Reviews for Carpe Diem
The Night Whisperer chapter 39 . 11h ago
Let me just say how much I love Amy right now. She's such a badass! Oh, and the way she outright defies her father and lets him know he no longer has control over her was amazing. This girl has a lot of balls for standing her ground like that, especially when the odds are clearly stacked against her. Sebastian, get your fine ass over there and save her already! Anyway, please update soon :)

P.S. You should definitely get that pillow. Screw the consequences! If your folks ever find out just tell them you're holding it for a friend. Oh, better yet pin the blame on one of your siblings. That sure to work! Lol :) That probably won't work but at least you'd try.
InuBakaGirl chapter 39 . 11h ago
Awesome! Can't wait till the next chapter!
bored411 chapter 39 . 16h ago
oh man. that's some crazy stuff. i hope ciel and sebastian find her soon. :( please update this again when you can too! i'm eager to read more
Guest chapter 39 . 3/28
Come save her Sebastian!
loverofanime41302 chapter 38 . 3/16
Oh my gosh, Author-chan, the story is FANTASTIC! I love your writing and CAN'T WAIT for the next chapter!
The Night Whisperer chapter 38 . 3/1
That bitch! How the hell is she going to kidnap someone and not have anyone notice? I mean, seriously she has a knife shoved up Amy's back and no one thinks that looks suspicious. What the fuck is wrong with these people? *pinches the bridge of my nose* I swear, this idiocy will be these people's downfall. Oh, God I just hope Amy will be okay. Anyway, please update soon :)
The Night Whisperer chapter 37 . 2/28
Oh, Amy. *shakes head in exasperation* Why can't you let this go? It will only lead you to trouble. I know where she's coming from when she wants to protect her mom, but she has to realize how dangerous the situation is. I mean, with angels being thrown into the mix there's no telling what will happen if Amy doesn't let this matter drop.
The Night Whisperer chapter 36 . 2/28
Well, this is one birthday Amy will never forget.
The Night Whisperer chapter 35 . 2/28
Yes! They finally kissed! I'm so happy :)
The Night Whisperer chapter 34 . 2/28
Amy should know better than to try and hide something from Sebastian because that man is relentless when it comes to solving mysteries. It won't be long now before he finds out her little secret, but I wonder how he'll react once he does find out.
The Night Whisperer chapter 33 . 2/28
Okay, Amy let's be honest you were glad Beast bit the dust. Come on, you know you were. *proceeds to poke her until she swats the offending hand* Lol :) She can deny it all she wants but we all know what she was really thinking.
The Night Whisperer chapter 32 . 2/28
I'm glad Amy was able to make a quick get away. Although, I can't help but worry over Robin and Freckles. I hope they'll be alright.
The Night Whisperer chapter 31 . 2/28
Sebastian, you fucking idiot! Why!? Why the hell would you do that? There were plenty of other ways you could have handled the situation, but NO! You had to go and do that! I hope it was worth it because you just destroyed that poor girl's heart. *glares daggers at him and swiftly walks away* Oh, God I feel so sorry for her right now. I just hope Amy finds a way to get through this mess.
The Night Whisperer chapter 30 . 2/28
Cool, so Amy will be joining the crew for a while. I wonder how that will turn out.
The Night Whisperer chapter 29 . 2/27
Shit! I knew this was coming, but shit! How the hell is she going to talk her way out of this mess? That is if she'll be able to get a word in over Ciel's ranting, and there's the fact that she has to deal with Sebastian once he finds out. Damn, Amy is in trouble now.
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