Reviews for Jordan: Redux
A ghost reader chapter 8 . 10/19/2016
are you still doing this story? I know it's been like, two years, and that honestly probably answers my question. But this is really good and I just fell into the MSCL fandom and this is by far the story I've read of this show.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/19/2015
I'm liking this redux! I especially like the way you handle Jordan's relationships with all the characters and how they're different; I feel for him just as sure as I want him to realize how fucked up he's being. And you've made Jordan into a very compelling protagonist, in a way that's a little bleak and sad, but real enough that his issues and abuse doesn't feel contrived; it even leaves you with hope that he can find a way to get better, as hazy as that path is at this point in the story. (I also particularly like the way you handled Jordan and Angela, because so many writers would villainize or creepify her (or, well, any female character) just because she's 'in the way' of the slash. It's awesome.)

Honestly, I think that I really like this version a lot more than the original. You're a good writer; you have a great deal of raw talent, and I really hope you continue this story. This fandom is kind of old and a lot tiny, so the quality of this story is really appreciated and probably needed. No pressure, though.
PiratelfDair chapter 7 . 8/31/2014
I love this! It think you've really taken the original in an exciting direction! And I love the original very much! I'd still love to see something happen with Rickie and Jordan, but if possible, something where neither one gets hurt.
Guest chapter 5 . 8/16/2013
Why doesn't this story have more reviews? This is so GOOD and fun and sexy. I love all these boys. Can't wait for more!
Elle chapter 5 . 8/12/2013
Just came back and reread all of these, they're really well written, which keeps me reading. It's crazy to view the characters in such a different light. I think it's interesting that this Angela slept with Jordan so easily but the one in your vignettes has not. I can kind of see it as true because sometime when people are young they sleep with people to not lose their attention. And the Angela in the 19 episodes was stronger than that, but with a fe things different I think it could have happened. Always love your stories!
Guest chapter 6 . 4/24/2013
kind of weird and crazy but god I love it. Writing is great, story is intriguing. Where r you taking it from here?
PiratelfDair chapter 6 . 4/5/2013
I love the story! I REALLY love that you got Rickie and Jordan together (kind of). It is difficult to tell a first person story with someone who seems to have a small vocabulary. But he does have a 'philosophy' and he knows what that means. And he understands and uses the term 'taking advantage of'. And when he doesn't know the meaning of a word Brian says (Ironic) he asks, and then remembers it, the word and the meaning, and uses it correctly. So not everything is beyond the realm of possibility.

I definitely do not think you should abridge it! The more the better! As far as the movie references, he watches MTV so it's possible he watches HBO, or something similar and has seen certain movies. And the movies he has seen he would certainly remember better than any book he's read. He's been held back twice because he doesn't read well and he sleeps in class so he never knows whats going on. But he does well in shop, can fix a car, write lyrics and music and play the guitar. He can make a fake ID that looks real, even if he does get the year wrong. Some of these things don't seem like they would gel together, but that is the enigma which is Jordan Catalano.

I love the story, and I hope you continue it!
drugstorecowgirl08 chapter 5 . 4/2/2013
I think this is the strongest chapter, perhaps because the words and ideas are all your own. You really manage to convey the pain and emptiness as well as his ambivalence towards Angela.