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Gangsta Aragorn 69 chapter 89 . 7/3
Oh so much build up! It feels like I've been waiting for this fight forever. I loved this chapter, as usual. So Sokka has finally admitted to himself what the readers already knew for a long time. He can't hide his feelings and desire anymore, and personally I hope he follows through with what he said and stops trying to hide it. I wonder how long our favorite Princess can resist him. Also I am totally pumped for the fight.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 90 . 6/25
I liked this chapter. Your writing has improved a lot over the course of this series.

That said, I have one complaint. I never thought I'd say this, but I want to know what's going on with Katara and Aang. I don't like either of them, but it's been way too long since we've gotten an update on the south pole.
A Heretical Bacchant chapter 63 . 6/24
I need to say something that's been bothering me a lot: you misuse the word 'witty' constantly. Someone who is 'witty' might be someone who is quick-witted and funny or good at wordplay, but not strictly intelligent. A comedian might be described as 'witty.' Most of the time, when you say 'witty,' you ought to be using words like 'intelligent,' 'clever,' or 'smart.'
SonOfHadesAndAthena chapter 90 . 6/24
Will there be any more of Katara in the near future?
Mr. No Name chapter 90 . 6/15
I hit enter and it submitted early, oops...

So, the last few chapters covered personal challenges of the two main characters which is necessary for character development, but while this was going on I feel this story lost the urgency that brought me to it, and the thrill that kept me here. Previously, you had me hanging on every word I read. I was always thinking, well hell what gonna happen next? Or This not gonna be good! These last few chapters just didn't for me. They seemed very plain and really just explained a lot of information, so I felt like I was back in school only I was learning about the origins of firebending and new fighting styles.

But this chapter wrung me back in! I loved the fight! the disparity! the conflictions of the characters! Your mastery of emotion is what I like about you, I believe I've said that before.

Finally! That word expressed my thoughts of lots of things going right now in this story,

Loved this chapter, waiting for the next one! Keep it up!
wampastompa1 chapter 90 . 6/16
wampastompa1 chapter 89 . 6/16
wampastompa1 chapter 88 . 6/16
Guest chapter 90 . 6/14
Holy shit. Yeah... To reiterate what others have said, this was definitely the best fight you've ever written. I was super engaged and freaked out the whole time, and that win came out of absolutely nowhere. Great choreography and timing. Extremely exciting outcome.
On an unrelated note, I love Mai's quiet support of Sokka and Azula's relationship.
Can't wait to see what happens next. Your updates always make me so happy :) Thank you for your time and awesome writing.
HeartBrokenVampire17 chapter 89 . 6/16
Interesting, not much else I can say, other than this is a nice build up to a fight I'm looking forward to.
HeartBrokenVampire17 chapter 88 . 6/15
Some of my favorite fanfics are when my favorite ships end up getting drunk together. Hehe, this was a good one especially the ending ;) . I'll be reading the next chapter when I can.
eagle eyes98 chapter 90 . 6/15
When I was near the end of the last chapter and in the middle of this one, a word that was circling around in my head was "finally" Finally we have another fight, finally we have more intensity, finally the two love birds took an extra step, finally Zuko confessed. Finally!

To me, and this is an opinion, I feel like the last few chapters were rather...dull. They covered personal challenges for some of the main characters
Dragon Wang chapter 90 . 6/13
grayjeep chapter 90 . 6/12
Great fight. It wasn't pretty but a win is a win. The other sponsor seems like one of those chauvinist a-holes. He doesn't think a women belongs in the gladiator league. Great chapter like always. You are the BEST!
HeadoftheUFA chapter 90 . 6/11
Another amazing chapter...I loved the fight choreography and how you portray all these different characters
Gonna be hitting the million word mark with the next chapter
Congrats on that and thank you for keeping us entertained for so long
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