Reviews for The Newest Member (A Naruto-Akatsuki Fanfic)
bossawsome16 chapter 24 . 10/3
I love this! It should actually be the real anime plot!
DarkBlur2005 chapter 13 . 9/30
Dude, I played Lights We Burn by Nine Lashes at Neji's Death, the Rhythm and Lyrics were timed perfectly. Reread this and play lights we burn at that point, you will love it.
Random otaku chapter 4 . 8/27
Ghost Reader chapter 42 . 8/16
It wasn't terrible I have to say, but it did become rather repetitive with the characters stating the same ol' in my blood and shit/bullshit or other cussing words.

Reminding me constantly the same paragraph over and over again. And how some arguments felt invalid or dumb.

At times I felt awkward with how the characters interacted when being emotional. The only part I think I did like in the story is... actually I can't recall but I stuck long enough to read about to 21 chapters before finally skipping ahead to just know the ending.

It was an okay story. Happy that Hinata and Naruto are alive and together.
draco0905 chapter 42 . 8/1
While I realize that you added another chapter to the end, I kind of hoped for a time skip or something to show how everyone reacts to her auddwn and miraculous return. Maybe even further on how the world changed. And whether or not he actually is immortal. Perhaps showing him with his many times great grandkids.
Ryuu842 chapter 42 . 7/12
Amazing! Thank you for the story.
syndorias cinders chapter 5 . 7/10
uzukage chapter 42 . 7/8
U should do a part 2 were its borutos life and the life of naruto after he gets hinata back pls
lee chapter 19 . 6/29
why did you make Hidan an enemy he's immortal and follows jashin. jashin is not going to be happy. could you make hidan an ally because he's awoseme
kingrocker chapter 5 . 6/4
:D. This is getting Goooood real good ...its like when u do a Jutsu That's Suppose to do goood :p .on to the next one
kingrocker chapter 4 . 6/3
I sacrificed my sleep for this ... Ya I know why would someone do that ... Well I always wanted it to be like this .. Now I hope he crushes the villain I meant the village
kingrocker chapter 2 . 6/3
O M G man you were just born to write holy shoot this chapter just Gave me a boner I mean not the Type U get While Watching Po** but the one with The thril and Excitement ...Its amazing and on to the next one ..:)
kingrocker chapter 1 . 6/3
Don't mind the Language ...but Fucking A man ... Now on to the Next chapter ...
And I hope The Plot hits as U say it does .
drizzt chapter 15 . 5/27
i now have a huge urge to say say supert history every chapter

but i will fight it because i don't want you to stop writing
ducduy2312 chapter 42 . 5/8
So much epic . Thanks for a new story .
the plot is different but i liked it .
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