Reviews for October and April
ItY'girl chapter 25 . 20h
I've made a little something for this chapter : art/October-and-April-Scene-Ch-25-550950223
ItY'girl chapter 46 . 8/3
Wonderful chapter! I liked the Vanaria is not Vanaria twist, and I really did not expect Hawke to offer herself in exchange! Ah, I can't wait for the next one!

You are doing a great job with this fic, and because it is so amazing, I plan on making a small gift for it. I'll send you a message when I'm done with it. :)
Amylianna chapter 46 . 7/31
Sitting here, on the edge of my seat.
Love this story. Can't wait to read more.
Pink-Haired-Devil chapter 46 . 7/25

Notnotnotsteve chapter 46 . 7/23
Ahhh! Omg! Hawke! And omg! She doesn't have much to live for?! What the crap is that?! And what?! I thought writing the letter would get her into some trouble but she literally took no precautions with that?! Great story by the way, I'm just going to pull out some of my hair. haha kidding, of course. Lack of motivation sticks royally. Maybe try talking to someone, if they understand this sort of thing. I tell my mom stuff she doesn't understand all the time but in talking I'll figure something out. Idk, maybe that might work. Good luck! Good job!
Guest chapter 46 . 7/23
'Whoa' is all I can say about this chapter. I did wonder where Hawke was. How interestingly different this is from canon! Hmm, when I lose my motivation I read my story again from the beginning. That might help you, it sometimes helps me! I love this fanfiction, I hope it continues. I think you do such a fabulous job in writing and life can get tough too. I'm willing to wait the time it takes to be done. Good luck! Thanks for the new chapter!
LostSpace chapter 46 . 7/24
Oh crap. And isn't there another apprentice too?
Guest chapter 46 . 7/22
I have to admit I cheered our loud when the notification popped up that there was anew chapter up. Then I laughed, because I've spent the last few days maniacally rereading sense and flexibility. I'm loving what you're doing with this confrontation, and I can't wait to see how this is going to turn out. We know that you're incredibly busy, and I just want to say that we're more than willing to be patient. I'd rather get a new chapter once a month, or every few months than none at all. I'm so excited to see how you're going to end the story (and a selfish little part of me still dreams about a sequel to s and f). Well done, as always!
with feathers chapter 46 . 7/22
Nooooooooo! This sounds like a terrible idea! Fenris better save her before another ritual!
ela11 chapter 46 . 7/23
Anara's guilt in the first scene was very palpable, as was Fenris' intense disappointment in the next. Her distance meant that his first thought was that her absence was through choice, and only Varric was seeing things right.
Liked that little twist with Varania, and I'm exceedingly uneasy with Hawke's 'offer'. Danarius was never going to play fair, and she's making a huge sacrifice for Fenris. She's put herself in a very bad situation because she feels at rock-bottom, and I only hope Fenris can get to her and convince her she does have something to fight for before it's too late.
I'm on the edge of my seat! Fab chapter. :)
KingRamses chapter 46 . 7/22
Ohhhh nooooooo
shom chapter 46 . 7/22
What the hell Anara! Thats your plan? Poor Fenris. Great update!
GlysMari chapter 46 . 7/22
Loved this chapter. The plot has thickened. The pot has been stirred. The villain is as dastardly as they come. Our beautiful damsel is definitely in distress. Our handsome hero faces all kinds of bad news and nastiness... AND this reader is totally impressed and perched on the edge of her chair. Way to go Rourk!
GlysMari chapter 45 . 7/22
The personalities of the characters shone bright in this chapter. The conversations are remarkable. The way Derrick describes Zevran and their relationship really is wise. You have gifts that I envy. Your understanding of human nature and emotions is superb. Being able to convey those feelings in such a way that your readers can actually experience and share those feelings has me returning again and again to wallow in the wealth of this world you have created and shared. I can't say enough about the beauty of Anara and Fenris together. Let me just say that my chest tightened, my eyes glistened and my smile should have been reserved for the second coming of the Maker.
Bloodwitch Raven chapter 46 . 7/22
What the sh*t?! O.O
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