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Wisky chapter 21 . 6/28/2004
This story is so well written and enjoyable to read! Elenmire is like my heroine now! I can't beleive someone is capable of writing a fanfic that wouldn't make Tolkien roll in his grave! At first I thought that some geneis love-sick teenager wrote this when I read the summary, but I was proven wrong by the 4th chapter! I have reccommended this story to a bunch of my LOTR buddies and they like it too! I am DYING to know what happens next! If you find a spare miniute in your hectic college schedule PLEASE UPDATE! Pretty pretty pwease with a Leggy Plushie on top?
KapOfDaPipers chapter 21 . 6/27/2004
Are you not going to finish this? Most of the good authors dissapear in 2003! And haven't updated in months! Please don't turn into them!

annskers chapter 21 . 6/15/2004
i dont mean to seem ingrateful for the work u've put into this, but could u please, please update it? please? its so good and its been almost a year now since you updated it! I love this story!
born to be hanged chapter 21 . 6/1/2004
First of all, I would like to start by stating how wonderfully brilliant this story is. I remember you saying something about some grammar problems in your author's notes. I saw none. Or maybe that was because I was so completely hooked. (Hehe, I was really supposed to be studying for my finals. But I couldn't help sneaking a couple chapters at a time. Till I finished the entire story. Hehe. Sh *puts finger to mouth* Don't tell.)

At first, I didn't think I would actually like this. (call me crazy) But I found that I REALLY like Elenmírë's character. Even though you clearly stated that she was not beautiful, I keep imagining her as... really beautiful, just because you characterized her so well.

The concept of "Mary Sue" was hilarious though! I would have never thought to make a story like this, so that a girl actually named Mary Sue would come in and take charge of everything and be The One or whatever. That was very clever, and it certainly caught me by surprise. This'll really make me think twice when writing my stories. But I did feel kind of sorry for her a couple of times. I mean, I really wanted her to be really one-dimensional at one time, but then I didn't because I actually started to like her. Maybe I'm just a softie. ;) Anyway, I actually found it really touching when Elf and annoying girl started to talk. Even though I thought it was utterly hilarious when Elenmírë was "teaching" her. LOL AKA dueling her! That made me laugh SO hard.

I also liked how you made her fall in love with Boromir. The movie makes him look like such a jerk, when he wasn't as bad as any other character in the books. I really like that.

I can even say I like the romance part of the story. Usually I try to get away from Legolas love stories, but this one was just too well written.

Oh, and about your last author's note. Sure, she's a marysue. But that's only technically speaking. I think that if someone calls your story a technical marysue, then it was not meant to be a review, but an insult. So, sure, if you were to check the definition of a marysue, she could be one. But don't feel disappointed with yourself just because you can categorize your character as a definite marysue. Just the fact that your character is so life-like makes your story awesome, and that's not even counting all the other ingredients.

Okay, I think that's all I have to say for now. Wow, that was a really long review. Oh well, I'm Italian; I like to talk and feed people.

FlyingShipwreck chapter 21 . 5/3/2004
I am really going crazy, because its been about a year and you still havent updated. I know your serious about having school work come first, but can you pretty please try to type a little ity bit of smidgle of story? pretty, pretty please?
Its just that, your such a great writer, and your my favorite writer on Fanfic. Can you please, hear me out, please try to get something up by the end of the summer? If you absolutely can't, thats ok...I'll just keep re-reading your story over and over...but if you can, like, if you happen to have a hour one day (or 5 minutes maybe) and you don't have anything planned, and you can't for the life of you think of something to do... remember your story...will yah? Thanks alot, and i hope you dont get mad.
Rose Carinna chapter 21 . 3/29/2004
I've just finished reading the entire story you've written plus the author's notes on the last two chapters.
I have enjoyed this and even though Elenmire has gotten a bit Mary Sueish, I like the way you have written her. She is fighting the whole way. Please don't let other's comments stop you from finishing the story. Me, I want to see how it ends! Nothing wrong with a Mary Sue that is well written as she is. Ignore the Dipsticks... there's a few in every group and they aren't worth the effort!
Kim Reich Koehler
Soccer-Bitch chapter 21 . 3/9/2004
this is a great story so far. i cant wait for the next chapters. i hope that you update soon. later. :D
Lady Eleclya chapter 21 . 2/24/2004
OMG! What a great story! I am so looking FW to your next chapter! All your characters are very real...and the situations are too. Elenmire has alot of love problems doesn't she? lol Now that Boromir is out of the picture...she can consentrate on Legolas and Halidir. Yeah!
I really do feel for Mary Sue(I just love her At first I hated her-she was such a brat! But now you have actually given her human emotions and I can relate.
Every chapter is perfect and please do keep up the great work! I know you may not update in a long time but I will be waiting for it!
fYr3 ph03nix chapter 21 . 2/1/2004
well, i'm a big procrastinator too so no worries.
but i have one suggestion, sometimes when you write dialogue, it doesn't seem...Middle-earthian. so maybe you could try to think more like them. that's all i believe. but other than that it's good so far.
and you don't have to hate yourself for making Elenmire a Mary Sue so realax and just go with the flow. i'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter.
-fYr3 ph03nix
Alina11 chapter 21 . 1/29/2004
this story is very good! mary-sue is portrayed well. she is what we all want to be (besides the snobby part) and we all hate her for it ;) and i really like you're heroine! her angst is very really, i mean she got a bit carried away in the beging but hell i would have been so tempted to do the same thing! i really hope you haven't given up on this story and that you start updating again soon!
Angel of the Night Watchers chapter 10 . 1/26/2004
Very good story so far. I am not yet done reading. But i love the triangle thing you have going between Boromir, Elenmire and Legolas. Update soon.
tomboy101 chapter 21 . 1/16/2004
*bursts out into tears* that's so sad!she can't be with one she loves!plz update soon!
IMPROVED Uber Rei Model 06 chapter 21 . 1/4/2004
Woah. I mean, WOAH.
This is absoultely the best OC fic I have EVER read. It's refreshign to see an OC fic where the character isn't some unearthly beauty. Amnd though Elenmire may not be as fair as the other elves, you really show that she is beautiful on the inside. And you even added a mary sue to the story-which shocked me a bit, but I was pleased none the less. Legolas really seems to be suffering. I felt bad for Boromir, as his fate was the same in the movie, but the way you wrote the death scene was so emotional. I was in tears, but then again I'm a sensitive person _().
So, Let's see...Elenmire now, she has Legolas...yay...and Haldir, though I'm not sure about them.
I'm not going to push you to update, but I'll wait. - Now I'm off to read Simple and Clean (O_O Sauske, - Aw.. Naruto and Sakura and ;_; for Hinata)
Love triangle, ahoy! _()
Jenny Clever chapter 21 . 1/1/2004
Hey! I love your story... and I realize that learning sucks, and leaves next to no time for fanfic writing. :P But please don't forget about the story entirely... update once a year :D
Erm... might I make a suggestion? Listening to random music, I found a song that would be so perfect for your fic... you probably wouldn't want to add it in as a song or anything, but I don't know... maybe you could... use it for inspiration or something? So the song is "He Doesn't See Me", by Sarah Brightman... I think some other artists sing it too, but I'm not sure who.
Well... you don't have to do anything with it. Unless you are supremely bored. Keep writing, you have a great style!
abs chapter 13 . 12/25/2003
as a christmas przzie cud u update? ;)
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