Reviews for When You Wish Upon a Star: A Phanfiction Parody
Flame Susan chapter 5 . 16h
This is hilarious and adorable! I love it! Keep up the great work! haha, also the sample comments are pretty funny too
DaftDruid chapter 26 . 19h
Okay then, here we go xD
7. i recently started writing songs, as in, a few days ago I wrote one, although I hove composed stuff before...
6. I'm 15, in Year 10 and I'm a very hogh-profile person in my school community
5. I'm a complete and utter Harry Potter addict who relapses every holidays
4. This wont let me scroll because I'm on my phone so the order is now super weird sorry
1. I was born in Singapore so I'm an Australian citizen by descent which means if i marry someone who is also a citizen by descent and we have kids then they won't actually automatically have citizenship O_O
2. I don't actually want to have kids, I just like the idea
3. My parents are divorced and both now have partners, my dad is married, my mum isn't
DaftDruid chapter 25 . 19h
I think it's great you were able to day thy, good on you for standing with you beliefs and being different!
DaftDruid chapter 24 . 19h
Okay I'll bring dessert, no capsicum please it makes me vomit _ This fanfic is literally the best though I don't even think you understand how amazing you/it is
DaftDruid chapter 23 . 19h
Yes I will happily read deleted scenes. This fic is so wonderful though *sighs* I mostly read in religion because I believe that the human race is too stupid to guess or know who God actually is, so I'm just kinda spiritual...
DaftDruid chapter 22 . 19h
That extra story was the most beautiful thing I have ever read, also, that chapter was amazing
DaftDruid chapter 21 . 19h
Ahaha I understand you so much right now I feel like a stalker HAHAHAHA NOPE I NEED TO chill
DaftDruid chapter 20 . 20h
"Not gonna lie, I really hate your sample reviews. They NEVER adequately express my thoughts, feelings, and/or opinions regarding this story or life in general"

I should actually be doing schoolwork right now and finishing a story for a competition but oh well I'll just flip out in a few days and write it really great hahaahahahahahhaktnskvjd NOPE
DaftDruid chapter 19 . 20h
You ate hilarious and so is this chapter. I'm going to investigate your other writings once I finish this story :P
DaftDruid chapter 18 . 20h
You aren't a toad! You're so rude to yourself, also, these stories are getting slightly repetitious, I mean, they always manage to save/get saved by somebody, it's a little crazy.
DaftDruid chapter 17 . 20h
Oh I like that quote and I'm sorry about your grandmother :(
Is the reason they can only eat those foods because they are the only foods mentioned in Melanie's fanfics? That's her name, right? And now Dan is all sad and depressed because she wrote him that way because she's all sad about everything now?
DaftDruid chapter 16 . 20h
I've never had problems with New Zealand before but I live in Australia so they might as well be picking on my little bro -_-
DaftDruid chapter 15 . 20h
I would buy that shirt! The whole rapping chicken thing is hilarious, and tbh for a filler chapter this is great!
DaftDruid chapter 14 . 20h
All of the situations are part of the Ff's but because the boys don't feel anything they aren't 'completed'?
DaftDruid chapter 13 . 20h
I'm bi and I love this story! Wait! I didn't mean to say that meant to say - IM BI AND I LOVE THIS STORY
Flippity flap I'm so done.
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