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Phoenixwriting92 chapter 20 . 7/9/2020
I really enjoyed the strange mix of tributes and the constant fear this hunger games provided. The complexities of the different characters was really prominent and thought provoking.
nevergone4ever chapter 10 . 6/25/2014


Okay, so I love Lux. Yeah, maybe just because of his picture, but that was AT FIRST, see. Now. Bliss, she... she... I will loathe her forever. I can't even. Why is she ruining such a sweet lil guy ;-; For real, the feels... like... this isn't even a SYOT that I've been reading for a while, just now, and already my heart is thumping with emotion. I kinda don't like that I KNOW HOW LUX DIED AHEAD OF TIME :p but oh, well, adds to my psychic-ness. For real... Lux... I'm in love, and Bliss... she's, like, wrecking him! She's tearing him apart, and that's not nice! I love him... and Bliss doesn't care about that, heck naw, she's just barging in to slap down plot lines about HER BOOK. Who cares if you lie if you're a victor, Bliss? ;-; You don't need to follow through with your plan! Honestly, she needs to get off her high horse... Brigan, I don't even neccessarily like him and I'm feeling really sorry for him! Gawsh, these FEELS. ;-; I felt more here than I did in Glasshouse, and that's saying A LOT. o.o

Okay, enjoy my caffeine-fueled review that wasn't really thought through... but for real... LUX... ;-; I. must. read. more. o-o
gio-district7 chapter 20 . 1/29/2014
I can't wait to catch up with all your stories, so far they have all been amazing and Claustrophobia is my favorite after Glasshouse. I'll just answer your questions since i loved it so much

-Thoughts on obituaries?
Jayden's was so sad, especially with the letters. Pretty interesting how Harlow was kidnapped from the Capitol, didn't expect that. I also had a feeling that Wisteria volunteered because of a bet, Hamlet's was pretty sad i thought he would of made it further in the games
-Did you enjoy Claustrophobia overall?
YES! it was really good, the arena was very interesting and so was the headmaker and Darek winning was amazing, the finale was my favorite of all of stories
-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?
You are such a good writer, you portray the characters so well. I think i liked this one a lot mainly because of the tributes since a lot of them really stood out. Jayden and Darek were the perfect alliance and their friendship was beautiful and i also loved Finch a lot
-Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand out moment (it can be anything!)?
The kiss between Jayden/Darek, Fedora dying then Laise and Genevieve killing each other, Bliss and her book, any part with Nerys and Finch
Guest chapter 17 . 12/31/2013
Ya do know that , according to the first HG book , not all games have a feat and sometimes it's a banquet or a stale loaf of bread to fight over.
sophia chapter 20 . 10/11/2013
i wanna kill hermes
Guest chapter 19 . 10/10/2013
Finch! Jayden! Oh this chapter made me so sad. Such good people in the finale it always makes me upset to see them have to die. I'm satisfied with Darek winning but him and jaydens last moments really killed me
Sophie chapter 18 . 10/10/2013
The final three! Maxims death was truly gruesome. Eaten alive, ah one of my worst fears. I don't know who will win really, i surprised both Jayden and Derek made it so far. I've never seen an alliance make it to the tree. I like all 3 tributes with Derek being my favorite.
Guest chapter 14 . 10/10/2013
Lux! NOOO... Ugh i hate bliss and i feel like brigan might die now too which also makes me sad. Darek kissed jayden haha that came out of left field didn't it. yep the careers are headed for disaster and they'll be killing each other soon enough.
Sophie chapter 13 . 10/10/2013
Woah bliss actually did get figured out! Phew. I didn't know finch was gay, i hope nerys doesn't find out or she'll probably kill him out of anger.
Sophie chapter 12 . 10/10/2013
I don't want brigan and lux to fight because i do like the Both of them. I wish they'd band together and kill bliss but what are the odds of that. Aw Derek and jayden are such a good alliance i like the both of them a whole lot.
sophie chapter 11 . 10/10/2013
oh my god i hope magnus doesnt kill darek and jayden! cliffhanger! i am sad wisteria is dead too
nb1998 chapter 20 . 9/8/2013
I loved this end to Claustrophobia and I really agree with Darek being victor - it just seemed like the right choice and this chapter proves it.

First of all I think you portrayed Darek's feelings perfectly throughout the chapter - it was all written beautifully as well so I really did feel sorry for him and poor Jayden. Now the letters, what a great idea! I'd love to have seen all of these letters just to see what he'd said to some of the other tributes especially tributes like Helene, Finch and of course Jayden. It would be interesting to see what he's say. And him meeting Pippin, that was also great - to know that the poor kid is now a victor is quite saddening and I wonder if it was the capitol's own doing of putting Pippin into the games to punish Darek in some way.

I love reading the the recaps for two reasons - it's interesting to see how it all played out again, to watch the downfalls of your favourite tributes and also because it's interesting to see Darek's reaction to everything that happened and it just shows how much he was just another pawn as he is compared to everyone else. He did seem more defiant to what Ajax and Serena were in the recaps which I liked - he always was a fighter and I knew he was a contender since the fight with Magnus.

Oh and that last scene was fantastically written!

-Thoughts on the obituaries?: I love them, these were the best so far. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them as they were so unique.

-Did you enjoy Claustrophobia overall?: Yes!

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?: Fantastic, the characters were a great set from the beginning to the end and i'm glad i had a tribute that played a part.

-Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment (it can be anything!)?: It's hard to pick, maybe just the characters, I thought they were so interesting.
Anime'sPrincess chapter 20 . 8/28/2013
I am sorry I'm only reviewing this now! I have just gotten home.

Anyway, the ending to this story was great and the perfect ending for Darek. I like how he has found strength due to the friendship Jayden introduced him to and his idea of writing letters- just fantastic. I wish I could read them... yes I'm weird.

Seeing the games play through Darek's eyes was chilling and the things that he focused on most said a lot about him and his character and I really enjoyed hearing his take on his fellow tributes.

The theme and the title of the chapter was just inspiring, I love how Darek is so broken yet he has found a new strength. It was compelling to read.

I always enjoy reading obituaries! Each one felt fitting to the tributes and I really liked Tambryn's, Jayden's, Fedora's, Gen's and Harlow's.
I also really enjoyed what you put for Finch, it was all appropriate and very emotional and I especially liked how you focused on the fact that all he ever wanted was to find peace.

I just feel like adding in the background of Finch, Larsen and Calvin now that the story is over and I told Jake about it so yeah XD

Basically, the reason Larsen made Finch's life so miserable is because he was also gay and very confused. He could not handle being different and knew his family would no support him so he resented Finch for having the bravery and confidence to be honest about his sexuality. The other reason was he felt jealous and hurt that Finch had feelings for Calvin and not for Larsen who deep down always had loved Finch XD

There you go! Me and my weirdness strikes again... I am too obsessed with my tributes. Yeah...

-Thoughts on the obituaries? I really enjoyed them, they did each tribute justice and just added to their depth and made everything feel real.

-Did you enjoy Claustrophobia overall? Are yo crazy? OF COURSE.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?
The arena was fantastic as was the theme of the story over all! Your writing always felt so real and everything was so tense and emotional and you really touched me in the way you made these characters feel so real and deep.

-Anything that specifically catches your mind as a stand-out moment (it can be anything!)? Laise and Geneieve's whole relationship and they way they both met their end. I will never forget that.

Great job on this story! I will miss it but at least we have Lost and FFYL!
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 20 . 8/25/2013

Darek is too tragic and this is too feels inducing, all of it. Pippin is mah boi. Can you not? Making us see him all innocent and carefree with Darek all the while knowing what happens him at 14 -_-

Anyway, Darek's emotions where what I expected by much more heightened and intense to read than I did think.

Hermes you are the best. I don't care if he is insensitive and rude. If it were real I'd hit him with a poker in the eye but like it's entertaining to read and kind of realistic for a capitol interviewer to behave in this way.

Darek seems so broken yet so strong and driven- he's definitely been changed but Jayden has inspired him to do good and carry on. Darek's had one of the better outcomes after winning even if its crushingly sad.

I loved the obitz as I'm a morbid bitch as you called it. Tammy's was perfect, oh the irony and of course it was linked to fate :p oh tammy you and fate just gotta stahp :/

Finch's was the best. Crying. No stop. Jake I feel your pain :'( he's too great and I agree with him that the answer to- single most outstanding moment of CA is just: FINCH.
Thy Holy Church and his resurection is a close second though ;D

My nick names annoy you my baby? Yer, sahree nawt sahree. :D no I love you really and well done on an other outstanding story
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 20 . 8/25/2013
Starting off still in the arena... torn away from Jayden's body. Corey, that's harsh. Ow, my feels. :'(

The letter writing was a lovely touch, very poignant. I could definitely see him doing that. Poor baby 333
Chiffon and Velvet, aww. OCD? Was that brought on by her Games at all? I wonder... guess I'll have to wait until her chapter in Collection of the Damned.

He's being friends with Pippin now? Aww. My babies. He just wants someone who won't judge... and this means his friend survived the Games as well! I squealed when I saw Pippin's name :)
Of course it's really sad to see Darek isolated from his old friends... but I don't think he'd want a reminder like that of who he used to be.

"Lovers," he corrects. "We all saw that kiss," he moves his hand behind the seat, pulling forth a white shirt, mine and Jayden's face stained on the front in a cartoon heart. "The Capitol went berserk. I hope you know how much everyone shipped you."
oh my god I don't know whether to laugh or cry

Hermes is a jerk yet again, wow. Surprise, no, but it's always worse here.

The recaps weren't as much of a focus this time, I liked that. The final battle was definitely the most emotional part (that's natural), and I teared up :')

and then Hermes went right back to the shipping question, ugh!
right after literally saying they were going to break Darek down even more. Oh will he ever just die.

The last scene was perfect, giving the letter to Jayden's family. That was a great idea, ending CA on that note.

I'm gonna miss this story, Corey. It's one of my all time favorites, and it has been since the bloodbath.

The obits were wonderful... sad of course but wonderful. Jayden's almost made me cry, Finch's was really powerful as well. Fedora's and Harlow's (wow the posthumous backstory reveal was great!) also stood out.

This is my favorite of your stories so far!

The characters were wild and the plot stayed strong through the entire story, for every character. Extremely impressive and powerful writing. Fantastic job, Corey.

The stand out moment for me? Probably the kiss. And I really, really loved the action scenes in general :P

Well, see you at Lost and FFYL! Happy writing!
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