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bethsaida chapter 82 . 5/19
I loved this story. I stumbled across it a few weeks ago, shortly after seeing BoFA, and it was brilliant. The alternate universe you created was thoroughly inventive, the characters real and the prose witty and beautiful in all the right moments. And I loved righteous Smaug. (Though you do write very terrifying chapter titles-there were quite a few times I was afraid to r/each a certain chapter!).

I have only one question: What did the final paragraph of chapter 16 refer to? I thought it was foreshadowing something terrible, but I never saw it come to pass...was it an abandoned plotline early in the story?

"It was tearing Thorin apart to separate them like this, but he had no idea what damage he was causing by tearing Fili away. He would never realize until it was too late; until the gulf had widened to the point where it could not be crossed, and the lost years returned to haunt him with a vengeance as he reminisced all that could have been if he had only seen through the darkness of his past long enough to welcome a brilliant future."

Thank you again for this brilliant piece of fiction. I am sad to leave this universe, but happy I can return any time!
Elleth of Mossflower chapter 82 . 5/15
I loved this!

Although, I didn't like the fact that Thorin mercy-killed Frerin (I disagree with that on moral grounds). I also found the sorta-good-and-able-to-shapeshift-Smaug a bit weird at first, and I don't think I ever really got used to Kíli's dragon leg. XP Well, I did, but I still find it a bit... different.

Your writing style is absolutely amazing, though. I've loved almost every one of your fics (though I was disappointed by LLIDM, 'cause it was... suggestive, and afterwards I couldn't like Red as much...) - anyway, your writing is amazing, and you just do angst so well!

One question/problem that comes to mind is that Kíli's (and Fíli's, I believe) missing limb seemed to swap sides several times. Or maybe I missed something. :P

All in all, this was awesome! PLEASE do a sequel!
TortoisetheStoryteller chapter 82 . 4/11
Very cute. I'm glad everything was resolved so well. It's about time Kili had a happy ending.
FemaleLokiArcher chapter 6 . 3/22
I love it. I love it even more that 'See Spot Run', cuz I like angst better than humor. And this is definitely full of angst. IT'S THE BEST!
PagesFromTheBasement chapter 82 . 3/11
This story was actually soul crushing and I don't even know how I got through this without sobbing buckets and ruining my computer...
I feel depressed that it's finally over (please, please, please, please, please please, PLEASE write a sequel) but I still feel satisfied that Kili and Fili are no longer tormented and are living in happiness. That is good enough for me.
This review is really only the tip of the iceberg, 'cause no words can describe how much I love this. I love it to eensy baby-Kili sized pieces.
Death to elves chapter 82 . 3/9
Aww! The ending was very nice after all poor Kili and Fili and everybody else have gone through.
dojoson41 chapter 81 . 3/8
yah puppy found! at least I hope it will be a good looking warg.
Guest chapter 82 . 3/6
KHB123 chapter 82 . 3/7
WHOA! I cannot believe I started reading this story to the point when I reached the last chapter without having to wait for an update!:O I'd say that was perfect timing, because this story was really good and very creative, all on its own, full of love, angst, Fil/Kil feels, and tons of crazy s**t! The dragon magic just about blew my mind, and I felt distraught that Fili and Kili got amputations, but the fact that they remained strong despite it all made me proud and happy. I'm so relieved Kili and Thorin got along finally. I loved it when you put Dis in the story, making her a heroine, and I'm thankful that you managed to put Tauriel in, because at the beginning, I was starting to think it was impossible for her to show. If you do make a sequel, I think I'd mostly want to know how the ring is going to get from Kili to Frodo. This was the longest chapter fanfic story I've read so far! I plan on making my own story have a ton of chapters, too! This was really great! Thank you!:)
Celebrisilweth chapter 82 . 3/6
Finally Kee is safe.
Guest chapter 82 . 3/6
Ahhhhhhhh! I loved this story so much! :))
syeern chapter 82 . 3/6
Nice open ended ending. Such lovely brotherly feels. Thanks for ending it on such a good note with great possibilities. Very enjoyable creative and clever story.
Booksnake3 chapter 82 . 3/6
I can't believe it's over! It's been...very almost two years. Like, one year 11 months. Oh Mahal, I wasn't even reading fanfic when you started writing this! It's epic. I shall have to give it a month then marathon the whole thing one weekend. I'm so happy about the happy ending :DDD there were so many times when I thought it was going to go tragically wrong! (There were so many times when it DID go tragically wrong) but everyone got through in the end and...It would take me too long to type out the number of smiley faces I really need here so just imagine a sea of happiness :)
Please just keep writing forever and ever. And ever. Become a dragon so you can be immortal. As long as you can still type. Yes, that is the future. Just become Smaug and if anyone tries to steal your mountains you can call up an army of followers to defend you while you write. It will work.
The EarthSong chapter 82 . 3/6
So good! And I hope that you follow up. At least, to let us know how the ring gets to Frodo or whatever happens in your universe. And thanks for the more Fíli love. ️
ninayasmijn chapter 20 . 3/5
love this! Fíli and Kíli bickering


I'm horrible at reviews, so I'll just give the muses a sweets freecard.
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