Reviews for Even Lovers Drown
ScandalOnica chapter 179 . 3/22
Slow clapping this out! Yesssss!
I can't stop smiling at this! Our two knuckleheads have finally found themselves a solid basis to love each other freely and it is beautiful.
Loved the writing and loved the subtle highlights of parts on the show for this scene that we viewers could only imagine.
Thanks and I hope that life does not become too crazy before you can update again!
ScandalOnica chapter 178 . 3/22
Ummm, if you were trying to outdo the Vermont scene on the show, this is to let you know that DAMN! You are nailing it!
*fans self*
ScandalOnica chapter 177 . 3/22
Sweating from my eyeballs here!
Bless Fitz and his belief from the very beginning in his love for his Livvie!
I am slayed all over again!
ScandalOnica chapter 176 . 3/22
Oooooh Weeee!
That story line never fails to excite me no matter how many times I read about it!
I love the vulnerability they are both showing here and hopefully at the end, it deepens their bond to the point that even Mellie and her shenanigans would not be able to penetrate!
ScandalOnica chapter 175 . 3/22
Yay! Welcome back! So glad to see these updates! It's aaaaight! Life happens to all of us so thanks for not abandoning this story.

"beck and call girl?!"
Olivia is really trying hard to fight the pull feels and more than that, fighting the truth. But I get it, you have to protect your heart especially when it has been bruised so badly. I hope that inspite of this, she does not run and that Fitz, having been on receiving end of betrayal with defiance would remember how he felt and empathize with her.
Nolegirl97 chapter 90 . 3/18
Okay, I'm here at chapter 90, and you are a PHENOMENAL writer. I read a fanfiction here and there just for pure guilty pleasure, but this is something else. I don't know how much you write outside of this, or if it is even your job, but you have gifts. This is honestly better than the show (not in the way that I am getting happy Olitz, but in the way that your writing is rich and complex).
Anyways, have a nice day and awesome job!
justafan51 chapter 176 . 3/17
Thank you so much for returning to this. Yours was one of the first fan fictions I read and I so love this Olivia and Fitz. You know, long before they were broken beyond repair. I had often thought if they could get pass all of the lies and fixing to help, which often hurt, they could be free to just love each other. If only they could trust enough to be honest and then go with from there, they might actually have a shot at this thing. You continue to treat them as adults and allow them space and that's everything. One day, I might forgive you for getting me hooked on this FF stuff, but I will never be tired of reading Olivia and Fitz through your eyes.
Needscandalinmylife chapter 179 . 3/16
I love this store. Thanks for the update and I cant wait to read the next chapters.
fostes00 chapter 179 . 3/15
I just read all of your recent updates. Bravo! I am! This story is everything and more that Scandal should be. Thank you for continuing this story and I can't wait to see where you take it next. I know I have said this before but I love how you weave canon dialogue and similar scenes into this story not exactly as it was scripted but in a more organic way that really fits your vision. I also do not miss the overplayed B613 nonsense. This story is riveting without it. So much going on within subplots. And given your ability to write this story as well as you have just gets me more excited about all the stuff there is for you to dive into. You are a gifted and creative writer and I am so happy you have returned and updated. Looking forward to more.
Maverick37 chapter 179 . 3/15
YAY! They are back together. Mellie and shove it. She just brought them closer.
Maverick37 chapter 178 . 3/15
Again that was amazing. So glad they are working things out.
Maverick37 chapter 177 . 3/15
That was amazing.
ScotchSista chapter 179 . 3/14
Welcome back! You've done a fantastic job with this series of updates. Can't wait to read what's going to happen once they leave their bubble. Mellie is still on the rampage. The issue with the jewels, Shireen and her mother ... So much more story to tell.
ScotchSista chapter 178 . 3/14
Nice to finally hear Olivia openly express her love for Fitz. Although he knows she loves him, it's good to hear her say it. Sheesh! Fitz has to really love her because Liv is a lot of work.
ScotchSista chapter 177 . 3/14
Always wondered how Fitz kept the construction of the Vermont house from the peering eyes of Mellie.

Big oh boy. Where do they go from here? Can Liv sustain this level of vulnerability? Hmmmm.
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