Reviews for Kiss My Sass
Guest chapter 12 . 6/1/2013
Aww, I was rooting for Fadam.
Guest chapter 12 . 4/9/2013
Love can't wait for more stories
Degrassi misfit chapter 11 . 4/9/2013
Pleasssssse update I want to read more of your story!
DanaRenee chapter 12 . 4/11/2013
I've done nothing for the past two hours but read all 12 chapters!
There were SO many parts that I either didn't like or didn't get. Yet the entire time I was reading I was on edge. With butterflies in my stomach and goosebumps! You're a Great writer! I didn't love how things got so okay and mushy so fast. I usually like to see the drama and redemption drawn out. But wow! I'm still processing everything! Soooooo good! Just, ugh!
In the words of Imogen, "Bravo, brah freakin vo!"
Guest chapter 11 . 4/8/2013
I love it ... It's a beautiful story
76southgirl chapter 12 . 4/9/2013
Awesome ending! Totally love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/7/2013
Please update tonight because I really love this story and I want to keep reading ... It would be cute if Adam sung to Becky
Guest chapter 11 . 4/7/2013
It would be adorable if Adam sung to Becky lol don't cha think ... But LOVING BOTH FIMOGEN AND BECKDAM 3
Guest chapter 11 . 4/7/2013
Update nore tonight becau
Guest chapter 10 . 4/6/2013
I love this chapter! Keep the Beckdam! I love your writing but its just rushed a little ... But A on the whole story. Update today or tonight please! :)
Guest chapter 10 . 4/6/2013
Bring back fadam!
Guest chapter 10 . 4/6/2013
I actually adored this chapter it was really cute and emotional. Great Job! :) :)
Miguel51 chapter 11 . 4/8/2013
Hmm, this developement worries me. Fiona's too nice to Adam considering how soon it's been since their fallout. And once Imogen finds out about her talking to Adam again, it could be kupoot for them. And that would make me sad. Boo hoo. Anyhow, please update soon.
Miguel51 chapter 10 . 4/8/2013
It's reassuring to know that Adam has decided to try and own up to his mistakes, but he was dreaming if he thought Becky would just simply take him back so easily. As to Fimogen, I see a serious discussion needing to be had between them, despite how happy they seem once again. As much as I adore Fimogen, Imogen's easy acceptance of Fiona's dalliance with Adam has me worried for some reason. Maybe she's repressing her anger? Whatever it is though, it should be addressed or it may end up causing more problems later on.
Miguel51 chapter 8 . 4/8/2013
Well, Adam, you reap what you sow. Now that I think that he's finally hit rock bottom, he'll try to redeem himself somehow. At least I hope he tries, with sincerity though, in order to be a better person than just hoping to get back with Becky or Fiona.
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