Reviews for Dark Raven, Black Claw
Alquamor chapter 2 . 11/6/2002
OK, you're confusing me. I assume that the guy is Slytherin. But then did Malfoy just call him Ravenclaw? Is it Ravenclaw's son? CONFUSED!
T'Maia chapter 1 . 9/24/2002
Just a thought: if you're really writing a more or less original series set in the founders days, get rid of the familar names. Malfoy and Crabbe evoke the persons we know from Harry Potters days, and if you are setting this in the founders days, this is just plain *wrong*. More than that, it is bad and unimaginative writing, because you're copying from JKR far more than you should. You should create *all* people from scratch, including their characters, even the menbers from the old families. Draco Malfoy is *not* the same person as Lucius, and Lucius is different from his father, who in turn is different from his. That should show somewhere in you fics. What's the point of a MWPP, if everybody is just a copy of their younger equivalents? Ie Draco Lucius, Harry James?