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Phsco13 chapter 34 . 4/14
Awesome as always hon!
Can't wait for more!

Lots of love!
polarpi chapter 34 . 4/12
What an emotionally charged chapter - I'm so glad that Katniss and Johanna were able to be there for both Finn and Annie, and giving Annie a little bit of fun when helping Johanna figure out what to wear to the party was awesome. Seeing Brue and Johanna back together at the party was super sexy, and the thought of Brue as a singer is making me giggle like a schoolgirl! Great, great job! :)
ImprovementByExtensiveReading chapter 34 . 4/10
So started this yesterday and finished it up today. Wasn't sure how much I would like the story from Jo's point of view. I was so wrong. This is great! I think the outtakes help too. I need as much Everlark as I can get. Poor Annie. PPD is so swept under the rug. Thanks for bringing it up in a respectful manner. Very realistic that Annie would have PPD given her age, stress, and support system. Super awesome that she has a supportive husband who doesn't know everything but wants to help. And is able to call in the help of two caring friends. Perfect for Katniss to be there w/ her experience w/ her mom. Jo is a caring person and it shows in this chapter. I was giving major thumbs up w/ Jo and Brue on the balcony. Yes to major make outs. I'm guessing Finnick needed to take Annie in to the ER or something like that? Maybe Sam is sick and that sets Annie off? Anyways, this is a really interesting story. Thanks for writing it!
Pinkie8 chapter 34 . 4/9
I can't with the cliffhangers...I really can't! I was kind of cheering inside over all of the Jo and Brue interaction that was going on at the end of the chapter. Annie's situation is making me sad but I know that postpartum often happens to new mothers. I kept trying to picture Jo's dress and was curious if it was based off of anything you've seen IRL? Looking forward to the next chapter!
KatLady13 chapter 34 . 4/8
Really struck a chord withher problems with breastfeefing. I am still struggling through some issues 8 months in. Props for her sticking with it this far. I hope they're able to get her some help soon.

So glad Jo and Brue got some time together. I hope he goes with her...but unsure how that could happen. Great update, you handled her ppd very well, and everyone's reactions were spot on.
Reader701 chapter 34 . 4/8
So glad that Jo went to the Christmas party, though I wish she had had more of a chance to act on her desires. They are at his grandparents home, though, so I guess you were right to stop them there... :) Hopefully the call is just Katniss telling her that Annie went to the doctor/hospital to get help!
barbarella-1980 chapter 34 . 4/8
Wait, wait, wait, Brue was a teenage popstar and Jo didn't die on the spot when she found out? I'm imagining a Robin Sparkles-esque video and if you tell me I'm wrong then we can't be friends anymore.

I am dying to know what Clarissa did to Brue. Between her and his dad, well it's not surprising that Brue has a few issues.

Man, the food porn. The dessert foreplay. The kilt.

I think what Jo, Katniss and Finn are doing for Annie is wonderful, but please for the love of god, get her some professional help.

Another chilling cliffhanger too.

Great chapter, wonderful writing as always.
BestFan00 chapter 34 . 4/7
Loved it! Can't wait to know what happened! And Brue and Jo are soooooo cute!
Update soon!
Famousfremus chapter 34 . 4/7
Even better after the second reading. I am dying to see what happens next with poor Annie, whether she gets the help she needs or succumbs to her fears.

And then there's Jo & Brue. Oh when will she be ready to open her heart and accept what he is so clearly offering?!
EStrunk chapter 34 . 4/7
I loved your bit about how this wasn't like a Cinderella wanna be movie, except that it sort of was. So glad they're able to help Finnick, Annie and Sam although I'm screaming for them to get her some serious professional help. Come on, Finnick - doesn't she have a doctor? Loved your notes at the end re post partum, etc. I've never had that, but the sleep deprivation alone is disorienting enough. I'm hoping Brue goes with to help. I still adore him. Loved her comment about how he didn't smell right without the chlorine.
Norbert's Mom chapter 34 . 4/7
Jo and Katniss are great friends to help to Finnick and poor Annie. I can't even image how awful that must be to go through. I would think a mother would also have guilt on top of the depression because she can't take care of her baby while depressed.
You did such a wonderful job describing the party with the atmosphere, music and of course, all the food. Nice to see Jo and Brue together again, even if just for the evening.
ForFutureReference chapter 34 . 4/6
Despite the tense nature of the situation, it's great seeing Jo's maternal instincts going into overdrive be it with her brothers or with Annie. Hopefully things are made-up with her parents.

The whole situation is something I can't even comprehend. The little cliffie at the end doesn't help things.
At least the whole dress-up (*snort* at the tree) seems to temporarily rise Annie out of her funk. Also got a kick out of assertive Katniss.

That food porn... that clothing porn... that architecture and interior design porn...
*fans self*

Brue's father sounds like such a... pleasant person.
In any case, great to see Effie (suspected that she'd show when Haymitch's biscuits made an appearance) and a bit of expansion on Elizabeth.

All that lead-up and no smut? Well color me pleasantly surprised. Others are probably disappointed at the lack of dress/kilt-lifting action.
hakanaii chapter 34 . 4/6
The one this I absolutely love about this fic is how open minded and informative you are. That you don't take any concept lightly and that there is a full, well-researched (if not already known) component to it. Not only does it make for an excellent read but I feel like a get so much more out of reading about a romance. You set the bar extremely high for quality in fics, Well done, S, well done!
Bubbles of Colours chapter 34 . 4/6
WHAT HAPPENED! Gosh... I was in cloud nine reading about Jo and Brue and that ending sent me right back to the ground. Great chapter :)
Court81981 chapter 34 . 4/6
Listen, you managed to make me draw my eyes away from Luke Bryan's ass on my television long enough to read this. (And you know my ADD flares up on Sunday nights anyway.) This could not have been an easy chapter to write, with the drastic swings in tone, and yet you made it seem easy, and it read so fluently. You wrote Annie's plight with sensitivity, especially since we're seeing it through Jo's eyes, and not Annie herself. Am I a little bummed Jo/Brue got cock blocked? Maybe, but I'm a pervert. Deal with it. And take a bow, cause you did a great job!
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