Reviews for Sweet Melissa
VoiDreamer chapter 33 . 4/2
My last review right now, but hopefully there are more chapters to follow? I promise to review them if they do appear! This ending bit where they both recognize the depth of their attraction despite their condensed time span felt both very realistic while allowing the romance to continue without necessarily putting the breaks on. I really do hope you continue this, but given how much great material you've given us, that's really up to you :) Thanks for 33 beautiful chapters, and good luck with future writing ventures!
VoiDreamer chapter 31 . 4/2
Best argument scene ever - the mix of anger, passion, and frustration is palpable and so true to character that is really felt like I was watching a little movie in my head. Great characterization!
VoiDreamer chapter 29 . 4/2
And this is why I hate Craig Duncan's lawyer, ugh, so unprofessional to bring up personal questions like that! Great way to really build the tension as we head into the face-to-face confrontation. It's not rushed which really makes the events in the following chapters at the more satisfying. I love the little details about Tim's protectiveness.
VoiDreamer chapter 27 . 4/2
Figured I'd review every other chapter since I did so poorly remembering to review when these came out. The banter continues to be one of my favorite parts of this fic, and the quiet moments are just as lovely (if not more heartwarming) than the passionate cuts (though goodness knows I love those too). Great job with this chap!
VoiDreamer chapter 25 . 4/2
I apologize for not reviewing earlier, goodness knows I read it the moment it came out (and loved every second of it, of course). I love that this chapter really shows them settling into this new 'normal' for them. The mutual respect that Tim has for Melissa's work and vice versa is such a strong point.
Illegitimi chapter 3 . 3/18
Hmmm.. office romances never turn out...high drama? Another very well done chapter!
Illegitimi chapter 2 . 3/18
Wonderful second chapter. I wasn't sure at first what her job was, but then you answered my question. Just love how you have captured Tim and I love Melissa. I really look forward to seeing their relationship develop. Your writing is a dream to read. Thanks again for all your hard work and talent.
Illegitimi chapter 1 . 3/18
I love Tim too! In fact, I would take him in a NY minute over Raylan anyday...At least Season 4 had him around a bit more. This was awesome sauce and i can't wait to get home and read more! (yes, I am reading this on company Great job, and thanks for all your hard work and talent!
Levi88 chapter 33 . 3/2
I Love this story, so glad you updated, cant wait for more!
MarionArnold chapter 33 . 2/26
MarionArnold chapter 32 . 2/26
And yet I don't see the verdict being the end of it...
MarionArnold chapter 31 . 2/26
Tim is an asshole, but it is with the best of intentions.
MarionArnold chapter 30 . 2/26
Hah! Melissa will not be ordered around - good on her.
MarionArnold chapter 29 . 2/26
Well that bit of mischief backfired rather spectacularly!
MarionArnold chapter 28 . 2/26
And she has her armour. Nice touch with the kitten.
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