Reviews for Moats and Boats and Waterfalls
Guest chapter 35 . 4/15
Now I'm wondering what you'll do with Hook since this fic seems to be about gremma. Personally I like Hook better for Emma but you just write Graham so well it's impossible not to love it.
StorybrookeWanderer chapter 35 . 4/13
I super adore this fic, everything is just beautiful, okaaay? You are truly the highest ruler of Emma and Daddy Charming feels, I bow down to you and your greatness! Can't wait for the next chapter-which I noticed, you're on the verge of introducing the captain, aren't you? Well, I love Gremma here, and I truly am a Captain Swan shipper, but I think in your fic, Gremma wins.

Though, it doesn't hurt for a very flirty pirate and a very protective daddy Charming. *winks*
tate4eva chapter 35 . 4/12
Great chapter, thank you.
topaz1116 chapter 35 . 4/12
Words cannot express how much I love this story. Amazing writing, amazing story. Please update soon!
GinnyBloomPotter chapter 35 . 4/12
Oh my gosh this story is killing me. But in a good way. In a really good way. Please update soon! AHH!
TheQueenofErynLagasryn chapter 35 . 4/12
I am so excited for the next chapter! I hope you can update soon :)
emily.cambron.9 chapter 35 . 4/8
Please! Please, post again soon I have been dying
Roxanne Beaumont chapter 35 . 4/7
Awww, this was amazing! It was totally worth waiting for. I loved all the emotions in this chapter, and I realized how much I missed this story. Nice work!
littlelights chapter 35 . 4/5
Thanks for the amazing update! I am absolutely in love with this story and I can't wait to read more!
envysparkler chapter 35 . 4/4
Nice chapter!

klb1234 chapter 35 . 4/4
Good things come to those who wait. I am so glad to see another chapter on this, and I really like how you are integrating the plot from the show but changing it up. I will keep reading it you keep writing, you are a talented writer and I enjoy you work.
CuppaTea13 chapter 35 . 4/3
Oh, gosh, this was lovely. :D I seriously enjoyed this chapter. Though I'll admit to being a little sad we didn't get to see Mulan. I was so thrilled when she came on the show. She's one of my favorite disney characters. I'm still a bit miffed we don't get to see more of her. :D
But, regardless- all of this chapter was fantastic. Loved having August come back, and Graham and Henry with Jefferson were pure gold (pun not actually intended) and it was lovely to see. Bravo.
Jacqueline chapter 35 . 4/3
I'm never going on vacation again if it means I miss a new chapter. Incredible as usual! Thank you so much for sharing this. You have a wonderful talent and I hope you enjoy writing as much as your readers enjoy experiencing your work. Thank you!
Emerald Pixie Dust chapter 35 . 4/3
Oh my goodness! I am so, so, so glad you updated this story! I need this fic like I need air! I stalked your Tumblr, and I noticed that you were a bit concerned about how to proceed with regard to Killian. I love Captain Swan on the show, but I don't think it would work for your story. Gremma is far too beautiful... the only way they could conceivably break up is if Graham dies, and nobody wants that, lol! I think you could do Captain Swan brotp. Even though Emma is with Graham, she still knows the feeling of heartbreak all too well... so you could have them bond over that. Emma could promise to help Killian find his Happy Ending/True Love in your universe. Just a thought :)
EmmaAthena2013 chapter 35 . 4/2
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