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fostes00 chapter 192 . 5/25
You NEVER disappoint me with your updates!
I get so wrapped up in every chapter of your updates that I don't stop and review each one. I am sorry for that. Umm, yes that shower scene was amazing. I am so happy that Liv and Fitz are truly on the same page. They are united in their path and together in stronger ways than ever. The planning of this Boston event was all them. Fitz didn't even entertain the idea of Liv not being there. I think Karen nows about them, has a very big idea about them, or thinks they should be together. I can't wait to see how that plays out. Would be neat to have Karen on their side. I mean even CYRUS of all people has firmly accepted that they are together. And he has dubbed them OLITZ and really of all people to call them that he is the best choice. I giggled when I read it. Please please please let them stay happy. They are a team right?
And I have a feeling Mellie is going to hear Fitz telling her to pack her bags and get out of his house pretty soon. I for one cannot wait.
I am so very happy that you continue to write this awesome story.
Update soon please.
LoreneMichelle41 chapter 192 . 5/24
Lizzie bear is a buster. Super glad Fitz got her paws off of him. Fitz is going to be an awesome President with his girls...and hopefully his side.
LoreneMichelle41 chapter 191 . 5/24
The stage is being set for Liv to slid into the role of stepmom. Loving the relationship with Karen. Fitz's heart being a part of Liv's heart therefore his love for his children is now her love for his
LoreneMichelle41 chapter 190 . 5/24
Wow Lois Lane and it! Loving this flirty Fitz and sexy. I can certainly see this life for them forever. I miss canon Harrison. My goodness when he left the show is when it started to tank.
LoreneMichelle41 chapter 189 . 5/24
There is no greater couple than Fitz and Liv when they are working together. They got me super excited to see what happens next. I can only hope we see this type of couple in S5 canon.
Nicolef02740 chapter 192 . 5/22
This story is amazing. Your writing, your creativity, and your dedication are remarkable! Thank you for continuing to update because there really is no other fanfic out there as amazing as this one! Can't wait to read more!
ScandalOnica chapter 192 . 5/20
I know, I know, we readers are so grabby! And it is your fault for giving us all this goodness... all this Olitz goodness starting with the finale last week to the avalanche of fic updates that you writers have been pelting at us because of this sudden source of inspiration, is going to spoil us readers even more so brace yuh self chile! Lol
Real talk: I thought Lizzie Bear was going to thwart things for them so I breathed a sigh of relief when that did not happen. Vulture! Ugh! I hope all goes off without disturbance from her and her cohorts because I need to see the dragon aka Mellie spit some fire! LOL
Thanks for these updates... always a pleasure to read.
ScandalOnica chapter 191 . 5/20
Awwww, his Livvie is getting a glimpse of the paternal compulsion to love and protect and on top of that is finally embracing it?! LAWD!
And I have a feeling that what Karen wants to talk to her about will only intensify this instinct and AND, Fitzy will be over the moon! YES GAWD!
ScandalOnica chapter 190 . 5/20
Make it rain, Fitzy!
One thing I always love about Harrison, he implicitly trusted Olivia and never overstepped his bounds. He was a true ride or die gladiator so I always love when his character appears anywhere!
ScandalOnica chapter 189 . 5/20
OOOOOH! My babies are about to burn it up!
Mellie, brace yourself Boo! LOL
kandyse4olitz chapter 191 . 5/20
I got a slight feeling that Karen know about Fitz and Liv
kandyse4olitz chapter 190 . 5/20
Damn it to heck you are making me miss Harrison so much. I love how he knew she an Fitz together and he never once made a judgemental remark
Clio1792 chapter 192 . 5/19
Oh yes! Nice family shot!

Of course, when Kimberly captures this on TV, and Ms. North notes it for her Republican colleagues, there maybe a storm that will make the snow in Boston seem manageable...

Good close to this group of chapters,
Clio1792 chapter 191 . 5/19
Aww...Olivia is getting stepmom stirrings!

Also good was Kimberly Mitchell being reminded who supplies the "butter."

Good chapter,
ShaunV76 chapter 187 . 5/19
Ha! I loooooove when Fitz is a naughty boy
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