Reviews for Gladiator
Comentter chapter 128 . 6/20
This chapter was full of funny moments:
Zuko building an igloo is a hilarious picture
Zuko not understanding why someone would like Katara
Aang and Kino admiring Zuko's dating skills.

Katara and Suki's conversation was great, as was Katara fetching Zuko to help Suki.
I look forward to the inevitable reunion with Sokka, but it seems it will still be some time until that happens
Comentter chapter 127 . 6/20
I'm glad June is okay, even the radical part of the White Lotus seems to shy away from killing, even for Sokka.
I liked Sokka's recovery. Azula's mental state is disconcerting, I hope she'll be okay soon.
It's going to be interesting what her reaction to Sokka having fights will be
Comentter chapter 126 . 6/20
Well, that was certainly heartbreaking. Azula's desperation was very real.
I liked the cauterization bit too.
Azula and Sokka's scenes at the healers' house were very touching.
I'm curious what happened to June.
Comentter chapter 125 . 6/19
Favourite chapter so far!
The smut and fluff at the start was amazing as well as the scene on the volcano.
The ambush was great, but Sokka's speech and conversation with JJ was the best moment.
Comentter chapter 124 . 6/19
Didn't expect Aunt Wu at all, but it was great.
Interesting predictions, let's what of it will come true.
Rui Shi's predictions seemed cool as well, but I was also surprised he was so quick to believe in them.
Sokka comforting Azula at night was great as always.
Curious what will happen to June after she got captured.
Comentter chapter 123 . 6/18
June and Azula's banter is hilarious and the arm wrestling was amazing.
Azula came up with a great plan, hopefully it will work.
Sokka really got freaked out by Azula's acting.
The conversation while lying in bed at the end was very sweet.
Comentter chapter 122 . 6/17
Rui Shi giving Sokka some space was very nice, they needed it. Their new identities and clothes are cool.
The conversation about Song was great, hopefully those two can work something out now.
June reemerges xD it's gonna be dramatic, I'm sure
Comentter chapter 121 . 6/16
I'm curious what the overall plan of the attacking troups is. The way you kept their motive and most things about them shrouded built a lot of tension for the battle.
Azula having to leave surprised me a bit, and she didn't like it at all either.
We only see the battle from afar, but I looks pretty cool.
The switch up at the Herbalist's was fun
Comentter chapter 120 . 6/16
The way you incorporated Sneers here was great.
I liked the sparring session a lot, and how it helped Kori and Sneers to get closer.
Hopefully Sneers will be able to reunite with his friends.
Jeong Jeong is bound to be an interesting development
a guy1013 chapter 149 . 6/12
hm nice and more and how about zuko
FuckWhyAmINotCreative chapter 149 . 6/12
Great chapter as usual. I’m looking forward to seeing how both Sokka and Azulas and Rui Shi and Songs relationship change now. I’m curious as to what’s going on in the water tribe and if Azula, her guards, and Sokka will take a trip soon to get away from the madness and potential threats in the fire nation.
Comentter chapter 119 . 6/12
I'm curious what other special properties golden fire could have.
The talk about Jeong Jeong with the head sage and Zhao were fascinating.
Toph just had to interrupt again xD But I like that they are such good friends now. Toph still stays true to herself by not betraying Iroh's secrets.
Another trip to the Earth Kingdom! Nothing can go wrong, right?
Daniel Kovacevic chapter 149 . 6/9
still loving it, keep up the good work
Phew close call chapter 149 . 6/8
I enjoyed this one, it had me a bit worried though, I mean for a part of that meeting with Ozai I was shouting at Azula to please check her fire detection ability in case that assassin monster was in the room as well and waiting to kill them if she gave Ozai the wrong answers. That thing really give me the willies cause I always worry its nearby when Azula is doing things that'd get her in trouble. I'm really happy it worked out for the better, Rui is a good ally and friend to Azula and she owes him big time for this. Poor Sokka probably got a big stomach ache from fretting so much.
ravioli chapter 149 . 6/8
Haha this was a good chapter. It would have been really interesting to see what would have happened if Rui Shui and Azula pretended to be in love.
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