Reviews for The Scholars Academy
Ilena Petrova chapter 16 . 5/28
Why have you never continued?
MikeyBlue chapter 16 . 5/3
Great didn't understand half of it
LizAndPattyThompson chapter 13 . 1/2
An OC? Well then...
Name: Salvazsahar Hunter
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Nickname: Sally or Sal
Age: 14
Hair color:long silver hair with a black and a green streak
Eye color: Gold
Personality: sarcastic, enthusiastic, protective of loved ones, and won't get in a dress or skirt to save her life
Height: 4"5(in feet)
Skin: mocha color
Other facts: fluent in Gobbledygook, very fast runner, and is an orphan.
LizAndPattyThompson chapter 16 . 12/18/2016
Can you please update? I Really like this story and would love to see more!
LizAndPattyThompson chapter 3 . 12/18/2016
In my opinion, I think Harry should be with Luna Lovegood.
Guest chapter 16 . 8/1/2016
Great story more chapters please
Calmzone1 chapter 16 . 7/1/2015
good story, hope you get the chance to finish it.
Allusive Ryder chapter 8 . 8/2/2014
Yes! ! ! ! A guy! ! ! if i'm reading correctly which I hope it is since I don't really like harry with a girl since no matter what I always think to the pics I found in google where harry looks so cute that I can't consider him to dominate. I never really saw the harry with ginny since I never really saw the love there in the book or the movie and it happened a tad fast.
Saturnblue chapter 5 . 7/15/2014
if Salazar's old soul took over Harry's new soul does it mean Harry's original soul will be gone completely or does it mean both souls combine to form a new soul with Salazar's soul being the dominate since his soul is older? I cannot believe the Potters willing to abandon one of their child for power and fame based on someone else's suggestion and doesn't think things through like how a mature parents should act. I guess they are still young in parenting. Both of their parents will row in their graves for this stunt. If Harry/Salazar end up in the hogwarts's list of names for entrance how will the lie they sprung affect the truth that will slap them in the face unless he end up with a different name and the list changes the name accordingly. The Potter family lie about what they did to their youngest to world that he had died. The truth will come back and hunt them eventually and it will be too late by that point on. They made their bed and they have to lie in them and cannot crawl back to the beginning to fix it. Does Sirius and Remus know the truth or were they there when it was announced as to what would happen to Harry. Why would they have another child when they willing to abandon one of the twins for it's brother. Seriously I do not understand these people.

Boy who lived or not as long as you are a target of the dark lord and enemies they will target the who family regardless who it may be. That means all family members especially the younger generation need training to defend themselves not just the so called boy who lived. These people put their children in danger and willing to abandon one of their own to the wolves still could not understand this simple fact is beyond me. Dumbledore may be he wanted to control the Potter and Black families including the boy who lived to mold as he wishes. So he is willing to get one brother out of the way for his power controls and manipulation. You CANNOT decide who is the TRUE boy who lived based on scars and back lash of dark magic alone. Dumbledore is NOT a detective so how can he know the REAL TRUTH of this SERIOUS matter. He is like trying to play GOD while manipulating everyone within his reach.

Sorry for the rant but it's really annoying to see these people having another child while they willing to abandon one of their own without finding out where the so called headmaster put their child to or willing to check up or at least make sure he is taken good care of. Lily have no right to wonder if abandoning Harry is the right choice since she already did it without continue to fight for the one she supposed to love. James in this story without said is a idiot willing to sacrifice his own son for being a puppet of the Albus dumbledore. None of them have a brain to think things through no matter how brilliant in other things they are. By having another child just defeat their purpose of holding all their attention to train the oldest of the original two twins. What is the difference of having Harry with them to train the oldest Twin the supposed boy who live as to having another child where they still have to hold all their attention to train the supposed boy who live any way. It really doesn't make any sense in that reasoning their headmaster gave them or did they even thought about it thoroughly.
Omega the end chapter 11 . 7/14/2014
Mk, not being racist or sexist or any bullshit. But, Salazar Slytherin was gay? The fuck? Did not see that coming. Also, what made you choose to have Harry have two male parents? Just wondering there,
kurokitsune chapter 16 . 5/10/2014
Please continue the amazing story!
staretoile chapter 16 . 3/24/2014

nice tory so far. I really enjoyed reading it. Nice how Harry/Salazar finds a new father and a new family. Will Harry stop existing and only Salazar exists? Or will the persoanlity of the two merge?

I hope to read more!

Kind regards
Skyeward MusicLover chapter 16 . 2/21/2014
plse update the story
Foy chapter 16 . 2/19/2014
Story's great so far, I hope you plan to continue. :)
harry sirius potter-snape chapter 5 . 11/25/2013
Can harry be with voldemort or snape maybe Bill. Just no girls
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