Reviews for Even Lovers Drown
Guest chapter 171 . 8/19
Guest chapter 172 . 8/19
Your writing is breathtaking
I am hooked.
From London, UK
siobhan.gregory chapter 231 . 8/17
Wow this is awesome
kandyse4olitz chapter 228 . 8/4
Its about damn time Shirleen gets some answers. I hope Farouk enlightens her and ease her weariness. I thought Farouk is her father but I don't think that's true.
ShaunV76 chapter 231 . 8/3
Mmm Mmm Good!
Clio1792 chapter 231 . 8/3
So Farouk is Shireen's father, and the people going after her are coup plotters...good conversation between Fitz and Jake (uncovered intelligence); good conversation between Fitz and Olivia (the plot laid more or less bare); nice to see Olivia's reaction-"who am I to say what is enough?".

We might have preferred to see this on television.

And GREAT final cliffhanger...who is protecting Shireen?

Excellent set of chapters,
Clio1792 chapter 230 . 8/3
Oh whomever is doing this is ambitious rather than sentimental...

again, my thoughts are for poor Jocelyn, who deprived herself of a happy life with the father of her child for Shireen's sake, only to see her daughter turn into a possible pawn in a palace coup.

Good scene,
Clio1792 chapter 229 . 8/3
Hollis is great in this chapter...oily, you should forgive the expression, and menacing...and the exchange that precedes his entrance is very moving. There was a surprise as this reviewer also figured Shireen was Farouk's he, perhaps her uncle, or her brother? At any rate, he seems to be a relative, even if he's coming into her life late...

Poor Jocelyn, lying in a bed, and unable to explain any of this...


I find myself less than
dispatcher652 chapter 231 . 8/3
So Farouk is not Shireen's father? Is he an uncle or protector of the family. I thought Michael had some nerve getting angry sincell he was the one working with Hollis to get information from his wife. To think that Shireen would do anything to jeopardize her mother's safety should have been the farthest from his mind. He may want it on what's going on but he needs to give a little to get in. Now all his anger has made Shireen make a foolish mistake running after him leaving herself wide open for someone to do her harm. I hope Olivia reaches her in time. I think Fitz is right here and Olivia will need some serious Camp David time after all this. They will need to make some big plans to deal with Mellie. This was a great update that had me wanting more. Like surprise update more. Lol! I can wait. It's always worth the wait.
noro chapter 231 . 8/3
looking forward to read more please
Clio1792 chapter 228 . 8/2
Great scenes here: the compact in the ladies's room; the confrontation with Michael (his change in expression, and Shireen's reaction to it was well done); and Farouk finally going to the rescue of the daughter he had never been able to acknowledge.

Good suspense here,
Cherrifan82 chapter 231 . 8/2
oh wow more soonish please

jennkyle chapter 231 . 8/2
Oh crap this can't be good at all great job and I can't wait for more tell next time
jennkyle chapter 230 . 8/2
What a chapter especially the ending great job
jennkyle chapter 229 . 8/2
Great chapter great job once again
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