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coolcoco98 chapter 92 . 18h
You are such an amazing writer! This story is probably one of the best ones I have ever encountered. (And I've read a LOT of stories.)

Please, please, please continue writing.
Onyx2589 chapter 92 . 7/29
This could go a lot of ways, a theme that I've noticed recurring every so often. The night on the ship was one and now this...
But! Updates are always nice, especially from you minamoto. Looking forward to the next time! Wee!
Drake187 chapter 92 . 7/28
To be honest, I was kinda expecting Zuko to go apeshit and attack Ozai. Now though, I'm even more excited for the next chapter.
HeartBrokenVampire17 chapter 91 . 7/28
Wow, I read two chapters in a day...So the dress Azula is wearing is pretty much the one in 0KiWi0 art? That Sokkla pic is my background image for my computer :) And I can't wait to see what Zuko has to say to his Father.
ZekeTheDude chapter 92 . 7/28
I always love reading this. Update soon! We all want more!
HeartBrokenVampire17 chapter 90 . 7/28
Damn it Zuko! why are you so stubborn? Just talk to Suki...

That fight was my favorite so far, really intense and had me at the end of my seat. :)
RJCA27 chapter 92 . 7/28
I like where this is going :p Continue on!
Azukka chapter 92 . 7/28
I wonder how Zuko will react when Azula tells him that Ozai ordered her to kill him... I think Iroh is more concerned of where his nephew has gone to...
Naomi loves Calvin and Hobbes chapter 92 . 7/27
Love this story, can't wait for more Sokkla goodness!
LordStone chapter 92 . 7/27
Well, this was an interesting chapter indeed! I was pleasantly surprised that the confrontation between Zuko and his father was in Ozai's pov. It was very well done and Ozai came across as pretty sinister. Cold and utterly ruthless. It is very easy to see how damaged Azula must have been by Ozai, both earlier in this story but also in the canon story.

Zuko is finally free from the past. He now understands that his father never loved him or even cared for him. He is free even at a great price. It will hurt and it will be interesting to see if he now becomes more active, if he creates his own fortune as Azula have done with her push into the gladiator trade.

It was a chapter where all characters involved ended up with the short straw. Ozai created an enemy of his own son. Zuko finally understood that he would never have his father's love. Zhao thought he could treat Azula as a child and ended up with the knowledge that that was not the case anymore. Toph came to understand that she might be responsible for Zuko being banished. Even if she is not responsible for Zuko's actions, Toph is a nice person so she will feel bad. Sokka believes that nothing has changed yet evrything has...

And Azula ended up with the prize she had wanted her whole life and not wanting it. Not like this.

The drama, the drama!

The story have several paths it can take after this show-down chapter. Will the proclamation of crown princess severe the tender relationship between Azula on one side and Zuko and Iroh on the other? Forcing all their friends to choose between Zuko or Azula? Or will it go another way? The actions of Iroh, Ty Lee and Mai will be pretty important here.

I really liked that the nobles was not so acceptable of how Ty Lee treated her slave. It takes quite a lot to change an empire... Well done indeed!

The fallout from the actions taken in this chapter will be far reaching!

Anyhow, great chapter. Liked it a lot!
DrunkenGoat chapter 92 . 7/27
Damn, Zuko really is a dumbass. And Zhao, god damn, I don't think I've ever wanted to kick someone in the nuts so bad. Good stuff.
Laughers song chapter 92 . 7/27
Greatly enjoyed the conversation between Zuko and Ozai. That conversation was a long time coming, though it may have been a bit calmer had Toph not goaded Zuko into it. It was great to see Zuko stand up for himself. Since he's pretty much banishing himself, does that mean we'll get to see Katara and Aang soon? I'm just trying to imagine that whole interaction and I'm quite anxious to see it go down.

Poor Azula! She wasn't quite expecting that announcement or to be harassed by Zhao. Kudos to Sokka for seeing that she needed to get away and suggesting Xin lend a hand with that. I can't wait to see if Azula slipping away from the party has consequences. I cannot wait to read more!
Bleuet chapter 92 . 7/26
Wow. I really did not know what I was getting into when I started reading this story. I've spent the past entire week-and-a-half completely hypnotized. I read the description and thought reading a Sokkla pairing would be interesting. I mean, seriously, Sokka and Azula? Talk about non-canon. I wanted to see why this story was so popular and I love long stories, so while blowing off all of my responsibilities I started reading it on a whim. I'm really glad I did. I used to not like Azula, but after reading the depth you give to her character, I'm cheering for her and hoping that her relationship goes well, something I never thought would do when I watched the show. Sokka makes a great male lead, and shows fantastic character development. I never expected to like this pairing, and all the other side pairings, as much as I do. I go through so many different scenarios in my head about what could happen next, but I can't get into that genius head of yours. This story is unpredictable, and I love it. Never a boring moment. Every single arc has been well-thought out and interesting. Both times in Ba Sing Se, the Millennium Dragon fight, finding Xin Long...everything is just so good. Though I'm worried about what will happen with Admiral Zhao...he is sure to cause a rift between our lovely main couple. My only complaint would probably be there is not a lot of Aang and Katara in the story, though with Zuko leaving I hope that will change. Maybe? I really don't know and I have no idea how you are planning to end this...Anyway you have earned a well-deserved spot on my favorite fanfics of all time list, and I hope you continue writing to the best of your abilities and update soon. I look forward to seeing Gladiator going on for a long time. :)
eagle eyes98 chapter 92 . 7/26
Master of emotion, I've said it before, and that's not the last you'll hear of either.

Even Toph was anxious! That's crazy! She thinks it might be her fault, I wanna see all their reactions to the news. I imagine Zuko isn't very surprised but maybe Iroh will be. I want to see the conversation between Zuko and Azula so very badly. I really just want to see more of Zuko. He went off on Ozai! That's also crazy! and he was PISSED! Ozai meant to kill and he knows that now, is he gonna leave the Fire Nation? Did you foreshadow his meeting with the Avatar?

I'm excited now! This is drama and I'm ALL FOR IT! You are a master of emotion! Truly.

Unfortunately this is likely the last chapter I'll get to read before school starts back, which means I'm only gonna want more. Keep it UP!

Gawh I loved this chapter
Fanwright chapter 92 . 7/26
Have not reviewed this in a while, and boy much has happened in that time.

Zuko goes into a self-imposed exile, effective renouncing his birthright, Azula is made Crown Princess, and Zhao returns from the northern front to witness the end of the festivities in the Fire Nation. He seems very attracted to Azula after not seeing her in years and it seems hidden ambitions and machinations are at play here. As the most trusted general to the Fire Lord, ol' Zhao may be looking to take Ozai's job in the far future if a marriage proposal was made between them. Its obvious that's what he's after here.

Azula is made Crown Princess and it seems her dreams are coming true. That's what it seems at least. If we hadn't had that discussion on Azula being Fire Lord I don't think I could have understood Azula's position at this point in the story. Now, I think I do. She's at the top of the world right now. That dance with her father was supposed to show her off, to let everyone know she is on her way to becoming a ruler. Yet one gets the feeling that she is simultaneously a marionette or a trophy. Its like you said before: she's on highest point of a mountain with no support. Sokka's role may be more important now than ever.

I get the feeling things are about to go south really fast after this chapter. I've said this before in other reviews, but this time I got a feeling something bad is going to happen to Azula. Zuko leaving his birthright behind and effectively giving his father the middle finger means more pressure on Azula to be at her best. She should be happy; this is what she has always wanted in life. She still has Sokka around as well. If Azula plays her cards right and both of them don't do anything rash in the next chapter they should be fine.

Much will happen in the next chapter. Looking forward to it!
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