out fine! xD
Josh Spicer chapter 132 . 9/15
I was expecting something.

Mostly Zhao revealing he knows or something along those lines.

Remember when I asked you last and you said we were due?

Yeah we're overdue now.
FuckWhyAmINotCreative chapter 132 . 9/15
I'm excited to see how Sokka teaching the child how to fight will influence Azula. I imagine she never saw herself as a kid person but watching Sokka interact with a child may change her mind. I'm also interested to see how Sokka will be with him because like you said it has been a long time since he worked with kids. Looking forward to your next update and great chapter as usual.
Marcus Greendil chapter 132 . 9/15
I for one, have never saw the movies your story is based on yet this proves to be much more entertaining than other fanfics like this. You are very good in delivering emotion into the words and have a very good writing structure. I will be looking forward to your next update.
HELLSINGSTONIGHT77 chapter 132 . 9/14
Rly well done
Adrimore chapter 132 . 9/14
Awww this is to sweet to be true, whenever that happens shit also happens although I'm kinda missing the bad things because the thrill of the action is always great and now that the imbecile of Hann is in the Fire Nation and Ozai and Zhao are being so good with Sokka it's bound to be dangerous and of course I love it
to-anyone316 chapter 132 . 9/14
I thought things would be a lot darker when I read the preview on Tumblr. A meeting with Ozai and a carriage ride Zhao? Nothing good could come from that, right? However, it was a pleasant surprise that Sokka survived both encounters without a hitch. This chapter was very light-hearted, which only makes me think that something bad is bound to happen soon lol just kidding. But yes, this chapter made me smile so many times, especially when Rui Shi referred to Sokka as Azula's fiancé. They're secretly engaged, I still can't believe it! Anyway, this was a great chapter! Ozai giving him a balloon was definitely nice of him to do. And, like Sokka, I found myself to be impartial of Zhao. He was surprisingly likeable in this chapter. I love how everyone gained up on Hahn, btw. Anyway, as always this chapter was worth the wait! Can't wait for the next update! Maybe Azula will change her mind about having children once she sees how Sokka interacts with Zhen's kid (if everything goes well, of course). Thanks again for this amazing story!
xXHacksourceXx chapter 132 . 9/14
Another amazing chapter! I cant wait to see how Sokka reacts to training the kid; it should be trust entertaining
zaidhannan5 chapter 97 . 9/10
Whoooo it finally happened
Let the banging begin
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