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donna79 chapter 45 . 3/31
What a wonderful ending to a beautful, heart tugging story. You had my attention from the moment I stumbled onto this story two years ago. I know that I haven't reviewed every chapter but that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy them. You have real honest to God talent and Iam so glad that you chose to share it with your readers.
sunshinebear711 chapter 46 . 3/31
I can't believe this is over. :-( I'm kinda sad that I won't get any more updates with this story. I remember spending several nights staying up late to read it when I found it several chapters in, and then compulsively reading every chapter when it went up no matter what time of day (even if it meant at work or the middle of the night).

So I just want to say, thank you. This was amazing.
chele20035 chapter 46 . 3/31
;) you mean we aren't going to the Highland games this year? It's not too late to make camping reservations!
chele20035 chapter 45 . 3/31
I'm laughing through my tears. That was wonderful! I'm do very proud of you and of this... your wonderful baby that you have shared with us. Thank you friend. You did good.
AlwaysEverlark chapter 19 . 3/18
Love this chapter! Katniss has really messed it !
obsessedchick44 chapter 44 . 3/8
aww Brue is so freaking sweet!
Hawtsee chapter 44 . 3/7
God, I am the absolute worst. I read this the moment I saw you'd updated but I haven't been able to post a review since then.

I honestly cried during reading this part the first time, and re-reading it tonight, I cried again. Elizabeth's eulogy was just so moving. The whole chapter was moving. Seeing Jo's friends rally around her was very touching. And this time, she actually noticed it and allowed it. I personally think that Gale is the bravest person alive to take somebody who hates him at the best of times to a shooting range and put a gun in her hand while she's emotionally unstable and then stand there beside her. That takes guts. I love that their friends now, but it's a real shame that it took a death for Jo to get past all her dumb Gale prejudices and see what a great guy he is. Also, I love that she's hell bent on corrupting his siblings.

Jo took so many steps forward in this chapter that she ran a metaphorical marathon as well as a literal one. To see her fully embracing therapy, and stop pushing everybody away was a huge victory for her.

Her reunion with Brue was so beautifully done. The way they just went from awkward hello to dancing in each other's arms was so wonderful. And Jo finally took a chance with him. Amazing.

Wonderful chapter. I'm so sad that we have to let these amazing characters go. I'm not ready for it.
chele20035 chapter 44 . 3/7
i finally got caught up!

my poor jo. poor all of them for losing angus. and i loved how gale came in and helped in his own way too. it was a wonderful, bittersweet chapter (only bittersweet cause i know the next one is the last one). you have done a amazing job with this chapter and this story.
Varin chapter 44 . 3/3
I sobbed over Angus' funeral. I really liked him as a character. I'm glad that you're working your way through the pain. Thanks for the story. It's one of my favorites.
Norbert's Mom chapter 44 . 3/3
You did such a great job portraying Jo's emotional state during her mourning of Angus. Wonderful how all of her friends came around to support her, especially Gale who seemed to know just what to do to help her deal with her pain.
Jo certainly has matured throughout this story, as they all have. So sad that it's coming to an end, but the future looks bright for all of our friends.
Court81981 chapter 44 . 3/1
Ah, Angus. Rest in peace, old boy. I know you were worried about that eulogy, but you knocked it out of the park. Speeches and vows are so hard to get right in written text, and it came across very poignantly here. I'm curious to see how you're going to wrap this all up, and I really really love how you worked that CF canon line in there at the end of the chapter. Brava, lady.
Prizz chapter 44 . 3/1
Peeta proposed to Katniss?! Im glad things are looking up for Johanna. And everybody else. I just want these kids to be happy.

Sam is all grown up. :')

Thanks for updating!
Dandelion Lass chapter 44 . 3/1
I can't express how fabulous this chapter is. I had to take several breaks near the beginning when Jo started grieving and during the funeral to bawl, but I got through it. Elizabeth's eulogy was spot on. It was beautiful to see the whole group closing ranks around Jo to support her through her lose. I hope I make friends like that someday. I often feel like that is one of the many things for which I have missed my my chance.

You could not have picked a more perfect song for Brue to sing for Jo. She is really maturing.

Is the Mellark bible based on a real book? Because I can think of a couple people I need to send copy.

I really want to recreate your s'mores party!
Can't wait to read the next chapter!
naleight chapter 44 . 3/1
ENFIIIINNN! J'adore! J'attendais depuis longtemps cette fin heureuse pour Jo! Qu'elle ai pu exorciser ces vieux démons avec l'aide de sa famille(Gale, Peeta, Finn, Annie, madge...! Merci a sa famille de coeur! Les liens de cœurs sont aussi forts que ceux du sang! Hâte de lire l'épilogue! Bravo en tout cas pour cette superbe histoire :-))))))
honeylime chapter 44 . 3/1
Great chapter, and splitting things up was the right way to go. Some of the best things about this story are the level of detail and the ennsemble-ness of it, and that can't be rushed. I love that things seem to be coming full circle, but in a better, more mature way for Jo. The return of natilla custard, Dr. A, and the color pink are reminiscent of your first few chapters, but Jo's outlook is so different. Looking forward to what that will bring her in the next chapter.
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