Reviews for Umbreytingu
RoseThornOlympia chapter 19 . 10/22
I cried and cried, then I cried happy tears! My emotions are everywhere! Great job!
rebecahl97 chapter 24 . 10/6
I LOVED IT! I LOVED the relationship between hiccup and Toothless ,the feelings they have, how the complement each other and how you expressed their mutual intense, deep yet not romantical love ... thanks for putting this into words!
Miyu Hinamori chapter 19 . 8/31
And there are the tears again
Miyu Hinamori chapter 12 . 8/31
I didn't cry the first time I read this, but I did now
Bjonda0409 chapter 24 . 8/22
Soooo good! Love it
Tenchiko chapter 24 . 8/2
This. Was. Awesome.
This is the first fic I've ever read that had Toothless turn into a human. And it was AMAZING!
I loved the way you made his ability to speak be a gradual process. Fast, but gradual which makes sense in its own way. Yes he's always understood the dialect, but understanding and actually speaking it are two very different things. He knew the basics which made him a fast learner, but it was choppy enough along the way to make it feel legit for your readers. I could practically hear his accent, and it was very realistic.
Age wise, I have no complaints. We can just say he's Hiccup's age in Dragon years. Like with dogs and cats, ya know?
Watching him develop and adapt to situations as both a person and a dragon was an adventure in and of itself. Dealing with human food, interacting with his dragon buddies while still human, teaching Hiccup dragoneese, and his very ironic phobias (acrophobia AND pyrophobia? I was too amused) were entertaining to witness.
The lack of normalcy and his following reactions were completely understandable. He had his breaking points in all the right ways. They were perfectly normal even for him, but I really believe that they made him and his relationship with Hiccup grow in the most wonderful of ways.
Aaand his family. Love them. His brothers were great, and I love them even though they're a no show until this last chapter. I especially like his uncle whose name I can't pronounce to save my life.
Ru and the sea dragon stole the show though. They are so original and so much fun in their own individual ways. Great job!
Overall this was great. You took this world and built more into the dragon part of it in a brilliant way. What an unforgettable ride! I'll certainly be looking into more of your work in the near future.
God bless,
matty chapter 24 . 7/2
Who ever wrote this I give my up most respect towards you, this is a very well detailed and awesome book, please write more you have a amazing talent in this.
thank you so much
SAI1 chapter 24 . 6/30
Absolutely excellent. I just finished rereading it and I like everything about it. (I wish I could get to see what c√°fnes is, but hey, it doesn't really matter that much.)
Toothless seemed a lot less intelligent before he started speaking better Norse, and that's a good thing because it helped me sympathize with how Hiccup originally thought bad Norse indicated lower intelligence. Good job on that.
And finally, I really like how Old English has a similar quality to the book-dragonese in that you can kind of figure out the meaning without needing the translation. If you read closely.
You need to make more stories like this.
TimeyWimeyBadWolf chapter 24 . 6/16
This is FANTASTIC! Loved it!
Luna Lillyth chapter 24 . 4/22
I couldn't be bothered to put this story down for long, wonderful literature.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/11
Djeantfrrr chapter 24 . 3/21
It's so good! I can't believe I didn't read this before.
WriterGreenReads chapter 23 . 2/26
Bahaha a very considerate gentleman sea serpent. Hilarious.
WriterGreenReads chapter 3 . 2/26
Okay, so as a devout lover of both the movies and the books, it was super cool that you brought over the dragonspeak from book Toothless to movie Toothless. Fascinating and awesome story!
Gentle-Valera-Fox chapter 12 . 2/20
I honestly love this story so much, I've had to have read it like three times already. You've held so true to the spirit of the movies that I'm completely blown away. Actually, I'm reading this to my little sisters as a bedtime story. So far, their favorite parts are when Toothess says 'Walkings Hiccup, walkings!', Ru's appearance, and The Drawing Apology (and yes,that scene totally deserves a title).

Thank you for this beautiful story.
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