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TheLegendaryBlackDragonKnight chapter 1 . 12/3
Is it alright if I make my own Version of this Story? I am writing the First Chapter and I put a Warning that I Mean no Copyright Infringement to you and to read your story to Understand the Concept of a Non Slash "Toothless becomes Human" Story

The only differences are that it is set in my "Knights Of The Dragon Riders" Universe and I Consider this Story to be "Canon" because there are moments that were modified to fit in with my Soon-to-be Trilogy of Stories revolving around Drayko Ryder's Vengeance on The Hairy Hooligans

Oh Yeah, I'm using the Old English/Anglo Saxon translator for "Dragonese" as well, It's no wonder why I call this Your 1# Best Seller from Dreamworks Dragons Franchise
dojomojo chapter 1 . 11/23
All I hear when Ru speaks is Ian McKlellen
booklover3145 chapter 14 . 10/22
When are you going to post the Dragonheart story?
booklover3145 chapter 12 . 10/20
a ground-bound blind-eyed crippled human
That is soooooooo sad but so sweet at the same time!
I was legit crying when I read that part!
And the drawing- ohhhhh!


If you don't grow up to be a professional writer, I severely protest.
xirone538olympus chapter 24 . 9/9
I must say, when I read the first couple chapters, I thought this would just be a story where Toothless just randomly turns into a human and shenanigans ensue. Yes, that did happen but then it takes on an amazing and emotional (for me, at least) turn. The detail is great and I smiled so much while reading this. When Toothless got stabbed, I stopped reading and started shaking my sister, saying "He's dead! He's freaking dead!" All while sobbing. This is a masterpiece. Keep up the good work! :')
xirone538olympus chapter 20 . 9/9
This is one of those fics that make you laugh and then cry the next moment.
xirone538olympus chapter 9 . 9/9
Aggghhhh, I'm crying. This is amazing
RamenKnight chapter 24 . 9/2
This has been a very precious and wonderful story. Thank you so much for making it. It has been a delight to read. Im really glad to see that you paced yourself right to finish this story, as it was a wonderful finish.

A joyful life and may God bless you.
RamenKnight chapter 7 . 9/1
for the suppose random slice of life fic you said this was going to be, this is very coherent and liner. Better than a lot of 'liner' stories honestly. This has been a fun chapter.
RamenKnight chapter 6 . 9/1
Ah, adorable. Hugs are amazing, now he just needs a head rub. Ahhhhh, those are so good.
RamenKnight chapter 3 . 9/1
Honestly, I think being fit/muscles and having some fat, not much mind, but some on you is healthier IMO. Then again, i had malnourishment issues for a while because of how bad my gut was from sickness.
RamenKnight chapter 2 . 9/1
Poor Stoick, I have a soft spot for the big guy. He reminds me of my dad some. Toothless is handling this rather well, I know from personal sickness being humble enough to be cared for in more 'extreme' ways can be hard. Sometimes its from pride, sometimes its from embarrassment from it being socially abnormal, or for other reasons, but it can be hard.
RamenKnight chapter 1 . 9/1
Yes, thankyou for making it both straight and not romantic(lust) focused(it could have been a gender bender, sigh). Im so enjoying this.
Queen Bovine chapter 24 . 6/23
This is my second read, but I don't think I reviewed before. I LOVE this story. Hictooth is my favorite thing about HTTYD, and I love when authors can explore their relationship in unique ways. Toothless is still very much himself in a human body, and it's fantastic how you balanced the awkwardness of the situation with the friends' innate affection for each other. Stoick becoming closer to Toothless is great, especially as their relationship is rarely touched upon in stories. I actually cried during Hiccup's grief session when he thought Toothless was dead, which is quite rare for me. Well done.
Locura chapter 24 . 6/18
Holy cow this was amazing! WOW! I saw this suggested by Austreliet (sp?) on tumblr, and WOW. I mean, WOW, that was awesome! Such wonderful story telling! The characters! The language and the story! I just kept thinking about this all day when I was too busy to read it, waiting to go back to it! Fabulous!
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