Reviews for Everyone Has A Story
Guest chapter 27 . 4/9
Emma rules this story.
VryUnique chapter 27 . 1/29
Awwww... I’m crying.
Thanks for the story. Great.
VryUnique chapter 23 . 1/29
Royce found out when Bella was three that she was left at the hospital. I find it hard to believe that he couldn’t find his grandchild if he wanted to. It might have even been a news story or in the paper.
VryUnique chapter 21 . 1/29
I can’t help wondering about how old Rose is. She is Bella’s Aunt and going out with a guy five years younger than Bella’s boyfriend.
VryUnique chapter 18 . 1/29
It’s normal for couples to have fights but it is not OK for a man to talk to a woman the way Edward spoke to Bella. I would tell the woman to run and don’t look back, to not put up with that abuse because it is definitely called abuse. It is rare that the abuse stops there, once they are allowed to get away with the name calling they start shoving you and that leads to hitting.
VryUnique chapter 17 . 1/29
That was a little extreme. No woman should be with a man who speaks to her like, I don’t care what the reason is.
VryUnique chapter 14 . 1/29
I’m kind of nervous, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I know they’ll end up together but I’m waiting for drama that might try to separate them.
It was said that Edward grew up with wealth, where is it?
VryUnique chapter 12 . 1/29
Bella felt an orgasm one time before? With Jake? It seems highly unlikely she had an orgasm her first time with a teenage boy. Gave one to herself? Seems more likely.
annaharding chapter 27 . 11/21/2019
Enjoyed this story! Thanx for sharing.
annaharding chapter 2 . 11/21/2019
$12 an hour now, to do all the crap in the bar, PLUS be a professional bookkeeper and office manager? The guys are getting sterling help for SUCH a cheap price! I sure hope she gets some outstanding tips while working the bar area!
Guest chapter 21 . 11/5/2019
I have to say the way these 2 communicate is at times far beyond disrespectful. Warning to teens: this is not a good example of a respectful, loving relationship.
PurpleRain27 chapter 27 . 12/31/2018
Great story.
LillianBroderick chapter 27 . 3/28/2018
That was fun, thanks.
LillianBroderick chapter 9 . 3/28/2018
I am always the first awake on Christmas morning... Always
LillianBroderick chapter 8 . 3/28/2018
Sometimes we try to do the unselfish thing to be nice but I am glad Edward came and collected her
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