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yochan123 chapter 5 . 6/19/2021
It’s so nice to see naruto being able to claim his heritage
yochan123 chapter 4 . 6/19/2021
They’re a great team :) yay no annoying bitch like Sakura and naruto is actually smart this time
BillionDavid chapter 52 . 6/19/2021
Good Story, perfect endings
INFUSCATE chapter 52 . 6/7/2021
This has to be the only fanfiction I've ever felt such a dire need to review. And I'm sorry to say that it's to offer some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. There was the makings of an amazing story here, yet it slowly fell apart over time. Allow me to offer my opinion on what you could have done to improve.

1) You needed a better understanding of the characters. This was most notable with Pain. When you were writing things from Pain's perspective, he referred to himself as a "God" a lot. Pain WOULDN'T do this. If you recall, during the flashback scenes, it's revealed that it was Yahiko who said "I'll become the God of this world, and make peace happen" after Yahiko died he told Nagato that he was entrusting his hopes for peace to him (or something like that). That's why Pain refers to himself as a God whilst on front of others. He's doing that super common trope on anime where people take on the hopes and dreams of their dead friends. We can even see this exemplified during the Pain Vs six tails Naruto fight, where, with no illusions to hide behind, and no one to hear him drop the act, Pain literally says "We are both two ordinary men". He doesn't see himself as a deity. This was also pretty prevalent in Obito, although to a lesser extent, for example, Obito literally gets his heart destroyed by Kakashi, slashed open by minato, survives getting all the bijuu ripped out of him,survives getting controlled by black zetsu, AND is only killed when he gets hit by Kaguyas disintegration attack (which vaporises people instantly, yet Obito survives for like ten minutes) he wouldn't die from something as small as a stab wound. I mean, if you're going to portray a Naruto that's more powerful (at least on speed) than canon, you need to improve the villain also to keep the feeling of not knowing who can win. Danzi as well, fell afoul of this. He's a hardcore nationalist, he wouldn't have allowed the Akatsuki into his nations borders. He'd rather have worked with Naruto to stop them, instead of helping Pain and Obito invade as a distraction.

2) You randomly conjured plot points out of nowhere. Again this was super prevalent in the last fight, Naruto pulls out a anti space time jutsu out of his ass and beats Obito... Completely ruining all the dramatic tension. I noticed this a couple of other times, like when he uses the rasengan, or just casually remarks he can do the hiraishin. Next time, SHOW, DONT TELL. Show us Naruto struggling to learn each technique, show us him struggling to master each, constantly wrestling with the feeling of not being able to surpass his dad if he can't do it. It makes him feel less like a Gary Stu and more like a normal protagonist.

3) the plot was uninspired. For all the title says about changes... Literally nothing changes aside from the Akatsuki getting beaten quicker and Madara not being revived. Like, I thought you were going to do a interesting butterfly effect with Shisui taking the place of Obito when Ami met the masked man on the woods, which could have been really interesting and a heart wrenching decision to have Naruto choose between the friend he lost or his current ones. It would also have made narrative sense, as much like Obito, Shisui was a really lighthearted kid, so seeing him take on a darker worldview (possibly caused by Itachi's slaughter of his clan and parents? Danzos betrayal? The Homage allowing it?) Would have mirrored Obitos canon corruption. You could have went into how maybe Naruto was able to kill Orochimaru, yet to the best of my knowledge he was never mentioned again. Perhaps Narutos thirst to speak to his parents again led to him seeking out Orochimaru to learn the Edo tensei and therefore resurrect them. You could have done SO much more... Even Tayuya was never mentioned. Hell, you could have made it so Narutos presence prevented Orochimaru from going evil or something. Or maybe Naruto being in the ANBU has an impact on Kakashi as the captain and he isn't so depressed. Basically, despite the title, Naruto being slightly older with new abilities changes NOTHING. It kinda feels like you were just unable to think of a new direction to take the story so didn't. A vast waste of potential imo.

4) the lack of attention given to side characters only to then suddenly have them become monstrously strong in the last chapter was sickening. Seriously, Kakashi was getting bodied by Pain in canon but was able to beat them here? Obviously Gai helped (and he could probably solo every Pain at once with ten gates mode active) but it still feels so random. Speaking of random: yet again we aren't shown Sakura learning Tsunades super punch, nor Ami learning the air stepping move (I'll let you off with that one though since we did get to see Naruto at least demonstrate it to her) Similarly, the lack of attention given to the villains REALLY weakens the story. Naruto has some best villains in anime in Pain, Obito and Madara, yet you don't even mention their respective baclstories, nevermind their worldviews, philosophies, their similarities to the hero... You're right in thinking that since people have already seen the anime/manga they don't need to be told the same stuff... But by doing that you end up with a story with boring, unexplained villains whose motives are only hinted at. It makes the entire story fall apart. As a fanfiction author, your job should be to retell the same motives and narratives as the anime and manga did, but differently (for example instead of Pains backstory being explained through Jiraiya, you could have had Pain explain Yahikos death to Tsunade, perhaps he calls upon the pain they both share in their past? After all, "Everyone feels the same pain when losing something dear" - Pain. Maybe we could have had Black Zetsu try to convince Shisui to join them, telling them that there's already an Uchiha on their side, one who has also went through the pain of being betrayed by one he trusted (Danzi for Shisui and Kakashi for Obito) Zetsu tells Shisui it'll almost be like having a family again... Hell, Pains attack on Anko should have made her have a miscarriage, which would explain Narutos ruthlessness when he kills both him AND Obito, (Considering that when he went on missions with his team he knocked out opponents to interrogate them later)

5) This is basically the same as some of the other stuff I've said, but I had to make its own thing because I genuinely can't believe you did this. WHY did you make it so Naruto knew Itachi was forced to massacre his clan? You ruined so much potential, it could have been a threeway battle between Naruto Obito and Itachi, with Naruto not believing what Itachi was saying, and Obito saying shit like "In my dream world... That massacre would have never happened... You could have your parents back Itachi. So could you, Naruto. I know you miss them." EVEN WORSE THAN THAT - you didn't even show us Naruto finding this out!? What the fuck? It would have been so interesting to see him confronted with the corruption of the Hokage office, wondering if he even wanted to be Hokage anymore, wondering if his father did things like this - wondering that, if he accepted the clan massacre as necessary, would his father and mother with their focus on peace and family, still love him? I mean really, considering how you portrayed his childhood it makes 0 sense for Naruto to just magically be okay with the massacre, he even says that "those who betray their friends are scum" - well what about those who betray their family for the "mission"? If anything, he should hate Itachi, or at least be conflicted...

I tried to keep this as constructive as possible, or, at least offer ideas of general ways to improve, and thoughts of what I would have done instead. But, I'm pretty sure that at multiple times my... Frustration may have leaked through. I'm genuinely sorry for that, this was never meant to be "hatemail" or anything, but I have never felt so... Betrayed by a story before, the first ten ish chapters had SO much potential and then the rest of the story happened. Now I know what Madara felt when Black Zetsu betrayed him lol.

"How could this be!? The... Small Changes fanfic was supposed to be a fanfic of change! Bringing a changed Naruto into a different and unique Shinobi world!"

"Wrong again Madara... I saw the authors original draft and had plenty of time to make... Revisions."

"Impossible - For that!? I would never..."

*The black goo starts to swallow Madara up*

" ... where did I go wrong?"

P.S. literally just remembered this - what happened to Fuu? Wasn't she a jinchiuurki too? Danzo didn't try to kidnap her?
MrPlatinum07 chapter 6 . 5/27/2021
At least he visited you
Tukmaster4u chapter 52 . 5/22/2021
Great Fricking amazing actual closure ( Wouldnt mind a sequel though ) solid 8 out of 10 it would have been 9 maybe even ten but the last couple chapter like last 4 3 felt a bit rushed including the proluge wouldn't have minded it if it was a bit longer though maybe see their daughter being born and becoming a genin also the maybe a chapter with itachi hunting the last of the akatsuki and shisui in his adventure were he would stalk and kill orochimaru or captured him and I my personal opinion it would have been cool if maybe we could have seen Naruto through the rest stages of his live through being hokage maybe bring shisui back home iItachi death and funeral along with telling sasuke the truth along with maybe sasuke killing getting the mangekyou sharingan and then the eternal and then maybe like ten twenty years later naruto makes him the hokage or someone else to succeed him as the sixth not before naruto creates world peace with diplomacy and maybe throw a crisis or two in there to show how stronger naruto has gotten like sage mode or KCM 2 but back to what I was saying he would continue to move through his live doing all if not some of the thing I have listed maybe a second child then naruto getting old with Anko maybe giving so advice to his child or children and the current hokage and having chilling with shisui at ichiraku also we see the growth of team 7 along with seeing Naruto's grandchildren and then at the end of it their funeral at the age of 80 or 90 dying at the same time with his daughter giving the eulogy.
Guest chapter 52 . 5/5/2021
Username6166 chapter 49 . 4/26/2021
"I stopped a rebellion that would have torn my village apart. You murdered women and children, innocents"

It was actually the exact opposite. Tobi was the one who killed the shinobi Uchiha, Itachi killed the innocent harmless civilian Uchiha.
Username6166 chapter 14 . 4/26/2021
The Hiraishin doesn't produce a flash, it looks pretty much identical to a basic Body Flicker. Minato was called the yellow flash because of his blonde hair, not because his Hiraishin actually had a yellow flash. Naruto having a red flash makes no sense unless he purposely added an additional useless light seal to it or something.
Fierce825rose chapter 51 . 4/25/2021
Bravo, Bravo! That was an excellent Story. Bravo, *claps amazongly*. What a fucking adventure damn this is such a good story. I'm gonna recommend this to my friend.
Itachi Uchiha chapter 52 . 4/4/2021
This is an amazing story that is well written to the very end. I didn't feel like posting a review for every single chapter because I read them in one all sitting. I would definitely recommend reading this!
lettuceman1999 chapter 9 . 4/3/2021
Why the fuck are they drinking?! Sure they’re ‘legally’ adults, but that’s not how drinking works. They’re body is not ready for the contents of alcohol, Shinobi or not.
Ace1190 chapter 51 . 2/28/2021
An amazing story, well written along with a perfect and heartfelt ending.
achoputuridze chapter 52 . 2/25/2021
well i liked this fanfic
very good emotionally and battles were good too
cried couple of times
great job ovarall dear author
achoputuridze chapter 32 . 2/17/2021
did the piece of shit danzo kidnap naruto’s sister? i ki da knew it but still this is sick
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