Reviews for Will the real Will Riker please stand up?
Alara Rogers chapter 1 . 8/10/2013
This is a really awesome story.

I liked almost everything about it. Q being an ass and telling jokes but in the end, what he has to say is very, very serious. Riker and Pulaski's utter blind spots about what they'd done. The horrible story of what happened to poor Margret. (Was that made to be Janeway's ancestor because of Tuvix?) I don't actually agree that Thatcher was most likely responding to revulsion at reproducing with a black man; Sol effectively raped her by proxy, and since Margret was too disoriented to give consent he did in fact rape Margret, and not wanting to reproduce with a rapist makes perfect sense. But it wasn't her call, and what she did to Margret was horrifying, and makes Q's accusations against humanity make sense. I liked the way you brought things around so that Q's bet with Picard turns out to have been going on all this time, but the consequences Q demanded at the time were already fulfilled by a different episode. I liked how it turned out that all along Riker has been a clone... and the fact that Q saved the clones of Riker and Pulaski. (He was within his rights to do so presumably because they were killed by a Q, but I did wish we'd seen Margret with them as well, even though she was killed by humans so presumably he doesn't have the authority to save her.) I liked Wesley. I liked data (though I was sad about how he finds he doesn't really love Spot), and how Q responds to his request, and how Data finally gets Maddox to help him with Lal. I liked Geordi's reactions to everything and how well his "secret" explains the way the series has him always being just slightly more aloof, slightly less willing to share his feelings, than the others.

His secret, by the way, is that he is a Christian. I am almost certain of this. And it quite makes sense that among humans in the Federation, even though all the words we carry over from our past history and the cultural baggage are still around (such as Q wearing white and pretending to be God being perfectly well understood by Picard as exactly what he's trying to say), actual *belief* in God is considered... probably not taboo, but laughable or pitiable. And therefore worth concealing. The return of Sonia Gomez is appreciated anyway, and having her turn out to be someone Geordi can truly love because of a shared culture is very nice.

The one thing that I disliked was a bit of descent into explicitly anti-abortion moralizing where the Chinese eat aborted fetuses. That's kind of over the top, and eating dead human flesh is a major human taboo even if the person in question died of natural causes, even if the person isn't dead and the thing you're eating is a part of their body, so whether you perceive fetuses as being human or not it would still be considered taboo. It wasn't necessary to make your point. You're arguing that intelligent beings do not have the right to destroy other intelligent life based on the fact that they are the progenitor of that life, but then you're bringing in something that's icky for an entirely different reason - the grossness of eating human flesh - and tying them together, and that kind of bothered me because it makes the agenda stand out in big red flashing letters.

But overall, very, very good. Few stories can seriously make one believe that there is actually a good chance the Star Trek universe humans could turn into something horrible. This story makes a very good case, while not making anyone behave out of character.

So what is it Wesley is supposed to become, that knowing that Picard is his father will influence him in? :-)
Atomic struck'ya chapter 1 . 7/2/2013
I really like this sequel and it makes a nice change to see Maddox as a benign presence rather than a lunatic. I can't profess to understand the bits about Geordie but for those who can I'm sure it adds another layer to the story and the mystery for me did in no way detract from the quality of the story overall.
nathasa39 chapter 1 . 4/4/2013
muy buena historia, ha sido una trama interesante y muy buena para seguir. buen trabajo.
Jadeblueafterglow17 chapter 1 . 3/30/2013
Okay, *sigh...* I was so confused I had to read it a couple times to follow the plot but I think I finally got it because there are several revolving plots, with Q involved, Data's emotion chip, Riker's trial, Wesley as traveler, and then Worf & Alexander.

First I like your idea, it is really a cute story, it's entertaining and it involves unexplored areas of the show in different kudos for that. But your time line was confusing the heck out of me. During the trial you had Lal in there, which was 2nd season, and Polaski... so thats fine. Your star date of "42823" was referencing something that happened in the second season in the trial but no actual star date for the present day activities is established. Is this after season 7? I can PM you the link for a great website that calculates star dates for ST: TNG.

Oh and as a Crusher lover...its "Wesley" ...not "Wesly" : ) I loved the lines "I'm a father and a grandfather, "You got married and you didn't invite me to your wedding... ' I never said I got married." Classic! Happy writing.