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shippingtheswann chapter 18 . 9/6/2016
So I know this has been out for years, but I love this story! I can't wait to read the next installment!
rational chapter 18 . 5/23/2015
Mmm, Killian Jones in a swimsuit? That is something I wouldn't mind seeing.

Gawain! know, it just occurred to me that I apparently love Gawain, because I'm super excited every time he comes into the scene.

How did I never realize that Emma's last name is a bird sacred to Aphrodite? I'm totally into Greek gods. I like her, by the way, Aphrodite. I like how Emma had a flash of jealousy thinking about her trying to turn Killian's head.
rational chapter 17 . 5/23/2015
Killian and Emma getting captured on their trip might have been Killian's fault (sort of) because he had enemies in the Enchanted Forest, but if that hadn't happened they would never have found a way to stop Rumplestiltskin or possibly even figured out what he was doing before it was too late. So, big picture, seems like he comes out even.

It was really good to see Emma and Killian have glad-you're-alive sex. It was also really good to see them have such a normal, domestic scene with Henry, one where she's worried about Henry falling of a horse instead of the world ending. They both deserve a normal life.

When Emma got Killian to tell her what Snow said before she jumped in the portal, and Killian turned pink...gosh, that's adorable. Embarrassed Killian is totally my favorite Killian.

Yay, Gawain is back! Wonder what it's like for him to see Killian in such a different environment, being so domestic?
rational chapter 16 . 5/23/2015
And what do you know, Killian's idea is even more terrible than I thought. Public fight because she caught you with another woman? Dangerous territory.

Killian telling her he was leaving her, even though she knew it was not true, made me so sad. When she went and cried in her mother's, broke my heart.

That whole fight was an emotional rollercoaster. Well done. You almost got me at the end, there, when Emma thought Killian was dead. I knew he couldn't really be dead, but sleeping curse did not occur to me. Emma's grief was so horrible to read. Kind of like Killian's grief when he thought she was dead, I suppose. I could feel her pain. But then she woke him up, thank goodness. And she had no doubt that her kiss would be True Love's Kiss, which was beautiful to see.
rational chapter 15 . 5/22/2015
Uh oh. That is a terrible idea.

Wait, so Emma's hiding Jefferson in Gold's cabin? I suppose in this world, it's not his?

It's really nice to see everyone working together. Jefferson, August, Regina...they aren't necessarily all working with everyone, but they're all helping and I like that.
rational chapter 14 . 5/18/2015
I like this much less dark take on Neverland, compared to the show. It's all well and good to have Peter the demon, who abandoned his own son so he wouldn't ever have to grow up. But this Peter who's really a child, and his Lost Boys who aren't scared of him, is a refreshing change. I thought it was particularly cute/sad when Emma raised her dagger to the Twins and they burst into tears. Why DIDN'T they offer to take the kids with them? It was so sweet of her to tell them a story.

What did Tink say to Killian when she asked for a word alone? I guess she took off the curse sticking his hook attachment to his arm.

That scene where she put his hand back on was beautiful. His reactions, HER reactions. Everything was so well done and such a wonderful moment.
rational chapter 13 . 5/17/2015
I love their banter. And it was so sweet that Emma being with him made Killian realize how beautiful the island was and want to show it to her.

This whole chapter seemed like it was designed to give Killian a chance to make amends to those he'd wronged. I'm glad he got the chance to apologize to Tink and I'm glad she forgave him. Titania was kind of bitchy to Emma, but she eventually helped so that's a win.

It's a little hilarious that Emma thinks she's not the leader her FATHER is, given his own uncertainty about his ability to lead.

That Iris seems like fun.

I was kind of surprised how little Titania seemed to care even though they'd just had a ridiculous earthquake that lasted for ages. And poor Killian, falling through the earth. At least Emma's there to patch him up.
rational chapter 12 . 5/16/2015
Seeing Killian's grief through Emma's eyes broke my heart all over again.

Why was Killian being so sassy towards Merlin? Was it just the way he distrusts magic (except for Emma)? Did it have to do with having been imprisoned the day before? Or is there something else?

What the hell is Rumplestiltskin doing with August?

I'm liking how you've made the barrier the problem driving all of this. It's clever. It's so like Rumplestiltskin to not care about the consequences of bringing down the barrier using this incredibly powerful spell, as long as it theoretically gets him back to Baelfire. And of course it takes Killian's heart.

Awesome twist, that the key to taking down the Dark One was right there in Neverland the whole time. Wonder what's in the pouch? And why she did it.

It made me sad to see them say goodbye to Gawain. He's a good guy.

It hurts me to see Killian afraid Emma will leave him if he tells her about Neverland. I'm glad he did it anyway, so he could see that she won't.
rational chapter 11 . 5/16/2015
Guinevere telling Emma about Lancelot was touching. It's so awful, to be so in love with someone you can't really be with.

Guinevere slapping Kay for disrespecting Emma was AWESOME.

It was so good to see Emma and Killian finally see each other at his cell. Emma being so lonely was killing me. I loved Killian admitting that he's been talking Gawain's ear off about her.

That whole fight with Morgan was so exciting! Great job!

Even though it was the end of the fight, this next part had a totally different emotional tone. It was so hard to read the part where Killian thought Emma was dead. And then him being unwilling to look at her because he was sure his mind was playing tricks on him, because it had happened BEFORE? Heartbreaking. R
The reassurance sex was beautiful, though.
rational chapter 10 . 5/15/2015
I forgot to say on the last chapter that Guinevere's reaction to them asking to share a room was just perfect. She didn't seem very scandalized to me.

Ham, eggs, bread, jam, and butter are unusual to have for breakfast? I'd hate to tell you what I usually have.

What did Gawain say to Killian? Seems to have broken the ice. I like the two of them together. Emma's right, Killian does need a friend. Your lover can't be everything to you. I did love how proud Killian was when he said that Emma defeated a dragon.

The whole Arthur-Guinevere-Lancelot thing always breaks my heart. I do hope we find out more about these people and their version of the story, though!

Man, they just HAD to interrupt Gawain and Killian's duel. Not cool.

On a related note, Camelot seems to be having a lot of trouble holding on to their treasures, don't they?
rational chapter 9 . 5/15/2015
I like all these Round Table people. I love how possessive Gawain makes Killian! It cracks me up!

Emma double-checking that the servants are paid was brilliant.

The sexy bath time was awesome, as well and as usual!
rational chapter 8 . 5/14/2015
Wait, so when Killian says he hasn't been with anyone since Milah, does he mean in a relationship? Or literally he hasn't had sex with anyone? I would find the latter pretty hard to believe, though I wouldn't doubt the former. I would think he's been like Emma: one love when he was young, but since then just one-night stands.

I'm confused. Emma figured out who Morgan was betrayed by, but I'm not sure. Was it Rumplestiltskin or Killian? I'm feeling like an idiot for not getting it.

I feel like all I have is questions this time..But that's because I'm so wrapped up in the story.
rational chapter 7 . 5/14/2015
Okay, Emma knows that David wasn't actually the son of the king who adopted him (as an adult), right? And she was born in that castle, not Snow's castle (which Regina had), so whoever Killian stole from was no relation of hers. Of course, that doesn't really matter because certainly Killian also stole from whoever was the leader from Snow's bloodline at the time!

Killian working himself up to asking her was so awesome! And the way he was kind of pissing her off in the process was hilarious.

Killian's dream made me cry a little. I hope it will be cathartic for him, and he'll be able to let go of his guilt, both for not saving her and for not saying he loved her just before she died.

Morgan Le Fay? Interesting.
rational chapter 6 . 5/13/2015
"Someday soon" Killian is going to give Emma the ring. "Once the threat is past." Ominous. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Killian afraid that he'd just freaked Emma out by referring to "our kids" was awesome. And then Emma actually not freaking out in response was also awesome!

I'm curious about something. Is it just in Storybrooke that they can tell that the stars are disappearing? It seems like everyone in the world would be worried if they knew. And if they don't know, does that mean it's only happening for people in Storybrooke, or that it's happening for everybody and some kind of magic is keeping the rest of the world unaware? I'm sure I'll learn soon enough! (Guess Mary Margaret and I are sort of on the same page.)

Way to stick it to Gold, Emma! It makes me a little nervous, because it reminds me of Killian blackmailing to get his hand back on the show (they both have the "give it to me or I'll tell Belle this thing that will probably make her leave you" thing going on). But I'm sure it'll turn out differently here.

Killian always addressing Snow formally cracks me up. But Snow giving him the ring was very touching. And I loved his reaction and how Snow saw right through him.

I'm glad Emma asked for his hand back, and I'm glad she told him that she did that. Like she said, Killian needs to stop punishing himself and come to grips with the fact that Milah's death wasn't his fault and he's not the man who lived only to avenge her anymore.

And so now Killian and Emma are going to the Enchanted Forest. This should be interesting!
rational chapter 5 . 5/11/2015
I really liked Emma telling Killian about Graham. Killian at first being jealous was both kind of hilarious and also tugged at my heart a little. But his reaction when he realized Graham had died the way Milah died was really touching. And then he made up for his jealousy with an early morning quickie, so all around great.

I totally think Killian should be a deputy, grand romantic statements aside. In current canon, he basically is one without the title anyway. Plus, Killian loves order and keeps order better than probably anyone (have you seen his cabin? not the same kind of order but still, this is how he is...not to mention Lieutenant Jones and his rigid rule following). Also, Killian might have trouble taking orders generally, but taking orders from Emma is a totally different thing. He might be out of practice, but he's a great follower for a leader he respects.

Killian cheating at cards was just...of course, Emma, what would you expect?

What happened to Grace and Jefferson?
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