Reviews for The Management of Christian Grey
sherryola chapter 25 . 7/10
Why would the Marines be handling this? This would be FBI. Military doesn't handle domestic issues, or they shouldn't. If they do, that's incredibly scary in a free society. It would amount to martial law in a way. very very frightening. It would be more acceptable if she was under cover with the bureau.
sherryola chapter 9 . 7/10
Oh how I love to see Elena get arrested! I gleefully imagine her in prison because we all know pedophiles don't do well in prison. grin.
sherryola chapter 7 . 7/10
It's kind of weird that she insists on formality between her and Christian. It's very common on the west coast to use first names even between CEO and employee. I have a funny story about that, and how my dad a Vp of his company handled a national conference in his area. but it's too long to go into in a review. Is it just something that protects Ana by being so formal? Keeps him at a sort of arm's length.
sherryola chapter 3 . 7/10
Whoa, whoa, that was so inappropriate and unprofessional for her to ask. She could get fired for that. she doesn't want any sexual harassment, but in some places, just her daring to ask the question could be considered sexual harassment. way out of line.
sherryola chapter 2 . 7/10
Oh, this is a fun story. I like that she's strong. and he's liking it too.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/1
The part with Elena was funny and had me cracking up!
Ipscott chapter 34 . 7/2
Great story. Thank you!
joval chapter 34 . 7/1
monleo0 chapter 1 . 6/19
i don't like the story i mean seriously you can't write two words without mentioning marine. you make Christian way too shallow and stupid and ana is mean and also racism against women!
CathyD52 chapter 34 . 5/2
And a much deserved HEA for all!
ariella chapter 34 . 4/15
wow this was a hell of a ride. i realy liked the way you descibed the marines, their loyalty, their passion for what they do, its really heartwarming
also, this is probably the ultimate story for independent ana, she is amazing! i enjoyed the story very much _
flanduslover1 chapter 34 . 4/10
I absolutely love this whole thing amazing story
Lillywhite1 chapter 34 . 3/17
Thanks for writing this wonderfull story!
rejeanne chapter 34 . 3/13
Great story couldn't walk away till I was done
malugargula chapter 34 . 3/12
What a great amazing fic
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