Reviews for The Management of Christian Grey
brianna4797 chapter 34 . 5/19
Amazingly well written story !️
Anonymouse chapter 23 . 5/17
Could she be any more of a Mary Sue? It's nice to read these types of stories once in a blue moon, but seriously. Everyone except the villan is head over heels for her, it's WAY too much. A beautiful woman, with connections to the president, and she's an award winning marksman, and she's the finest pupil of a guy who's trained krav maga champions, and she's created the most secure computer system, drives a 'monster' of a car, all the guys are horning over her. And that's just off the top of my head.
Are you not reading over your own story? This isn't your everyday fiction, this is some next level shit x1000.
mitzijem chapter 11 . 5/7
Thanks for not dragging out all that drama.
mitzijem chapter 8 . 5/6
Poor man his life is a cluster% &#$k
mitzijem chapter 7 . 5/6
Seems Christian has a plan... for more?
mitzijem chapter 4 . 5/6
mitzijem chapter 3 . 5/6
Looks like Mr. Grey is going to mind his impulses with Ms. Steele. With that question she may be shown her place:)
mitzijem chapter 2 . 5/6
An Ana that isn't a twit:) Yea!
gnrkrystle chapter 7 . 4/29
neither Ana nor Christian are very likable in this story
Grace2820 chapter 23 . 4/13
Please! The USA
President! It's just too much!
Fanfiqueira chapter 34 . 4/13
I was just looking for a good complete fanfic to read and pass the time and decided to read this one. I'm so glad I did it! Loved your story and your badass Ana. I even wish she was more like that in the books. Anyway, good job and thanks.

P.S.: Really loved Andrea coming back in the end. The story started with her departure so I guess it only made sense to finish with her arrival.
Islandgirl4evR chapter 21 . 4/11
I love Ana standing up to Elena, that was priceless!
Islandgirl4evR chapter 19 . 4/11
I love the way you have written all of these characters!
Islandgirl4evR chapter 16 . 4/11
This Ana is girl after my own heart. Fast car driving, gun carrying, & trust issues. What an amazing story! Love it!
truefeather77 chapter 33 . 4/9
BTW - loved "I am your brute, Mrs. Grey." Best. Line. Ever!
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