Reviews for No Country for An Honorable Man
rainingblood666 chapter 2 . 10h ago
I just want to say the way you ended chapter 2 was epic. Like I read it moved onto the next chapter, and back tracked to make sure i read what I read. that was good.
Guest chapter 5 . 17h ago
Eliminating a threat or sending a message is one thing but revenge in and of itself is for fools

And how many innocents will she murder for her freedom

Someone really needs to talk to Arya about the realm's need for stability, about the king who knelt, bend the knee you can rise again it's one thing if you'd rather die standing than live on your knees but murdering innocents or causing deaths from those actions is another matter, she'd kill for her freedom, the truly honorable would die for someone else's

A civilized man accuses specific individuals of specific crimes otherwise mind their own business, this does not mean we ignore things that aren't evil but are nevertheless dangerous

To me it's not dishonorable people I have a problem with it's more dishonorable people claiming to be honorable, at least the Sandor is honest about it
anon chapter 5 . 19h ago
Mace Tyrell would strangle a thousand babies to death with his bare hands if it meant putting Tyrell blood on the Iron Throne

Stannis is the only one who puts the needs of the realm before his own, the rest are deluded fools who fight for personal power and glory

His problem is he doesn't understand that almost anyone will believe almost anything, they will believe a lie is the truth because they want it to be true or because they are afraid it might be true

He should stop talking about his rights and start talking about how he is the best man for the job, that he always does his duty unlike the others

Melisandre is trying to ensure the human race survives

Robb is a great general he wins every battle but loses the war because he completely fails the diplomatic side of things, there is more to being a lord much less a king than winning all your battles he's wise beyond his years in some ways but still young in others to a lesser extent so is Dany
NYC Sidewalk chapter 5 . 22h ago
This was truly missed. :)
yxor chapter 5 . 22h ago
Hi! I just want to say I've been following your stories since "Just as Friends, Obviously". I think you are doing pretty good with your stories. I really liked that you explored Gendry's feeling when he was put in the scenario you've put him. I think it will be heartbreaking to read Arya's part as well. I wonder if you'll explore other POV such as Cersei. Anyway your stories are wonderful and makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.
Sui P. Lestrange chapter 5 . 4/18
I'm so happy you found the inspiration to write for this story again; loved the update!
tsevca chapter 4 . 3/31
Im sorry, I wont continue. Perhaps, I expected something different from this story, but I was hoping to see one, where Gendry and Arya struggle with their marriage and life as royal couple, you know, to see the war for once through the eyes of those on the Iron throne.

If that happened with Bran, Starks and Lannisters could hardly keep both their positions at court the same.
How did Janos Slynt came from the Commander of the City Watch to a mere guard in the Red Keep? Two different garrisons, much lower position. Also his behaviour was exaggerated. He wouldnt dare that to her.
You based the storyline on Lannisters getting rid of Gendry and replacing him with Joffrey. Cersei is bad mother in everything you can imagine, accept one thing - Cersei loves her children. Even when everything they do, makes her angry, she still loves the above all. He wouldnt do that to her son just for being Roberts. Jaime? He doesnt see them as his children and doesnt care about the throne, so its no point for him, who sits on it. For Tywin all Cerseis children are Roberts. Why replace one grandson with another? For Gendry having ties with Starks. He would make it Cerseis job to change that and if that didnt work, hed show him that he needs his grandfather. That guy hated Tyrion from the minute he was born and still took care of him, protected him, paid his expanses. Gendry is his grandson, the first one, future king and Tywin is smart enough to see that hes more reasonable than Joffrey. He wouldnt do that either, Gendry is family. His instructions for Cersei would be to shape Gendrys loyalty to Lannisters first and hed never let it go that far that they would have to get rid of him to control the power.
Also if they wanted to blame someone for Roberts murder, why would they choose a way of death that offers some doubt. The most obvious explanation is accident. If it was the way you wrote it, theyd make it a clear murder, so no one would doubt their word. You mentioned in one of the previous chapters how popular Gendry and Arya are. With all things considered, there would be still plenty of smallfolk and lords believing Gendry and going to war for him.
Arya could hardly pass as a man in her 17.
tsevca chapter 3 . 3/30
Which Kinsguard knight died? Itd be useful to have the whole picture.
Stark marrying a Tyrell and Baratheon a Martell? With Robert and Ned still living impossible. Those families were the strongest supporters of Targaryens in the war. Ned wouldnt marry his daughter to Tyrells, theyre climbers of the society latter. Martells wouldnt marry one of their own to a Baratheon, Robert blessed the murders of Elia and her children (in books they already know Myrcella isnt his) and Robert wouldnt do this honor to the strongest supporter of his enemies.
Hot Pie could never squire for Gendry as the crown prince. This matching is almost like wedding pacts. The more important knight the bigger honor to squire for him. Some lords would give a fortune to have their son squire for the crown prince, because its expected that the knight you squire for one day knights you. Its a matter of prestige who knights you. In Gendrys case, his squire would be Bran or Rickon if they could be knighted, Tommen, some Lannister cousin, maybe Robert Arryn. There would be list of people wanting that position and choosing commoner for that would be insult to all of them and not allowed by Robert or Cersei. You really didnt have to put Hot Pie into this. You could have really choose someone else since he doesnt act as Hot Pie.
Also both Hot Pie and Lancel would be too old for squires now.
You have some trouble with tourney terms. Favour is some item, usually hankerchief or scarf, lady gives her chosen knight for good luck. And itd be a scandal for a girl promised to some guy to give her favour to someone else, so Gendry had nothing to worry about. Swordfighting between two people isnt a tourney discipline. The battle with lances can end this way or there is a melee (teams or all against all), where all contestans fight at the same time until only one or poeple from one team stand.
Gendry would have nothing to worry about in Mountain case. Cleganes got everything from Lannisters, Tywin is the only person that stands between Gregor and his execution sincewhat happened in the Red Keep. He wouldnt dare to threaten his grandson in any way. Dont forget Tywin isnt Cersei. For him there is no difference between his relationship with Joffrey in books and Gendry in your story, only that hes adult, but all Cerseis children are adult here accept Tommen who is one year from it. He would never even consider those rummours about Cersei true.
Maesters are assigned to a castle. I can picture some lord taking his to the city, but he would never get to taking care of the crown prince. If you didnt want Pycelle doing it, well, he wouldnt live to that day anyway.
If there were suspisions about Jaime pushing Bran, the peace wouldnt last that long and Ned wouldnt let any of his daughters to marry into the royal family, being constantly in Jaimes care.

Youre doing what you promised not to in the first chapter. Dont do everything, because it happened in books. Some things would be different and those that wouldnt would already happen years ago.
tsevca chapter 2 . 3/28
I must say this one was less good. Half of it was flashbacks, maybe more. We can picture it pretty well, you didnt change much in their relationship in that age.
And unfortunately, you made some serious mistakes as well:
This is medieval-like society, GRRM practicly took real medieval western Europe, added fantasy and made Westeros. Carriages dont exist in the matter of transporting people, decorated and such. There are only those for things and noble people dont use them unless theyre too olg/young or too ill for riding a horse. Itd be extremely humiliating for Robert to come in it. Cersei and Olenna have wheelhouses, but theyre extremely expensive and unusual.
I keep wondering what Sansa and Jeyne still do there. Not exactly that, but they should be long married, Im surprised Arya isnt yet and theyre older. The age of adulthood is 16, but women can be married before that if they menstruate. Highborn girls tend to have the first bleeding sooner than commoners. Some people tend to wait until 16 at least with bedding, because women getting pregnant that young die in childbirth more often, but Arya is 17 already and Sansa 19! She is pretty, lives at court and sister of the future queen. If for no other reason, Ned would have to marry her already to avoid rumours about her - single girl at that age is either poor, very ugly, barren or not virgin. And Arya should have more companions so close to the wedding - ladies-in-waiting.
Why would Robb want to fight with Joffrey if there was Gendry, much closer to his age? Itd be like Joffrey trying to fight with Bran.
You seem to not understand the term "sellsword". Swordmasters teach swordfighting.
How could Aryas skin be used to northern winter? Shes never seen one.
If the last sentence is metaphore, fine, if not, winter is most likely the season just now in the story.
Robert idealized his relationship with Lyanna. Hed never even think she didnt love him, want him, but Rhaegar. You should maybe put something like new information he got that day about it? Something big that would change that.
tsevca chapter 1 . 3/27
I liked it a lot. No one is perfect, so there are few things to work on, but I wasnt this hopeful about a story for a long time.
First, this is 8 years after the events of the beginning of GOT. Things that happened there, shoud have happened long time ago. Daenerys is pregnant now? Viserys waited until shes 21, long past marrying age? Why? Also if Jon Arryn died only just now, what Starks did at the city before? Ned wouldnt leave his home just for Sansa being bethroted to Gendry, he didnt do it even for being the Hand, but for fearing for his friends life. I hope Jon didnt die under the same circumstances as originally. As Varys mentioned, if only Cersei had one Roberts child, it would be possible for the others looking like Lannisters without being not Roberts. Youre very long past what happened in books, most of the things wouldnt be delayed by Gendry being the crown prince.
Two advices for future chapters. Explain how Gendry got into smithing. Who would get him to that? They probably dont even have a blacksmith in the Red Keep, since everything is done in Motts shop. And show some love from Cersei to Gendry. If she had Roberts child, he wouldnt be her favourite, but shed love him. Joffrey would always be the most loved by her, because she sees him as another Jaime (the version of him she wants him to be), but loves the others as well.
Anon chapter 4 . 3/17
Please update! This story is too good to be abandoned! I love canon divergent stories with Arya and Gendry betrothed! And this is so well-written!
Mango Loves You chapter 4 . 3/5
Why is your writing always soooo good, this hurts my heart in the best way. Update soon pretty please.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 4 . 12/14/2013
Loved the chapter. I am confused about Arya and her actions and behavior it seems so unlike her. gendry loves her but certain she could never love him back why? their interactions seem weird. Is Hot Pie good guy? I was thinking either the BWB or Night's watch found Arya and gendry and would help them. Why torture gendry? A lot of contradictions..
I liked Sansa though and Ned and do not trust varys but he was correct and that Tywin did not want to see gendry on the throne since it would mean power and strength for the Baratheons and Starks leaving Lannisters in the dust. Cannot wait to read more and find out everything and what the heck is going on..

Gendry trying to woo Arya but knowing she would never love him. Arya obviously loves him but keeps herself from admitting the truth and acting so unlike herself and fierce determination and much to sansa and lady like.. She seemed like Sansa too much when she felt she would scream if did not take a bath and it would seem normal Arya would care less... Again love the chapter but rack with confusion and want to read and find out what happens.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 3 . 12/14/2013
Absolutely loved the chapter! I wished gendry fought with the hammer though. I loved Hot Pie he is so funny. I loved Arya in this chapter she seemed more like herself. I was curious why gendry disliked ned in this story and look forward to reading what happened in the past. It seems like Tywin and Jaime are up to something and Cersei is not liking as their plans involves her son..

I liked Gendry's gift of the Wolf's Helmet for Arya and ooohh they almost kissed..

Loved the chapter.
MidnightAuroraWolf chapter 2 . 12/14/2013
I am not really sure what to think about this chapter. I liked Present Sansa more than past Sansa and glad she helped her sister. I felt Arya was not herself at all in the past or present and acting way too properly and listening to others and distancing herself from Gendry. Ned should like Gendry and Ned seemed unlike himself too. I get Arya's confusion but she could have confusion and still be herself and not be a mini Sansa she seemed to have grown into in most respects.
Arya loves Gendry so why not try to show it? Conflicting thoughts and feelings about this chapter. I also not sure if I like a cowering Arya.
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