Reviews for Small Changes
rescue 007 chapter 36 . 6/27
Wonder what happened that you felt the need to stop all your good stories at the same time, and leave this one on a cliffhanger.
Satsuni Ookami chapter 1 . 5/3
Nice. Anko's there, so is hell. XD
MC chapter 36 . 4/25
It was good while it lasted. I enjoyed all your Naruto series. Thanks for writing them.
Guest chapter 36 . 4/23
the f dude
The-Only-Temporary-Name chapter 34 . 3/24
Everyone is ALIVE!
Stratre chapter 36 . 2/24
you ended on a cliffhanger bleh
wazousky chapter 36 . 2/13
Yo. wazousky here.

Pls continue at least dis story. I'm really in love with i easily becoming my 3rd favourite author from kyuubigoku n blackwolf. Even if u don't continue ur story u will still eventually be my third.

Its jx dat dis story has spice n jazz n plot different from so many stories I've read on dis site

I noe kishimoto fucked up, n is still fucking up. But don't look on his error to punish us ur loyal readers for his mistakes. I've actually stopped reading de manga n anime all together. Now I only get my source of entertainment on de franchise from here.

So pls, from a reader to a writer, pls try n finish dis story for our sakes. I hope u take our hearts into consideration. N tnx for ur time.

Wazousky out.
DarkSoul16 chapter 35 . 2/9
It's a shame that you don't have the drive to write this anymore, as a author who strays from canon quite a bit I'm a little surprised that the ending of Naruto seems to have put you off, fan fiction for me has always been about what ifs, and not foowing canon is the best way to creat your own world where your the boss. Anyways, I can only hope that one time you might find it to update this story again, I knew it was abandoned when I started it but like your other stories it was still a fantastic read. Thanks for the story and again, hope that someday you might update it again
CptDeadfire chapter 35 . 2/5
Seriously?! You're gonna end it at that?
Nightwolfs chapter 35 . 1/1
nicely done so far can't wait for update
Guest chapter 36 . 11/17/2015
I'm sitting here, eating pie, and reading the whole thing in one go, get to Naruto about to meet the raikage and BAM!
you don't just leave a cliffhanger like that!
You made me SPIT out my PECAN PIE!
AntheaBlack chapter 36 . 11/11/2015
How can you be so cruel to end the story at this point?
Fromaster24 chapter 36 . 10/14/2015
Well, can't say I blame you, what with the atrocity that was the final arc and epilogue AND afterstory of the Naruto series. A real shame Kishimoto pretty much gave up on the series, as it had a lot of potential but blew it all because of the damned pairing wars and the rabid part of the community that made up the majority of them. The whole trying to write multiple stories at once might not have been the best idea either, frankly I worry about another writer i follow who's got nearly 6 going at this time and updates one every few months, I may not write myself so I really have no say in how people do what they do but piling the stress of multiple "projects" at once is never a good idea, if only the public education understood that back when I was still a student. Ah well, point is it's your decision and if people don't like it, tough.
Silver595 chapter 1 . 10/10/2015
Hey dude! Can I adopt this story?
Matt chapter 36 . 9/30/2015
Man...I don't know if you'll ever see this, but this is my favorite fic. EVER. I've reread it a dozen times and everytime it hits my heart harder and harder. I'd love to see you return sometime. I respect your choice, and wanted to thank you again and again for this gem of a tale.
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