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Trude chapter 42 . 10/28/2014
another beautiful, intense and snarky update!
Dandelion Lass chapter 42 . 10/28/2014
I just found your story and have finally caught up. Looking forward to more. I really enjoy Angus and Brue as characters.
Famousfremus chapter 42 . 10/28/2014
Oh holy heck, this chapter! Victory? Going for irony, huh? Sounds like Jo finally had her epiphany, now let's see where it takes her. Hopefully back home, or at least to Dr. A.

Can I just tell you that I am in awe over how seamlessly you wove canon into this chapter? You've always done it very well, but in this instance its just flawless. You are my hero, and my inspiration! Well done, lovely!
NurseKelly chapter 34 . 10/27/2014
Great chapter. I loved what you said about post partum-it is VERY real. I also loved what you said about Last Leche League. When my daughter was in the NICU, my good friend was training to become a Large Leche League leader. SHe helped me to pump breast milk for my baby, not easy when your baby is 50 miles away and its just you and a breast pump. I had to stop after 6 weeks because my blood pressure was still elevated; but Tara ate for a total of 8 weeks and she avoided the Necrotizing Endocolitos (NEC). I felt a lot of guilt because I had to stop pumping, but eventually I realized that it was OK. She was and is healthy, and that is all that matters.
Mscallo chapter 42 . 10/27/2014
Wow great as always! I hope there will be another chapter? Katniss was great at handling Peeta and trying to get him back to the gang. Jo was great as always- now she and Brue need to get back together ( if possible).. Keep up the good story- it's fantastic. Love love your writings. More please...
Reader701 chapter 42 . 10/27/2014
As much as I like your Jo, I have been waiting for this scene with Katniss and Peeta for (what feels like) a long time. And I love any time that Peeta tells his parents off. AND Jo's realizing that she loves Brue, I think, which leaves the door open for her to face herself honestly. I think your title fits perfectly because it is a victory for these characters. Also, the idea to do the booths in different themes (a la Hunger Games districts) is pretty cool.
Ruby chapter 42 . 10/27/2014
Finally Peeta faced his fears at least by phone and took he's father masks off!
Really crazy how they put together 451!
So unfair Jo lost her internship! And at the end it was her time to fall apart..again..
I really hope next chapters are more based on Jo than Peeta though.. I want to see how they help her heel now and what the McLeod man are gonna do...
You made me think there was gonna happen something btw Jo and Cinna.. Is he gay?
Looking forward to reading next chapter hopefully soon!
Prizz chapter 42 . 10/27/2014
Aww.. real life sucks. Life after school is daunting most of the time. I feel Peeta and Jo's struggle here at corporate world. I know Finn and Brue were the first ones to venture but with the help of their family, or were forced rather. But Peeta and Jo wants to prove something. It's either make it work or die trying. I hope Jo can find a better employer. I hope Peeta would stay away from his family. Im glad he finally sees his father in this light. His father is the worst. A kind of person who would show fake support but secretly pulling his son down.

I really hope 451 will thrive. But Im not sure if they can serve homeless people for free. But if it is Peeta's therapy to get better, then I think it's understandable.

I loved Cinna's character in this fic! 3 Thanks for updating!
chele20035 chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
Sooo good!

How exciting everything is for Peeta and no one at home cares. The whole time I was reading that part... I kept on thinking that if they really cared, they would be there. And they wasn't it.

Poor jo! She needs to go work for Angus! I know he can find something for her to do.

And you know I'm glad to see Brue back! I think jo is too...
honeylime chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
Wow - awesome chapter! The canon references were perfect, from the little details of the club to the big Everlark moments. You shattered any inkling that Katniss isn't deserving of Peeta, and I thank you for that. I went from peeved at Peeta at the beginning of the chapter when he was still in douche-mode to relieved when he finally stood up to his dad, though that obviously took a toll.

Big revelations for Jo, too. I'm glad we're getting back to her relationship with Brue, and I appreciated how you handled the scene with Tyrell. It felt harsh, and had to be humiliating, but also maybe something she needed to hear? I think she's reflective enough to consider the feedback and use it moving forward.
KatLady13 chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
This made me want to cry, but the good tears. The cleansing ones that come with healing. I think Peeta's dad is awful. His mother is much more blatant and physical in her torture while his dad supremely screwed with his mind. I really liked the parallel with the book, and that Katniss was able to calm him down. It's sad that he doesn't seem to love her anymore though, but I'm looking forward to where you take them! And Brue! I'm glad he's back, and Jo has real live feelings. Honest ones she can't hide from. Good for her! I'm excited to see what happens next!
Norbert's Mom chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
Very nice that Peeta has finally stood up to his mother and father. Sad that his dad wasn't the great support that Peeta thought he was.
Jo sure had a bad day, but her epiphany that she actually looked for a reason to push Brue away is a step in the rightddirection.
ForFutureReference chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
All aboard the Peeta Mellark emotional rollercoaster. *toot toot*

Glorious amounts of interior design porn, with great nods to the original material.
The image of Finn and Annie scattering with Jo left to be going "****" cracked me up. As is every reaction to Effie.

Oh how glorious Peeta going into rage mode must have been to behold. At least Finn's there for damage control.

And... Jo finally seems like she's about to face everything, and it's not going to be pretty. At least she has priorities about the brownie.
Court81981 chapter 42 . 10/26/2014
This was a phenomenal chapter. It resonated in the best ways, in spite of the angst in places and the difficult moments for both Jo and Everlark. You already know how much I loved the canon allusions that you wove in here, and for a canon reference to work, it really needs to fit the AU context. You did that well in all instances. The scene with Jo losing her internship, in spite of its brevity, really hurt. You felt her embarrassment and pain that something she's wanted so bad was taken away so callously. Brava, lady. The light is at the end of the tunnel now...
Viki chapter 42 . 10/26/2014

I read this so fast because I have to go, but I promise I'll re-read and log in and do all of those lovely things but man this is brilliant!

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