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x.sOmAr.x chapter 315 . 9/15
Got the goose bumps at the end. I'm so excited for a reunion but before that for Ozai's reaction! Gah! I can't wait to read it. But I wonder if this will also put Azula in more danger... unclear but I'm excited as ever! Hope all is well! See you next week!
Goku275 chapter 315 . 9/15
ADRIFTABORT chapter 315 . 9/15
Your updates are very prompt. You never miss a streak
Guest chapter 312 . 9/8
Bruh where is the chapter
Cassie's bluebirds chapter 314 . 9/10
Eldaxerus chapter 314 . 9/10
Alright, I skipped like half of the arcs of this story because they felt like filler, but it's been like two dozen chapters since the story have been picking up, and I can't wait to see Ozai's and Azula's reactions to the collapse of basically the entire Earth Kingdom.
x.sOmAr.x chapter 314 . 9/9
WOOOOO LETS GOOOO! This is so intense and amazing and thank you for the double update! I hope things are alright with you in real life! I was worried something might have happened to cause the delay. If so, I hope its all resolved in a way you are satisfied with!

Thank you again for two action packed chapters! I'm so happy that we got to read more of this incredible battle this week. And I can't wait until next week. I don't know if I would prefer to keep reading about the battle or finally see Ozai learn of Sokka amd all he has accomplished *evil cackles* I bet that reaction will be fantastic! Thanks again! See you next week!
Goku275 chapter 314 . 9/9
AWESOME work on both chapters! PLEASE keep up the AMAZING work.
Markusmaximus chapter 311 . 9/8
Don't worry mister, ole mate said he was rather busy last week on his glories noertap, which you should all support fyi, so don't panic, he will grace us update when he can
Rayga chapter 311 . 9/8
Double update today? :(((
Madcowrave chapter 217 . 9/4
As much as I've loved this story so far and am burning through it at a great pace, it really feels like Sokka has been reduced to a 2 dimensional side character whose only purpose in life now is to tell Azula and anyone else that will listen how much he loves her.
Azula has remained multifaceted with many goals and aspirations: finding the dragons and keeping them safe; reforming slavery; rehabilitating the homeless etc. Which is great, but it really feels like Sokka has been demoted to obedient lapdog at this point with no drive or aspirations of his own outside of Azula.
I'm probably still going to see this saga through to the end but I really hope Sokka can experience some growth and grit of his own soon, because I honestly can't remember that last chapter where he had anything interesting to say other than telling azula for the millionth time how amazing she is.
I honestly don't mean this in a horrible way as this is the only criticisim I've had in the 200 chapters I've read so far, which is an acheivement on its own right.
So thank you for the amazingly entertaining story so far and look forward to the continued reading.
Guest chapter 312 . 9/1
Rayga chapter 312 . 9/1
omg what an amazing chapter
great emotions and dopamine through entire read
You've basically turned me into a fangirl of General Sokka now
Cant wait for Tiang and Jin's reaction. I wont even speak about how much I cant wait for Azula/Zhao/Ozai reactions ! 3
dariofort chapter 312 . 9/1
Seyari for a while the story lost me a little when the truth of the relationship was revealed, It was hard for me to read quite the number of chapters of azula and sokka being in their lowest, I feel that part quite repetitive and boring, but I can also say the wait has been worth it, super excited for next week double update, keep the hard work!
Hnbutt chapter 312 . 9/1
Great chpter
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