Reviews for Anamnesis
Windsett chapter 10 . 2/5/2016
All the writing about the Founders is so good! From the stated facts about them and how the Vorta react, like paying worship at the shrines, to the conversation Weyoun and Eris and Deimos have over lunch – all the dialogue between them is natural and flows and is really interesting, with them speculating and asking questions about their Gods and their return and what the future could hold for Kurill Prime. They're just getting their heads around the fact there are so many other species in the universe that the Founders could have enemies, and that they use starships.

I liked how the Dominion and Jem'Hadar were introduced, and also before I forget I liked Eris' observation about the Founders promising Kurill sixty thousand years ago that the Vorta would become an important part of an empire, and how they had incredible cultural continuity to remember such a long time ago.

Ah they asked Deimos to be the Bearer on their child's naming day! Such a ceremony doesn't need a detailed description for the reader to know it's an important event, and that they're really close to Deimos and trust him. The way that they asked Deimos was really well done as well – to just announce their intent and not make a huge big deal of it, because they'd all get emotionally awkward otherwise.

Politicians were experts at finding problems. I really liked that line! In fact I loved the whole scene with the Jem'Hadar inserting themselves into the Council chamber knowing, just knowing, that their wishes would never be refused because they served the Founders. The Jem'Hadar have seen more alien places and no doubt experienced much that no Vorta could ever imagine, and they're not about to be intimidated or feel threatened. It's true that given enough time the presence of Jem'Hadar in the world would seem everyday to the Vorta. They're easily embedded into the planet and the Vorta's way of life, embodying a threat and/or a presence that can't be ignored or fought or challenged. It's sinister even though they haven't done anything threatening.
You describe it all so well!

As you do for Weyoun's first talk with the Founder. He's worshipped the Founders all his life, but now he's up close and personal with one it's different than he expected. Possibly not too much, but he's got an unsettled feeling and can't detect anything familiar in her – she's just so alien, and while it's exciting it's also scary. Scary in an excited way but also scary in a threatening way. I love her line about the Founders not caring what the solids do to each other and Weyoun's reaction, so evil! The Vorta fully believed that their Gods were merciful and cared about their worshippers but then to hear those words from a God's mouth must be so horrible. Weyoun can try and console himself by saying that the Founder was testing him, but I bet that he knows what she said was true. He doesn't like to think about it and tries to cover it up and forget about it, but those words are never going to leave him. The Founder was written so well – her detachment, uninterest and questions to Weyoun, such as about the Vorta's cloning abilities and genetic modifications. Or lack of. She's amused that the Vorta are unwilling to go full tilt with cloning and modifications when she's (presumably) seen so many other species do so much more. The Vorta's attitude is quite quaint.

And yes the Vorta will join the Dominion! I love how the Founder phrases her invitation as if she's doing the Vorta a favour – that by accepting this select membership offer they will receive protection and be admitted into a select club, and that the Vorta can in turn help the Dominion with their cloning expertise. The Founder already knows that the Vorta will agree to become part of the Dominion, because why would they refuse their Gods? And if the unlikely happens and they turn down membership, then they'll simply be conquered and forced into it.
Windsett chapter 9 . 2/5/2016
Ah Eris is pregnant again, that’s so nice :) And Weyoun, buying a skimmer for them! And talking it through with Leto beforehand. For a second it seemed that Eris could be genuinely threated and worried about Weyoun confiding in her, but no they are too good together and won’t cheat on the other. And Leto has a girlfriend anyway!

I like the continuing advancement of Vorta into space, and establishing a mining post to get their energy supply. Yes it’s fascinating to explore space simply for the sake of it, but financial (and social) necessities demand more practical applications of space travel.
But it’s not good that the interface just shut down, and along with it the metro and so much of what people rely on and take for granted. It’s true how you described the interface – they dislike having their choice of being in constant contact taken away, and that’s what’s unsettling. But it’s also alarming that the ships up in space are by themselves and have to dock, and no-one knows why the interface has been shut down. Like Deimos said, he’s not trained to know why the communications grid went down – Vorta are still new to space travel and there’s they don’t know yet. Such an unexpected shutdown would cause most everyone to panic. The idea of extraplanetary travel is exciting, and Deimos is fun to read about because he’s excited by it! Even though it’s scary to think that a weapon could have been used against the Vorta to take out their communications array. Maybe it is the Founders who are responsible, and they don’t want the Vorta to reach out too far and learn too much – they need to be kept in their place.

Weyoun’s right to point out that the dilithium shipements need to get through – yes he’s concerned about the astronauts up on space, but he’s also worried about the huge number of people on the planet that will be affected if there are power shortages. Especially Eris and their unborn child. And selfishly (and understandably) he’s also worried about his career.
The riots were well described, as well as Eris and Weyoun’s nighttime conversation about an opinion being to just raze the slums to the ground. And how Weyoun might once have agreed with that idea and never let it trouble his conscience, but now it has – he has no love for the slums and hates them, but even he doesn’t want to go so far as to destroy them all. Oh and it’s interesting that the planet has not needed a military for four hundred years.
The Governor on the goodwill tour is a good example of a benevolent but short-sighted and half-empty politician! The whole tour was really good to read, with the Senators sniping at each other while all playing the right role for the cameras. It will be interesting to see what the long-term consequences of the riots are – if the slums will sullenly go back to the way things have always been, or if they’ll do something more to change their station in life and/or strike out at those above them.

Ah oh my gosh the Founders have returned! With their Jem’Hadar guards! That whole scene about the spacecraft landing was really good, with Weyoun and Eris rushing off to make first contact and being scared but excited as well. I’m excited to read more about why they returned!
Ah this whole chapter is such a good blend of politics, science, character relationships and dialogue – it’s just so good :)
Windsett chapter 8 . 2/5/2016
The setting of Weyoun and Eris’ house sounds really nice! Sheltered and protected not only from other people, but from the monsoon weather as well. It’s so nice that one of the reasons he bought the house was because of Eris’ happy childhood recollections.

Ah Eris, it was so nice that she found out she was pregnant but then right near the end lost their child. It really doesn’t seem right that the majority of Vorta can’t bring a child to term and they’re fighting the odds – you really would think that someone would have been able to figure out a way to make the odds more favourable. Is it part of a wider plot or conspiracy by the Founders to reduce and then remove the Vorta’s ability to reproduce? Or maybe it’s just a natural feature of their species and is no-one’s fault and nothing can be done about it.
I like that detail about Eris suffering from hyper-sensitive hearing and smell as a result of being ten months pregnant and ah Foros, being nice to Eris and genuinely happy for her even though his wife couldn’t bring a child to term.
It’s true what Weyoun said that given enough time people could get used to almost anything, and not seeing a pregnancy through to its end is one thing Vorta have just grown to accept. Maybe some though don’t ever get used to it or accept it though. It is more painful having a miscarriage near the end rather than at the start, because you’ve almost beaten the odds and been gifted with a great thing you want. And, to a degree, think you deserve. Because why shouldn’t you have a child with the person you love if you want to – why does it have to be so difficult?

All the descriptions about the first manned spaceflight are really good! From the technical details to Deimos’ enthusiasm, and I like Weyoun’s remarks about the established training programme his friend had to complete.
It’s exciting that he’s going to become a full time astronaut and train others and be a part of future launches into space – I like that he’s genuinely excited to go up in space and is enthusiastic and just happy! Weyoun’s observation at the launch is true, about some people who had never previously given you the time of day or contributed to making momentous events happen now wanting to be part of history and to have some of the glory reflected back onto themselves.

They think the launch and orbital is beautiful in its own way – beauty in technology, that’s so nice and right. They still have the ability to appreciate aesthetics and personally determine what is considered beautiful – it’s sad to think that future Vorta will have this part of them stripped away by the Founders.
Windsett chapter 7 . 2/5/2016
Ah it’s so nice that Weyoun was surprised that such a little thing like Eris being there when we woke up could be so lovely and fulfilling! It’s also so nice to know that the first two years were maybe the best of his life being happily married to her :)

Weyoun’s personality trait always eager to please his boss, like offering to find a list of suitable replacements for his senior aide job to Foros. And also how he has streaks of supreme self-confidence and adaptability and ruthlessness, like planning on charming some academics for their money and support. But also how he didn’t want to run against Soltoi, because of how it could look like a vendetta. But also possibly because he still feels like he partly owes her for everything she did for him, and because he feels a small amount of genuine affection to her?

What Yeroi dug up about Soltoi is intriguing, something that could end her career. I’m looking forward to it being revealed!

And yay he won the election and became a Senetor! Just like Weyoun himself I was sure he’d win! And ah he offered nice Leto the job as his senior aid. She’s nice as well as clever, and I really liked her observation that everyone clings to something, but that most people aren’t in a position of power for that clinging to be dangerous. That’s true and very well expressed – most people can’t change many big things and they don’t think or care that much about them – they assume that other people such as officials will resolve them. They don’t have a vested interest, either for selfish personal gain such as a political office, or have the moral and ethical responsibility of ensuring big things continue to happen or don’t happen in order for the general population to be safe and happy. You’re such a good writer!

The radio signal is exciting! But ominous as well, since it’s a distress call that no-one in the neighbourhood could understand. That’s quite a weighty piece of information to have, and I really liked Weyoun’s thought that all the groups of people at their tables believed their conversations were earth shatteringly important, when they really really weren’t.
It’s also exciting to read more about the spaceflight programme advancing, and what the Vorta will learn out in space about their past and the Founders and their future and I’m sure there will be something surprising out there and it will be an adventure. A good one I hope, but I have doubts…

But ah their first vacation together after being married for four years :) And their practice to have a child ;) It’s all so nice and lovely and well written and they really do belong together! :)
Windsett chapter 5 . 1/20/2016
Ah Soltoi trying to destroy Weyoun – I’m glad she underestimated him!
Once again all the political aspects of this story are so well written – believable and realistic and just interesting and entertaining to read. I like how Parnon stands up for Weyoun! He’s a good guy, and a better boss than Soltoi. He’s looking out for Weyoun as well as his own interests.

Leto is another good character! The way she confidently challenges Weyoun who she sees as a threat, but is professionally and does her work by reading his speech. And Weyoun’s all ready to just tolerate and/or ignore her, but then realizes that she’s good at her job and could be an asset to Parnon and himself. And ah she’s from the gutter districts herself, but unlike Weyoun she hasn’t turned her back completely on them – she wants to help make things better for them. Maybe some of her good intentions will rub off on Weyoun, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t.

Ah Weyoun, nearly having a twinge of sympathy for his criminal brother that he can’t stand. A flash of caring but that’s all, because Weyoun doesn’t want or need his family. Which is kind of sad, since they seem nothing but supportive towards him and decent people trying to make the best out of an awful situation in life. And his brother being dragged through the court for things that seem everyday to him, and which others in the court know are more political than actually punishing the defendant. And his attitude towards his sister! But I…like that Eris doesn’t get all judgmental on him about it, and instead accepts his feelings for what they are. Some things she can’t change and some things she doesn’t want to change. Maybe the part of Weyoun that is ruthless and dispassionate is something that appeals to her – especially since she knows that he’s caring and passionate in the ways that are important to her.

The conversation Eris and Weyoun have about Vorta and how they don’t eat meat and are immune to most poisons was really good! It’s a good explanation as to how they developed their immunity – by being forced into it by the Vanta. And of course there is a religious reason too, which (I’m guessing) is still accepted but maybe less so now that the Vorta have learnt more about their past and their scientific knowledge has developed enough for them to think logically about aspects of their behavior, rather than taking it at religious face value alone.
I’m excited to read any further information or developments about manned spaceflights, the dilithium reserves running out and anything to do with Eris’ work and the Founders in future chapters. I’m just looking forward to reading future chapters whatever they contain :)
Windsett chapter 4 . 1/18/2016
Ah no Weyoun, you broke up with her D: In a way that seems fitting for him – make a decision after consideration and then just be straightforward and honest with her. Even though it’s horrible and he still wished he could have both Eris and a career but he knew that in reality he couldn’t. And seeing that hawker was needed evidence to validate his decision – he could have ended up like one, and possibly still could. A lifetime of working hard and wanting power has a stronger hold on him than a few months of happiness, even though he is in genuine love with her and she genuinely loves him.

But then they get back together at the end :D
It’s realistic and true to character and just a good read for Weyoun to be honest with Eris, and for Eris not to immediately jump back into his arms and blithely forgive him. She doesn’t wait longer than she should to contact him at the end, just like he didn’t wait longer to ask her out, and they love each other and will work things out.

I really like Weyoun’s new boss, Parnon. And the interaction between them, such as Weyoun’s surprise and discomfort that Parnon is so open with him and talks freely about personal things! I also really like that Parnon isn’t a mindless bumbling fool; he may be idealistic, but he’s also sharp and observant and intelligent, like when he guesses that Weyoun has come to ask him for a job. I hope he does get legislation passed that allows him to launch manned spaceflight! Sure it will be a challenge, but if anyone can sell it to the public then Weyon can. Especially if he has the help of Deimos and Eris and the science lobby.
The whole description of Parnon’s office being threadbare and behind the times and cramped was all really good! As are all the descriptions of this world, like Weyoun looking out of his apartment’s window one night over to Eris’ window in the distance, which is light but blurred. That was really nice!

And it’s also nice that Parnon runs an office where everyone is happy, and I Iike Weyoun’s observation of never appreciating how important it was to be happy in your job until you no longer were. I guess Weyoun was happy in his job with Soltoi, but in different ways to what you initially think of as being happy; like he had job security, was able to flex his intellect, was working for a greater good, had financial security and prospects. But then he experienced true happiness with Eris, and can now fully define the word. He’s experienced something he didn’t know existed, and wants it back. And why shouldn’t he have both a career and his love?

It was interesting that Weyoun touched a nerve with Soltoi and got a rise out of her about her never having married. I hope we get to read more about her and her history. I liked that Weyoun genuinely was thankful for her and what she had done for him – after working for her for all these years he may not like her, but he respects her skill and ability and is grateful for the opportunities she has given him. But he worked hard to make these opportunities worthwhile and profitable which was down to him, not her, and I’m glad he realized before it was too late that he would end up being owned by her, and not just mentored if he was to become a Senator with her backing. But I’m sure her words about destroying him are just empty angry words concealing her hurt at having lost him, and that nothing too terrible is going to happen to him :)
Windsett chapter 3 . 1/12/2016
Small talk being part of Vorta culture is another ingrained aspect that will serve Weyoun (and the other Vorta) well when they liaise with different species that the Founders want to control. I like all the other references to how Vorta are in the future, like being able to metabolize toxins at a high rate. If they’re immune to most toxins, it makes sense for alcohol to not have too great an effect on them. Do they still have the same tolerance to toxins in the future, or did the Founders adjust and improve their tolerance with future clones so that they could consume very high toxins – poisons – and not be affected?

All of Weyoun and Eris’ dialogue is just so good! It’s fun, fluid, further establishes their characters as well as giving the reader more information about the world and culture they live in. Their small talk and roundabout flirting and then they finally kiss in the train station :D I really like that line about something outside the laws of physics drawing them even closer together – it’s true that undefinable forces can sometimes bring people together, because sometimes those people are just meant to be; it’s the universe’s way of completing that which is meant to have been aligned all along. And then they become established together and all of Weyoun’s thoughts about her and being with her are just so niiiiice! Like how he just knows that she’s the only one for him, and that he’s got the honour of seeing her in ways that no-one else does, and has been admitted to the inner sanctum of her confidence. It’s all just so well written and lovely!

The continued world building of the planet in this chapter is excellent as well! I love the thought of half the year being an onslaught of hail and monsoon weather, and that the Vorta have adapted to this way of life by building indoor tunnels and transportation. They have ingenuity and intelligence and culture. Being forced to live out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time is a good explanation for their pale complexion. And I love the idea of the festival when the monson season ends and the sun appears! As well as the monsoon flings that Vorta can have! And that the festival is a symbolic extension of the hoped for return of the Founders – that after a long period of darkness and imperfect conditions, the Founders will return and bring light and something better. Ah but it’s sad to think of the Vorta enjoying all the different foods being sold at the festival, since the Vorta in the future can only taste a couple of things. Why do their sense of taste decline so much?

It’s so nice to think of Weyoun and Eris giving in to their longing for abandon and taking the opportunity of a break in the weather to take a risk and go outside. It would be stifling to be so oppressed by the weather that you never get a chance to breathe fresh air except for certain times, and it’s a nice aspect of their personalities that they like to take some risks and have fun and aren’t completely locked in by rules and expectations.

And the Clone protests! All of the history about it was so good. It’s so interesting to read about the public outcry and the opposition to aspects of cloning, and then think ahead to what we currently know about Vorta being cloned. From it being illegal to gestate a clone past fifteen months, to the full formed adult clones complete with past memories that we’re currently familiar with. I like the reference to clones being physically identical, but that their personalities never will be. Even with the Weyoun clones we know about in the future his personality is similar to his progenitors but not identical. And just like in reality there will be sudden and unpredictable genetic mutations that just appear, like with Weyoun 6.

It seems very difficult for Vorta to reproduce naturally. This could just be natural to Vorta, or perhaps the Founders have deliberately made it difficult. Make it progressively difficult and people will naturally worry that their species is at risk, but there’s hope for their species’ survival because cloning is available. And if cloning is the only way to guarantee future generations, then the process seems a lot less objectionable. In fact it could even seem like the species is being blessed with a great gift.

I liked the whole part of where Eris shows Weyoun the footprints she’s discovered at the site! Her secret find, that raises lots of questions and possibilities. It’s interesting that the Vorta are awaiting the Founders’ promised return, and that Weyoun (like presumably all Vorta) follow their religion with daily prayers and regular worship. And then I wonder what a Vorta religious ceremony would comprise of, and what would happen. And if there are any Vorta that *aren’t* religious, that don’t believe the Founders will return, or at the least have deep doubts about it, but have to keep their opinions hidden because otherwise they’d be outcast (or worse).

And ah Weyoun’s history as being poorer than poor, that part was all so good! Good and sad and completely believable, and it makes sense why he works himself so hard for Soltoi and lives the way he does. And when they say I love you to each other, that was also so so nice! I’ll say it again, but all the dialogue between them is just so fitting and unique to their personalities and just so good.

And the end! Soltoi forcing him to choose between the two things he loves the most. Don’t do it Weyoun – don’t dump Eris in order to be a Senator!
Windsett chapter 2 . 1/10/2016
Ahh it’s so good! I was :D at the end of it, Weyoun and Eris are so nice together already! All the characters are
great! And the setting and the plot and the way you write so smoothly and can make everything clear and realistic and exciting!

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started reading, how this story would begin, but it was a nice surprise to read what I did! The political setting is completely believable, and is a really good setting for all the characters to be introduced. From the overly greasy canteen food to the imagined cities and the planet and its history and its current affairs, the world is believable and compelling already. I think it's relateable in ways that helps the story flow easily from the start, so that you're focusing more on the characters themselves and their roles and stories, rather than spending too much effort trying to visualize an alien world. But there are well placed lines about how different the planet is, such as what's been found in the site that Weyoun and Eris come to (mutually respectful) blows over, and any line about the Founders and the Vortas' faith. Everything is well placed and seamlessly flows into the story and enhances it, as you build up more of a physical and political picture of the world.

I really liked the part where Weyoun says to Eris 'What I personally think doesn't matter' knowing that such words would strike a chord with any Vorta; that loyalty to one's benefactor was paramount. Subservience and belief in a greater good is a defining factor in Vorta, just like the Founders intended.
Vorta serve whoever is their superior, and it's an honourable and required trait to have. Weyoun is smart to use that compulsion in other Vorta to his own advantage. But it's also sad because the Founders have infected them with it in the first place. Weyoun knows he's manipulating Eris – not too a huge degree but he's still doing it, but what he doesn't know is that he is also being manipulated by the Founders but on a far greater scale and over a far greater timeline. (I...think? Lol I'm not sure – I shouldn't really theorise or think so much just one chapter in)

Weyoun the Workaholic seems normal and likeable, and this job of his gives a perfect history for him eventually becoming the liaison between the Founders and whatever planet it is they want to conquer. He's a perfect politician and is destined for great things. His boss is a really good character, and she's got her suspicions about Weyoun and Eris. But now that she's lost the case to build a shopping center maybe she won't care too much who Weyoun sees so long as he continues to work hard. Or maybe she'll pretend that his interest in her caused him to lose focus and so helped lose their case. She could do so if she wanted to I guess if, for whatever reason, she wants to punish him.
But I really was rooting for him to be with Eris at by the end! I'd never considered the pairing until you created it, but just one chapter in I really like it! Really it's your characterization of them I like, and how you wrote their interactions together that just makes them compelling and right together.

Deimos and Eris are characterised so well! I just want to say that there are. Every character in this story is. They're unique and interact fluidly with each other but there's also conflict and the potential for more conflict, They're very realistic original characters, and it's just really enjoyable to read about them!

The set up between Weyoun and Eris is really good, but so to is the bigger idea of what's underneath the planet's surface – what is the true relationship between the Founders and the Vorta? What's the true history and why did the Founders do what they did? I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story, I really am!
Windsett chapter 1 . 1/10/2016
Oooooh it’s good! Yes very good so far, nice and dark and full of promise and ah the Founder is cruel! Cruel and in character and just such a good villain already. It’s such a great start! The pace, tone, content, everything it just propels you to read more.
Ah the poor Vorta, exterminated and betrayed and dominated! I like how you don’t ever directly describe them as being Vorta, but instead use brief descriptions like the colour of their eyes being purple.
Pretty brutal for a child to be killed, but in the Founder’s eyes it’s nothing worth getting upset over. And that simple line of there will be no more children for these people. So bad and so good!

I like the line of ‘This world had precious few methods in place for eradication.’ As if an effective way to wipe out an entire species of your choosing is a necessity, and the offerings on this world’s menu are disappointing. But the Founder can make do, and her confidence in the Jem’Hadar weapons are greater than her doubts. The description about the deathly hush and the world being left to the small wild things is great as well! The planet’s dominant species just…wiped out, because that’s what she wants. What she believes she needs, and what she wants.

I wonder what she promised the Vorta scientist for him to agree to be a part of this? To provide DNA samples and believe it was the worthwhile choice to be both actively and passively complicit? Why does he serve her and consider it an honour? She’s so bad though, finally allowing herself to quit the charade and be herself. She knows her worth and power and can’t be bothered to keep up pretenses for this man that is no longer of use to her. So what if she’s not keeping her promises? She’s going to make him and his species immortal by turning them into clones, and therefore any broken or misleading words on her part are surely a small price to pay.
It's all so good, and I’m looking forward to reading more, whatever happens!
Shawna M chapter 16 . 5/27/2015
This is one of the best fanfics I have ever read. It had me smiling, crying, and yelling at the characters. Weyoun's always been my favorite DS9 character, but this brought him, and all the other Vorta, even more depth and richness. You're a spectacular writer, and I hope to read more from you.
Mad Scientist Sidekick chapter 16 . 5/10/2015
I love it. I couldn't have thought of a better way to end it.

I absolutely loved this whole story. You did really excellent world building with it and handled it in such a way that there was never not a whole heaping helping of suspense. You have a great handle on the canon characters and your OC's were interesting and authentic. Six out of five, would bug friends to read it.
Mad Scientist Sidekick chapter 15 . 5/10/2015
I knew this was coming but ... damn. *wipes more tears off of keyboard*

This is going to make rereading your previous Vorta stories really ... like it gives a new meaning to certain things. Like when Weyoun says that he doesn't know if Eris is beautiful, but he'd like to think so.
Mad Scientist Sidekick chapter 14 . 5/10/2015
I cried long and hard at this chapter. *wipes tears off keyboard* I could just say that but I'll say more - I think it worked so well, not just because ... well, the events are sad, no matter how they're described. In lesser hands, this kind of thing could be a blunt instrument to hammer for sympathy like a jackhammer. But you handle it really deftly to maximize the brutality of it - with the realistic description of emotions as Weyoun holds the baby and follows the Jem'Hadar, with Borath's coldness about the resequencing and the way all of this smashes up so roughly against their faith in the Founders. Very well down.
cacklejr chapter 16 . 5/10/2015
I'm so sad its come to an end, but so glad you finished it, I was left wondering for ages how it would end. A fantastic Vorta origins story, I like how you created their society so differently from what we saw onscreen but making perfect sense as the story unfolded. An epic story, I will recommend this to all DS9 fans.
cacklejr chapter 14 . 5/10/2015
Great to see further installments. This is such an intruiging story. It's so sad what happens to Eris and Weyoun
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