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The Ember chapter 7 . 8/6
Good Hod, you are rapping my mind, just like the original. And I love it. Great story, the characters are prety realistic and true to themselves (You particularly nailed the lutece twins), the story idea is great and fits into the lore like a charm and the writing is great.
Overall I'd give it a 9/10 (only the original Bioshock 1 can get 10/10)
dragolf chapter 20 . 7/21
good story ill have to go back and read it again
dragolf chapter 19 . 7/21
freaken awesome chapter
tennantApostle chapter 20 . 5/3
Phenomenal story. The one issue I have with it is the same issue I have with the plot of Bioshock Infinite, and that is that around the halfway point, the narrative gets so twisted up in parallel universes and alternate realities that I completely lose track of what's going on. Also, I was kind of confused by the epilogue. Were the Booker and Rosalind there the same ones that were just standing and talking in the white void? Or are we seeing a completely different leg of the Trousers of Time?

In any case, you've done an extremely good job with this. Kudos to you.
Epwydadlan chapter 1 . 4/1
... and now here I am, after just the first chapter, wishing this had been a DLC
a confused man chapter 17 . 3/27
Jesus Christ, author. This story was going great, but holy SHIT dude. Seriously, what the fuck is going on? Am I the only one who's totally lost? It's like I'm reading a fucking transcript of the movie Predestination over here.

There's just way too much happening at the same time, things taking place with no or too little explanation, way too many "important" characters being shoved in your face, etc. Jeez dude, the phrase "all over the place" wouldn't be enough to describe what happened to this piece. Started having my doubts about this one when fucking Cthulhu got mentioned (and that Star Wars reference, god.), but this chapter just left me with sour taste in my mouth. Please, PLEASE work on the coherence of your scenes. Especially ones where there's fighting going on. I can't tell if I'm actually mentally impaired or not but I am seriously not enjoying reading a story where I can't even begin to tell where the focus is. e.g Booker's "hallucinations"

I'm sorry, I rarely rip on someone else's work; Hell, I don't even have an proper account on this site, but goddamn. It really irks you the most when you see a writer with potential fuck it up. But hey, you keep doing you, I suppose.
Xzeihoranth chapter 20 . 3/26
Without doubt the most ambitious story I have ever read. Holy shit.
Xzeihoranth chapter 9 . 3/26
Ooh, some Lovecraft!
Tostie chapter 20 . 11/23/2015
loved the story. It got a tad confusing near the end, but it was still a great read
The Man with a Top Hat chapter 17 . 11/10/2015
I like to think of myself as a smart person most of the time, but now I'm so confused. I would love to finish it, I truly would. But I just can't. Thank you for writing this though. It's still very good.
Guest chapter 15 . 10/31/2015
I'm aware that this story is long over, but if you should care to revise any inaccuracies: the name of Booker's wife, who died in childbirth was actually Annabelle. Same as Lady Comstock.
Lovely story, otherwise.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/27/2015
Absolutely amazing.
Anonymous chapter 9 . 5/28/2015
I just got Jump-Scared by a static text document.

Lovely writing, anon
GravityTonttu chapter 20 . 5/17/2015
I don't know how to describe the experience of reading this story, except that I was addicted to it and it got my brain running circles around itself... So congratulations on developing a damn good narcotic in text form!
Brenden chapter 20 . 5/14/2015
incredible. this is worthy of bioshock, you mind game master.
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