Reviews for If die, only in Manhattan
william01pd2018 chapter 49 . 7/29
Thank you for writing this awesome story for us readers. I do have to say that it did make me cry at the end... I know that reviews are the only things that authors on really get in return for writing, so I always take my time to do so after a moving story. Thank you for writing this, and thank you for giving me something to read for a while.

musketeersaddict chapter 1 . 5/15
This is one beautiful story and that last chapter had me crying my eyes out, thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful piece of work
Guest chapter 49 . 4/3
You're amazing and this fic is so heart wrenching.
Thank you.
TheDreamofDeath chapter 49 . 3/10
This piece of writing is so beautiful! The way you portrayed the characters and described emotions made me cry
Kate.R12 chapter 49 . 1/12
Oh my god what have you done to me - I'm never going to stop crying! Beautiful. This whole story has been beautiful. And absolutely heartbreaking :'( I'm in desperate need of hugs now!
HazelCookie chapter 49 . 12/3/2016
Okay. Wow.
I usually never comment on fics, but, wow.
I knew I had to comment on this.
First, your writing is amazing. I love how you describe anything, how you make the conversations, and I absolutely love how you paint all the charcters, making them personalities and depths. It's amazing.
I love how you make Tony more than he is in the movie, making him less shallow, with more emotions and thoughts. I love how you handled the whole cancer and illness, the whole Tony dealing with it. You didn't make him too whumpy and depressed but you also didn't make him a total badass that can deal with cancer to breakfast because he is Tony stark and nothing is hard to him. You made him realistic.
The plot is amazing, your idea of him running and making a new personality for himself, and I Absolutely Love how you added Spiderman, cuz I personally love the little guy :D
The relationships, the talking, the interactions. This Fic Is Amazing.
I honestly can't say how much I love this Fic without having to write a short essay or something, and seriously, I'm not kidding about that.
I will totally will take from you example to writing fics, cuz you are an amazing writer.
There is no one thing I don't like in this Fic. (well maybe that there is no spiderman but that's not a real problem, I just really like him).
The end ... you made me tear up. I didn't know until this point if I wanted a happy or a sad ending. from one side, I honestly prefer happy endings, I don't like fucking around with the characters. But you, you made this right. even though I am really sad that Tony dies, I thinks it is... completing the plot. I am confused about my preference of an ending here, but I think you made it good, even if I want a happy endingWow. this story is a big wow, I hope I will come back to it in the future. Please keep writing things, because you are like a professional writer :D -HaZ
love toshiro dragon chapter 48 . 11/27/2016
Awe poor JARVIS! It's gonna be so sad when he's gone!
G chapter 49 . 11/26/2016
Wow. That was a beautiful story. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. You are an amazing writer.
love toshiro dragon chapter 38 . 11/26/2016
Poor Happy! Loved the POV! I hope Tony tells the others soon.
love toshiro dragon chapter 23 . 11/24/2016
Love this story! And I hope Tony tells the team soon! About his cancer and about being Tony Stark. They could understand him more and help him.
love toshiro dragon chapter 12 . 11/23/2016
I absolutely love this story! Poor Tony! I'm hoping by some miracle he'll live! Thank u for writing this story! It's so interesting I can't stop reading it! And I love the long chapters! XD
TiamatisObscure chapter 49 . 11/2/2016
Fuck. I don't even know if you're still posting here, or reading these reviews, but fuck. You just made me cry like a fucking baby. Sniffles and all, you shitwad, l love your fucking composure destroying evil. You fucking shitwad, I fucking love your fucking characters so much it hurt. Ow. My goddamned heart hurts.
Werewolfshaverights chapter 1 . 10/21/2016
Wow, that was a beautiful and Powerful story thank you for sharing that with us.
Lydia x chapter 49 . 10/14/2016
OMG i've been reading this fic for a while now, and i loved it, the whole idea of it, and i do think you portrayed all the characters perfectly, and you had the perfect mix of fluff, romance, sadness and all that, some bits were just so fluffy i squealed and hid under a pillow and refused to read it for a while (im not very good at reading fluff) and i loved all of it, though inwished you could give us a solid chapter of Tony dieing- i think you ended it perfectly, i almost cried! (And im not a very emotional person) so yeah, its an amazing, fantastic awsome fic and one of the best Tony Fics i've sver seen xx
Emperor's Rose chapter 21 . 9/4/2016
Hey, I'am reading this (to me insanely) long fanfic, and I've been wondering how you came up with the chapter names, has it some kind of meaning or something? I'm really curious about that. Also, I like your fanfic (why else would I keep reading it?) ;)
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