Reviews for Decaying Bluebells
YomuHime chapter 44 . 9/3
Waaaaaaaah! I cant stop crying! Naoooooo-chan Yagura-kun. my poor baby :'( *sniff* *sniff* that ending is so realistic that i cannot help but love it even though its heartbreaking and their reaction waaaah! its so sad!
anyway thx for your hard work darkpetal16-sama; i really enjoy reading this story but i have a question does nao with yagura in then end?
Damn it all chapter 44 . 8/30
The original ending had me absolutely bawling my eyes out. I never cry from reading books, watching movies, or anything along those lines. This was just beautiful. It was the tragic tale of a young girl. The character development was spot on and I loved this so much. I hope you publish a novel of some sort because I would gladly purchase it.
dragxnst chapter 44 . 8/24
I read both endings. And honestly, the original, while heart wrenching, felt complete. The fluffy ending was a nice sugarcoat, yes, but this was absolutely amazing. Everything made sense and the way you executed this story was simply phenomenal. You have not managed to make me cry. But what you did do was that you took my heart out, crushed it, and by the time I read about Yagura's letter, you have stabbed it a million times, all at once. All I could do was stare in disbelief, feeling the sorrow creep up my throat. The pace was decent enough to not make me feel bored the whole time - I was hooked actually, stayed up until 1:30 am when I had to wake up in no more than two hours - but yes, of course, it wasn't perfect (this is constructive critisism, I saw your note on the reason as to why you did Sakura, Chipped Mask, etc. And I believe you can make an even better story, if ever you felt up to it. I hope this will help you) and at times you did insert a lump of unnecesarry information in between a few interesting scenes but no matter, this story was simply outstanding. In my perspective, it may even be better than some of the more famous OC SI fan fiction here. You did a job well done. The character development wasn't perfect but damn, you could write. There were a few tiny bits that you've ought to correct (miniscule errors, really.) and due to those, there were few instances where I would get sucked out of the story because of a minor error such as subtle OOC-ness, or a scene that didn't seem relevant at all, but you know? Maybe, perhaps, you should complete at the most, three stories or at the least, one even. And after that, you are well on your way to getting a book published. You're already amazing, maybe if you could tweak and polish your ability, then...? Heh, anyway. Kudos to you and to an end of an amazing story (that will probably make me a little bit more than emotional whenever I will think about it) This story is inspirational, there are valuable lessons in this story and I can relate to the character. A lot. She made me want to cheer for her, along with the rest of the cast. You did something different, and that was Yagura. I'll probably be searching for some fan fiction about him soon. You've got me attached. This was the first time he's been a main character in a story, for me, it was a smart choice. Anyway, you were and are incredible. I suggest you keep it up, for a very long, long time. [sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors, not edited]
Even Better If chapter 44 . 8/22
b-but Yagura and Nao.. why did you add the last bit :'(
This ending was a good ending though you did awesomely :D
royalpurple153 chapter 44 . 8/21
I could not stop crying. You have a fantastic talent for writing, connecting our emotions to your story. I loved how realistic this was in a way that I understood Nao. I am so glad you wrote this fanfic
Captain SteeleStag chapter 12 . 8/1
I just realized what was the transition mark. Its a fuckmothering butterfly.
Mind, blown.
Any who, excellent on this story. The growth of this character is so realistic, so human, that it makes it an incredibly easy to understand, believe, and feel for them. And nice choice with the triggered memories. Its a fresh new twist on the OC idea. Instead of being all knowing, they only know what they need to when they need it. Its an extremely pleasant change of pace. Also not making your character so... I suppose reliant on their team would be the best way to describe it. You are going through so much trying to make sure your character has to depend on others, instead of the usual kick ass, take names, and get the bitches variety of OCs. This character is more human that some people I know. Though their could be a bit more filler, which may have already been solved due to the fact I'm only on the 12th chapter as of now, I have no other complaints or issues. You are a god amongst men with your style, clear story, and characters.
Keep being yourself
Or in other words, awesome
Your friendly neighborhood fanfiction reader
Demona Evernight chapter 44 . 8/1
MY FEELSSS! TT_TT I had a feeling you were gonna kill her that's why I saved the happy ending for last so I could have some comfort after
FUCKING FEELS chapter 44 . 7/31
I sobbed once I finished reading. Such a beautifully tragic ending...I love your work though. I definitely ship YaguNao.
kujyou12 chapter 45 . 7/30
That realistic ending though... T.T
Wolfe chapter 44 . 7/29
Oh. My. God. I was literally sobbing as I read this. Thank you for writing this amazing story. This fanfiction stroke a chord in my cold heart. The plot of the this ending was... Man, I suck at explaining, but reading this story was the highlight of my day. Again, thanks for doing this.
Rocky G chapter 1 . 7/22
I'm ADHD, but I do not like or take drugs nor do i smoke or drink acholhol or any other bull.
If you're that kinda person who likes to use profanity, please don't talk to me.
Maybe you're mad at someone, but don't take it on me just because I am doing good.
I've already been bullied enough, both online and offline.
So please, stop.
Personally, I do not care for you're stories, mostly because of the profanity. But i do like the killing the dad part, I kinda am in the same situation. But it turns out sometimes the people you hate the most you rely on to survive.
But my dad has a gun under his bed, because we leave in a bad neighborhood that you hear gunshots almost everyday, plus, killers are everywhere. And i keep three knifes with me.
Anyway.. I see in a way we are similiar, but i do not agree much with the profanity, or at least here.
Hex chapter 44 . 7/22
That was fucking...Sad...
I'm so sorry but damn you for making me cry like a kid at 1 am.
God fucking damn it!
I have no words to express the agony I am in right now.
when you said realistic, I never thought it would be too realistic...

well anyways, Thank you for writing this awesome fic!
XxTealJadexX chapter 44 . 7/21
that's way to realistic.
please put a trigger warning?
i swear to god that is way to realistic
Bitterblue chapter 44 . 7/20
I cried each time I read the letters Nao lefy behind. So touching.
XxTealJadexX chapter 1 . 7/20
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