Reviews for Words of Regret
lunar silver chapter 4 . 3/31/2013
loved the ending
KungFuPandaFanatic chapter 4 . 3/30/2013
Awesome ending to another fine story buddy :D It seems that nothign will stop our Tigress from getting her panda back, and im glad to see that! AS she loves him to much just to let him fall into that evil violets hands and be wihtout her and her be wihtout him :) though it seemed when she went abck to the spot a certain creature was watching her planning on getting rid of her so she will only be a bad memory to Po, that Violet sureis pure evil at its deepest freaking core! and I cant beleive Violet and Po kissed, I was stunned becuase those panda lips of Po's should only ever touch Tigresses lips :) and he could tell that as when he was kissing Violet he senesed soemthign was wrogn with it, like it didnt feel right in his heart, well Po thats becuase your heart doesnt want that Witch Violet but the soft and amazing tiger you have known for a long time :D But being Violet she gave him another lotus blossom to put his mind at ease and make him dumstruck again :( and thats not the only thing she did as I bet she made that tree come to life to kill Tigress and it was about to, to as it wrapped its vines around her neck squeezing the life out of her :( but her crys for help did not fall on def ears but on the one she loves ears :) As Po could sense her in danger and not caring what she thought about him weather he thought she hated him or not he was goign to rescue her with all his might :D As he ignored Violet and jumped out of the happy paradise and back into the world he was used to beating down that tree until it was nothing but firewood :) becuase thats how Po does it :) and once done that he rsuhed over to his feline to make sure she was still with him and she was :) its him Tigress hes back and ready to love you as you will love him :) for the truth came out and both learned that they loved each other to death and they were scared of the other not feeling the same, but they dont have to worry about that as they do love eahc other :D But it seemed Violet wasnt to happy about that and came back ready to kill Tigress but she couldnt otherwise she would be breaking the rules of free will and though she dissapeared I have a feleign she will be back for him, but ti doesnt matter becuase by that time Po and Tigresses love will be so strong it will blind and destroy Violet and all her evil :) becuase true love is invicble :3 and i would love to see a sequal :D
Smiles1998 chapter 4 . 3/30/2013
You kinda laud out the ground work for a sequel. Violet returns! Great story, btw.
wildkratticusfever chapter 3 . 3/30/2013
oh please update soon!
Smiles1998 chapter 3 . 3/30/2013
Violet is freaky evil!
pandamaster97720 chapter 3 . 3/30/2013
Please go on with the story it is totally awesome and I love it
lunar silver chapter 3 . 3/30/2013
love conquers all so i'm sure tigress will find a way
IPON3 chapter 3 . 3/30/2013
o snap
KungFuPandaFanatic chapter 3 . 3/29/2013
Pain can make even the strongest of us fall to our knees! Gotta say buddy that was a pretty sick chapter you here :D Loved the begiining as you introduced us to the place of never ending happiness, where many souls were laughing and ahving fun with not even the slightes bit of pain or sorrow, and then we seen Po with the creature known as Violet, the guradian of the place of happiness! Shes a pretty cool creature, but has evil deep within her, and it seems to me that she really likes Po jsut the way she is acting around him by laying her head on his chest and such. But even so in this world of happiness it seems one still can experience pain, as we seen Po feel a tremoundous amount of it :( that is until though Violet gave him a lotus blossom which cured tha pain, he had but at what cost as it seems ever blossom someone eats the more pain and sorrow gets drained into Violet herself making her stronger though Po doesnt know that, most likely non of those souls do! But then we get back to Shifu and the five where they call out this evil demon who seemed to know they would come eventually! and their meeting wasnt a pleasent one at that as Tigress became enraged and shouted at Violet with disgust and hate, which Violet ruhsed up to the tiger and told her that Po came to her on his own free will, and it seemed the others didnt bleieve such a thing that they were his friends they ddint trea thim bad, but Violet showed them the bad things they had said to him i nthe past which I could see breaking their hearts. But none of those words or actions were on purpose especially Tigresses she just let her anger get out of hand but she didnt mean any of that stuff she said to Po :)Though Violet called Po forth and told him that his friends were there and he seemed not to remember them by saying she was his only friend and when she said Tigress his brain snapped and a great pain washed over him reculating many things he beleived he had done wrong and thought she hated him making him cry but again she gave him a lotus blossom to cure it, those blossoms do more then remove pain i think they are like a surpressent of osme sort or that could jsut be me XD But Po's not thinking cleary I know that I hope anyways, but returned to the land of happiness with Violet who crushed the sphere and dissapeared, thinking there was nothing more they could do now :( But Violet doesnt know Tigress like we do, she will find a way to get there one way or the other and rescue Po from Violets clutches and save him like she always would!
KungFuPandaFanatic chapter 2 . 3/29/2013
Good chapter buddy :) IIt seesm as though the guilt is getting way worse for our feline as the memory of last nights events keep replaying her head like a bad movie :( and if Po was there this morning of the other night I know she would have walked right up to him and apologized but she cant as he is gone, but it seems she has locke donto his trail as she found his paw prints in the ground leading all the way into the forest where they compeltley dissapear! I gotta admit being in that kind of forest and tracks completley dissapearing that would freak me out alot D: but not Tigress :) and it looks like she found the sphere though it wasnt compeltley intact for their was a crack in it, but it seems whoever came out of that orb was not a friendly person or thing as like Shifu said its the sphere of lost souls which cant be a goood thing at all! And now the race is on to find Po whever he may be and rescue him before he becomes nothing but a shell of his former self! and its not your fault Tigress, just make sure you get your panda back no matter the cost!
Smiles1998 chapter 2 . 3/29/2013
Man, you're fast at updates. Great job, btw!
Smiles1998 chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
Ok, the female voice disappear-y and reappear-y thing has me curious! Especially about the offer! Update soon!
lunar silver chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
love conquers all hope tigress gets to tell him how sorry she is and loves him
pandamaster97720 chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
I love this story it is totally awesome
IPON3 chapter 1 . 3/29/2013
o snap plz update cnt wait
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