Reviews for Ultrabross's Vision
Timon chapter 60 . 8/13
This mentioned about the captain of squad 8: Shunsui Kyourako (1st division) as the new head captain? If so this can't be right. I thought this is before the following in the manga when the old head captain dies.
Carycomic chapter 60 . 8/15
Megalomaniacs like Ultrabross can just never accept the fact that they're not always the smartest person in the room. As for this chapter? it was well worth the wait.
Carycomic chapter 59 . 8/15
#Timon: it refers to Spider-man and Zatanna almost becoming a couple in that other story. But, now, it's more like she's the chief bad guy's love slave and Spidey is on the point of being hers! In short? Just a half-serious plea in disguise for an update of NINE-TAILED LEGEND.
chronotimeguard chapter 60 . 8/13
The fact that Batman mentioned his work with the Justice League should mean that Gotei Thirteen have some idea about them right? I mean I know this fic is only limited to Batman DC wise but that kind of is a big deal. Also Ultrabross trying to conquer other worlds? Try not to run into any Lantern Core users on the way or worse off invade a planet like Apocalypse and face a true god.
animefandude13 chapter 60 . 8/13
Good update and it's great to see the Gotei Thirteen finally facing off against Ultrabross and CO, I can't wait to see how this plays out and if he will unleash hollow Ichigo in the battle. I also wonder if Kisuke and the others will get involved. Look forward to more.
James chapter 59 . 7/18
Now it has ban a long time sice anybody talk so i'm going to get a lot of things off my i will no taik in the reviews anymore
Timon chapter 59 . 6/25
Well way to find out
James chapter 59 . 6/22
Timon i know what you mean but ichigo is in he's Vasto Lorde form and Ultrabross has ichigo under his control and ichigo will break free from it but which way it will go and yes i know that friendship is the storngest bond but i think that ichigo will have to do the same thing he did to Aizen but it is up to RaphaelTMNT if they want to that or ichigo can become a shinso vampire but i think he dosen't need to become a shinos vampire because most the storys the i read ichigo becomes either a vampire or something else but like what i said it's RaphaelTMNT decision not my.
Timon chapter 59 . 6/21
That's substitute soul reaper ichigo. And is and not a soul reaper, he is a human! Still the hero he choose to be.
Timon chapter 1 . 6/20
James, you must have mean't substitute soul reaper Ichigo. And for how powerful he'll be, the strongest to defeat Ultrabross by the bond of new friends and old too.
James chapter 59 . 6/17
I know you update one time in once a mouth on every one of your great storys and i know that you like to take a long break from the storys that you write its like a gamer take a break from a game but you possible know people can't wait and i'm one people who thinks that this story is one of the greatest Bleach/RosarioVampire crossover story of all time because it is more than just one series you have a one of the first comic heros that is why alot of people like me who thinks the story is great and i would like it if aswer me back because it would alot to me knowing that you lessen to your and plus can you make where one later part of the story where batman moka tsukune and the others see how powerful vasto lorde ichigo is because it asome to see him in that form and i wonder how are they are going to get him back it could be where they out number him
James chapter 59 . 6/17
i know you updated one tiime on one month and i also know you work hard on the next month it can take a long time but when you do make a new chapter it become new and alot of people don't want to wait any please make ichigo be in the chapter because i think people are starting to wonder were he is and i would like it if you message back only you RaphaelTMNT
Timon chapter 59 . 6/12
From this Carycomic guy: what is that supposed to mean? Still anytime soon for the next.
Carycomic chapter 59 . 6/9
Guest: maybe the author can update "Nine-tailed Legend" with a consummated love-scene between Spidey and Zatanna. ;-)
Timon chapter 59 . 5/22
For the past 20 days, I ask my shelf what BLEACH stands for anyway. And I found my answer; it means: believe, life, excellent, act, courageous, hope. Sound good to anybody? Well it's a sign for HEROES. And I wonder what fate lies with those heroes? Even Ichigo who will bring hope in fighting evil for what he believes in protecting his friends and defeat the enemy. Protecting new friends like Tsukune and Moka along with Kurumu, Gin and the others. Also Batman to aid this battle. And what about Kon? Will he return as he can with HELP in Ichigo's body or stuffed lion? Guess these questions can come clear from RaphaelTMNT you know maybe.
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