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MjrGenMatt chapter 68 . 6/29/2019
Finally, here it is, as promised:

Holy hell, what can I say that haven't two or three time already? This was an absolute gem, and I can't say enough good about it. Your Shepard is one of my favorites, honestly, with her bold yet brash attitude.

Just like with Black Swan, there were details laden throughout this story that I just loved, such as the insanity arc. That was probably one of the most well thought out and executed segments I've read in any fic, in recent memory. It justworks.

This fic possesses one of the rarest traits in today's writing: it holds together we'll enough to keep you on board and in the know for the whole thing. Admittedly some of it toward the end started to lose me, but knowing how well you spin a tale kept me from losing any hope. Paid off, by the way, as expected.

Not sure if you've read the Memoirs series, or when those stories and yours came out in relation to each other, but I felt as if I noticed some parallel themes. That has proved to be a *tad* misguided in the past (lol), so take that with a grain of salt.

Finally, having now read three of your longer works from cover to cover, I can see a number of themes that you gravitate towards when writing long pieces. This is by no means a criticism, if anything it means you found something you like and do well, and stay consistent. I love that!

Signing off now, but this deserves endless praise.
Shoppers55 chapter 68 . 7/21/2018
Just finished this. What a great story!
Skittles-Panda94 chapter 68 . 2/5/2017
This is a very well written story, that at first I wasn't sure where you were going with it, but it came full-circle. Thank you for the fantastic read, I'm still a little butt-hurt over the Hera bit were she called Samantha daddy but it worked out well in the end. I think I would've enjoyed seeing the triad happen better, if Holly didn't go insane for two years and Liara fall in love Samantha. It wouldn't have been such a shock if Holly was there at the beginning. Anyways loved the story, hope you make more.
orichalcum12 chapter 1 . 1/28/2017
very enjoyable read it only two days
MrTreize chapter 68 . 10/19/2016
I first read this story back in July (this year) and just could not stop reading it. It is both one of my favorite and least favorite stories in the ME fanfic universe. This story centers on how our beloved commander slowly goes mad over time after the war, how it affects those around her, the consequences, and what the journey to recovery entails. The portions of this story I dislike the most are the very last chapters, it gets very odd and it just doesn't feel like it fits the theme of the first 2/3 of the story. Maybe its just me. This is also the fanfic that elicits the most emotional response from me. Intellectually I grasped a lot of the relationship aspects depicted in the story but emotionally I just could not understand them. There are very few things I read (in real life and various stories online) that affect me in this way which is why even though I dislike it so much, I also really enjoy reading this story. It is good to be out of your comfort zone sometime, you grow from those situations. Keep up the good work, your writing is very good!
darquan0 chapter 8 . 8/25/2016
Ouch. Miranda is alive and Jack is dead. Kinda hurts.
But oh well. Quite a present, very fitting Miranda's personality.
And EDI. Socially inept AI that can embarass everybody by asking questions... and get away with it because peop.e know she's socially inept, right?...
darquan0 chapter 7 . 8/25/2016
Renegade Shep. What a fantastic picture :-)
darquan0 chapter 5 . 8/25/2016
Oh no.
I finally start to read you longest fic... and what I see?
You killed Jack. My most favorite character of all Mass Effect universe.
Damn, that was kinda depressing to read. Well, so is war...
On the other side, I love your Shepard. "Really gets around"!
hydeslawyer chapter 68 . 3/2/2016
I know it's been a really long time since this was finished but, I wanted you to know that this story is truly amazing. I read it over three days, mostly because I couldn't stand to put it down. When that last chapter #67 was done I cried, it was such a beautiful ending to a story that was so complete and fleshed out. I'm actually kind of drained I don't think I've read something that left me so emotionally done and also fulfilled. As much as those darker chapters hurt to read, and I'm sure they can't have been easy to put together, I'm so happy you did them. It gave the story an extra bit of gritty reality, took it from being something that was 'nice' to a truly living story one that has breadth and depth to it. I'll just start rambling it I don't stop now so I'll it here, I just really wanted you to know that even after a while they're still people finding your story and living through it with you again.
Archodus Vaxal chapter 3 . 11/29/2015
Aaannnd… I'm already severely disappointed.
Archodus Vaxal chapter 1 . 11/29/2015
Alright… let's see what this is about…
GrinJaw chapter 4 . 9/16/2015
I must confess: At first I was not that interested in reading about Shepards past on the streets. But you did such a good job that I was quickly carried away. It is obvious, that you put your mind and heart into this story. It was a real joy to read.
electric gurrl chapter 16 . 8/4/2015
I love how brash and bold Holli is. The struggle with Liara and Aethyta's (likely) doing is very sad, which maybe sparks some of that. Her points about humanity hurt the humans because they're so true. It was such a concern of everyone that they were already.. humaning all over the place and if it weren't for Shep and the Reaper War, if they kept being so aggressive they'd potentially wind up in a worse mess than the First Contact War. I like Shep/Holli's connection to the Asari, even separately from Liara. The idea of her as a teen was funny. It's a bit on the heavy side, but as I actually started this review to say before I began rambling; I love how I can hear Canon Shep like this, but she has a unique twist of this brash, multifaceted military woman. Anyway, I fear for Liara, am surprised about how much I like such a personalized Shepard (I usually prefer the ones that are written to easily project any Shepard with similar alignment onto), and super commend the ideas about humanity, and complex fleshing out of the Asari.
electric gurrl chapter 10 . 8/4/2015
This was the MOST beautiful wedding I've ever read. It was just perfect. The traditions were so detailed but not too much, Joker was amazing, and the rice, and Shep&Liara. Breathtakingly amazing!
Sokat chapter 67 . 4/16/2015
Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. This kind of story is why I read FanFics. It has been a pleasure. This is now in my top list of ME fanfics alongside the Rhapsody saga and the Dreams saga.
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