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Stuff chapter 1 . 3/31/2015
OMFG you are a freaking genius
SewerSurfin chapter 58 . 10/26/2013
My goodness, Zar...What a story here. The ending was great. I truly enjoyed every minute I spent reading this. Your take on the TMNT and your incarnation here is wonderfully crafted. I loved the Leatherhead reference, too. Sequel maybe? You should be proud of yourself for this!
SewerSurfin chapter 57 . 10/26/2013
Wow, Zar! What a fight! Well worded and climatic! Loved reading that scene!
MsMarvelDuckie chapter 58 . 10/7/2013
Great ish, and I LOVE this ending! Your tongue-in-cheek references are so great, so perfectly funny, this has kept me in stitches through every chapter! Love your dialog, it's fresh, fun, and full of hilarious innuendos and "Easter egg" lines!
C-T-CT chapter 58 . 10/7/2013
"Kermit's karate instructors?", "Mona Lisa", "Cheese Grater", The "Turtle Power" logic, "better be a mirage". Where are you getting this lines Zarius? lol Don't get me wrong Zarius, it's really good, it's just very creative one-liners you have here.

Hmmm, a teaser about Leatherhead? ;)

Uh, maybe Leonardo should sit this one down from the injuries he just had (from my previous review on Ch. 57) or at least be bandaged up before going out there. :P

So they finally came out of the shadows, and will be interacting with human society now. Hmm, so with a sequel happening, what's next?

I'll post my usual broader, and more extensive review a bit later, after looking back on all of the other previous reviews to get a sense of this literary journey you took us all on, which was enjoyable! :D
C-T-CT chapter 57 . 10/7/2013
Uh... Sorry Zarius, :( But I see a small hole in the chapter, if Bebop and Rocksteady were down, and in front of a huge crowd, wouldn't the screaming crowd (seeing them come awake) have alerted Raphael and Michelangelo? :/

April's "boyfriend" huh? lol

Some added depth here in Leonardo trying to understand Saki's anger or "what drives you to war". Hmm, I'm wondering what deeper meaning is within "I need only look at the countries in and outside of the city. The truth is this land, this world, is altogether very GREEN."
"Countries" in and outside the city? Hmm... "And this world is very green"? Hmm, the metaphoric meaning of it, as in something "hopeful" possibly?

"Double the horn" Rocksteady? Uh huh... LOL, okay...
Whoa... Raphael putting a sai in Rocksteady's eye.

There's one dramatic "misstep" here Zarius: "Leonardo snapped and let out a howl of grief." Usually a howl of GRIEF, would make someone immediately weak and drained of energy, but here he's energized to fight HARDER. So I think maybe "howl of fury" or "howl of rage" would be better.

Whoa, so Leonardo has been injured on his side twice, and has a piercing injury to his face ("Saki stabbed Leonardo in the side of the face")? That's gonna have some major jaw problems, and leave a facial scar. :P... Just mentally picturing this. lol

Dang, Saki was... suicidal here with the drum of oil and pouring it on the gantry (should have thrown it on Leo and tried to throw a lighter on Leo. "Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Saki you should know better!" just kidding Zarius), but I see it was to make the Saki-Leo fight dramatic with fire all around the epic fight. Okay... I get it Zairus. ;)

I gotta say you know exactly how to input Irma's lines to the situation.

The fighting and the emotions were very well-written here Zarius, and I could mentally picture the scene occurring with Leo's situation with Saki, and with Raphael and Michelangelo with Rocksteady and Bebop Not only the fighting and the emotions around it, but also the scenery of just how dangerous things were with fire sprinkles unable to smother the fire, the Mousers, oil and fire all contributing to a pool of instant death so to speak.
JH24 chapter 8 . 10/6/2013
Oh dear, it seems there's some tension between the four brothers. I really liked the exchange between Leo and Raphael, it's a question that I find pretty unique and interesting for the turtles. Leo wants to stay hidden and in the shadows at all cost, while Raphael feels maybe it's time to bring down the "walls" they've built around them and their existence.

Loved Mikey's remark at the end, leave it to him to lighten the situation a little. And Shredder once again has gotten a view of his new enemies. I wonder what his next move will be,

Great chapter, and one that reveals a lot. Thank you so much for sharing your great work with us.
JH24 chapter 7 . 10/5/2013
Nice chapter, and it seems April has now met the turtles as well. She was really lucky that they were around. I really enjoyed how you showed the four brothers, giving the reader an interesting view at their personailities and mannerisms.

The fight scene was well done, and I could notice Donatello seems more of a defensive fighter than an offensive one. It shows how Rocksteady is definitely a threat, the finishing move was a great closure to this fight, and really something I can see the turtles do as a team.

Loved the ending line. Great chapter, I wonder if April, being a reporter, is going to try looking for them.
C-T-CT chapter 56 . 10/4/2013
Sewage water in Raphael and Splinter's hands...? Um... maybe run off water would be better. LOL, just not the best mental image, ya know?

I really enjoy these close character dialogues with each other and it was very well written, yet I'm wondering besides entering into this above ground world, Splinter letting go of secluding them to the sewers, and engaging in such a fierce battle with the Shredder for the first time, I wish there was a little more explanation as to what exactly is making these Turtles into "men". Is it the fighting or just going above on the streets? (Sorry if I'm kind of daft here. LOL)

I liked how Donatello referred back to Master Splinter's wisdom here to help him concentrate in dealing with the Mousers.

Whoa, so Donatello and Irma are both down. Now it's Leonardo and Shredder.. dun, dun, dun.
C-T-CT chapter 55 . 10/4/2013
Whoa, that was a looong speech there by Wignut and him being Mrs. Ester's son. I have to reread these again and again to make sure I get it. :P I don't mind it at all, it forces me to concentrate more. LOL

So her son was shot by friendly fire and with his bad, crippling medical condition he became embittered and volunteered into this mutagen experiment. I'm a bit surprised he would hold such resentment toward his own mother though... odd... Was he upset because she made him too soft and compassionate? I'm guessing Wignut had some SERIOUS PTSD issues before the emotional ramifications of being a mutant "freak" that lead him to attack his own mother.

(Maybe instead of "deep scarring across the chest", at least with me I think it's more "flesh" descriptive, try plastron rather than chest to give a more visual descriptive image. That's just me.)

Gabrielle riding a motorcycle being 9 months pregnant, that's um... RISKY... LOL
C-T-CT chapter 54 . 10/4/2013
I don't know Zarius of the "It matters not where the idea originates" line from Shredder because it humorously undermines his more crafty, methodical nature. But maybe that's what you wanted to add some comic relief...

It was a bit odd for Leonardo to ask "Plan of attack Don?". Shouldn't it be the other way around? I guess because it was dealing with a mutagen countdown explosion, so I guess it could pass.

Still surprised how Irma is having access to so much SWAT stuff. :P
C-T-CT chapter 53 . 10/4/2013
Was the "analyze the duct tape" a small nod about my nit-picky tendencies? LOL

So much breaking the fourth wall here: A Saturday morning cartoon? Hair-brained comic book plot? Might muti-animals. LOL

Okay, I'm trying to understand the whole Foot Soldiers backstory here. (Sorry I'm just tired from the end of the day stuff over here.) So Shredder CREATED the Foot Clan (not join as I thought earlier), the bosses didn't go after this Clan even with some of their co-workers dead, and Shredder wanted to put the blame on these bosses still. So Shredder decided to disguise his Clan as federal authorities to seemingly steal the mutagen, so therefore the federal gov't gets blamed for "stealing" the mutagen. Shredder is able to kill the people in the company and have the gov't receive the blame for it, in trying to "steal" the mutagen. Right? :P

Irma is the SWAT van driver? How did that happen? LOL
C-T-CT chapter 52 . 10/4/2013
So April and Michelangelo kissed, I could see the dialogue leading up to it working, but maybe just a bit of description of the emotions between them so it won't seem so abrupt. For example: "...I could have done something to prevent it." April replied looking deep into Michelangelo's eyes with increasing worry and affection.

The emotion at the kiss was well written Zarius.

So things in the plot are all coming together now...
Brooke Thomas chapter 21 . 10/3/2013
Wow! Excellent chapter Zarius, I really like where this is going. I think you choreographed the fight scenes very well. Poor Yoshi and Shen, that they die at the same point is an interesting twist but very clever in helping to fuel their friend's rage. Hmmm, so the girl turtle never gets mutated? Can't wait to keep reading! :)
JH24 chapter 6 . 10/3/2013
Oh, things are really heating up now. It seems this is the beginning of a dangerous chase. Rocksteady won't be giving up soon.

Great chapter, and I really enjoyed the interactions between April and Casey.
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