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ryzoni chapter 358 . 17h
The whole battle at the pier had me so tense, very well written. So excited to see what happens next with Anorak potentially getting through to Azula.

As an aside, I was looking at old reviews I've submitted, and the first one I left for Gladiator was on 30/07/2014. That means I have been reading this story for 10 years. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you've stuck with it for all this time. I'll still be reading this in another 10 if you're still writing!
x.sOmAr.x chapter 358 . 7/14
Wow, just wow. This chapter had me on the edge of my seat. I was unable to read it Friday because of site outages but I almost love that I am reading it now because that means next chapter will be up sooner.

I feel a bit like Azula, unnerved and unable to process it all. I'm amazed by everything that happened from Sokka helping her to Chans destruction and the deaths in the Bay. It was chaotic in the way I imagine war to be. Thank you for such a wonderful chapter! See you next week
OwlStorm17 chapter 154 . 7/13
Haru and Ty Lee are killing me here. ouch.
But oh no, that ending...
GODZILLABOY871 chapter 358 . 7/12
Dang good chapter, and dang I can’t wait to hear sokkas reaction and what he’ll do, I still question their spiritual thing recently is it like in the comics where they really are just hallucinations or is it actually them because if it is they really could just talk to each other like it happened several times before and they both know that they talk to each other. Why don’t they just do it now?
kylecosnet chapter 358 . 7/12
Really awesome chapter. Finishes up the arc in a nice way and shows what Sokka and his team will have to next. Unnuaqs comment really makes Azula think that all the white lotus are monsters. So hopefully Anorak can speak with her and show her that not all of the White Lotus are the same.

I can see Jeong jeong asking for help from Toph and Sokka which would lead to a battle of wits between Sokka and Azula. I can envision Azulas turmoil having to fight against Sokka, Toph and her Brother. Dont know if it would happen but i can imagine Kattara conducting a successful attack on the port with Aang. I could see Toph beating Kori and her benders, and Sokka beating Azula in a “final battle” of sorts of wits. though i imagine before any of that happens there will be a smear campaign by Jeong Jeong to make Azula seem as evil and untrustworthy as possible, which will lead to tension beween him and Sokka.

Simply my prediction, great chapters, cant wait to see how this goes over the next few chapters and how some of Sokkas allies react.

Kinda miss the double updates not gonna lie. But this story is worth the wait, keep it up!
OwlStorm17 chapter 153 . 7/9
I'm enjoying the Ty Lee/Haru centerness of these chapters. we don't get much of them.
OwlStorm17 chapter 152 . 7/8
it's been a long while since I was here. I have a lot to catch up on and I hope life will let me.
Ty Lee and Haru stuck out this chapter and I really feel for them here. hope to read the next chapter soon.
Joleke2 chapter 357 . 7/5
Huge respect to your dedication to this story and the time you put into it! It's amazing that every week you deliver a long and great chapter! Thank you truly, we are all very grateful for it :) And I can't wait for the next one, it's really exciting right now!
GODZILLABOY871 chapter 356 . 7/5
I just got to say one of the best fanfics I ever read, I stared reading this about three months ago and I have been eger for more and rereading it some more
I think my personal favorite arc is return to sujing because dang it was so nice to see sokka and azula just be a couple and it was beautiful and yes I cried during broken apart the other parts to follow
Kigozula chapter 354 . 6/30
This was a fullfilling conversation and confession from Sokka. A thing I found very unfair of him towards Azula has been him putting her under pressure. I always remeber the scene when he left to save the Gladiators in the Slave Riot arc, and upon returning, he was in his own sorrow, and couldn't see how horrific the events has been to Azula, until she went up to him. Although I can see that he tries to guide her to the right path, and she did the same to him, but there were moments were I disliked him so much, because we had arcs over arcs (still kinda have) were Azula was tired, restless and fought with everything to better the world.

Reading this (he also admitted that in the Rhone arc thankfully), and knowing Sokka realized how far he pressured and pushed her, seeing that it was too much is a relief. Because as he said himself, when it comes to himself, he easily throws away the standards he pressured her with. I would say, his sorrow of fear of losing Azula and being away from her, gifted him with a new character growth, which is very good I'd say.

Azula… she had power, chances to change the Fire Nation, and I even pressured her to use those chances to the best of her ability. Before I knew it, she was turning the world into a better place, saving people's lives, teaching them new ways to live, I'd dare say… and I was quite so stupid as to not understand the dark side of pushing her in that way."

"The dark side of it…?" Yue asked.

"I kept egging her on about what she could do to change things… there were, of course, a few times when I realized I had to protect her, instead," Sokka said.

...the Fire Nation mattered so much more than her life ever could… and I never realized how terrifying it was for her to see the world that way until I was holding her weakened body, as that chi corruption attempted to consume her life force.

"I… I thought I'd never be more scared than I was that day. But the truth is… ever since she left me in the South Pole and returned to the Fire Nation, every damn day has felt like a prolongation of that nightmare. Every single day that goes by, I curse the universe for ever making her believe that she didn't matter more than her people.
ItalianGuest7 chapter 356 . 6/29
I forgot to write a review a couple chapters back, but I really think that Sokka will meet Hotaru before seeing Azula again. I was thinking that Song, Rei and Hotaru could sail to the North. The fact that Azula left Sokka's necklace with their daughter could be used as proof for those guarding the North Pole if they eventually reach it.
As for Azula, I think we all know she'll stay behind. Obviously, I hope I'm proven wrong on this particular fact
Freakyfemale chapter 356 . 6/28
Well…so it begins
kylecosnet chapter 355 . 6/21
This is absolutely one of my favorite chapters, and I have many favorites in this story. The pacing, character development, and writing are simply top-notch. Nothing could be better. Getting amazing chapters like this every week is just otherworldly.

Chan’s development, from hating Azula to now understanding and wishing to help her, explains everything he wanted to know. Like many in this story, he has heard her tell her own story of her ‘golden years,’ how she came to love her gladiator, and how she inspired many people. He was impressed and now is wanting ti help her, takinv her advice and seeing the beat in her. He didn’t judge her; he joked and stayed himself. It’s hard to explain, but seeing people hear Azula and Sokka’s story changes their perspective, and I saw the same thing with Chan. It’s wonderful to see. Him realizing that he and Azula met when they were younger ties the whole story together, making them appreciate everything that’s happened—the happiness and the pain. It’s such good writing. I see Chan kinda like Azulas Kino in a sense. I wonder if he’ll sacrifice himself in this battle or be in helping in the Future.

The battle has begun. I wonder what Jing Jon will do when he learns Azula is in Yuo Dow. I’m curious if Hotaru will be discovered by him or some of the other rebels, or if he will have a quick conversation with Azula before they fight. Perhaps it might be a glance where they see each other but say nothing because of the distance. That would make sense.

Either way, I’m looking forward to the next chapter. Amazing work!
x.sOmAr.x chapter 355 . 6/21
! Exciting the battle is upon us. I gotta say, I'm really hoping Azula's heart to heart also helped her feelings of self worth. I'm still quite concerned that she doesn't value her own life. It's interesting because of course postpartum depression exists but to me it began before that. I just want to see our MCs whole again. See you next week!
isaacnwafora chapter 354 . 6/17
Kino and Yue is a joy giver
So glad to see another romance story blooming in this hard times

Thanks for this and looking forward to the next update
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