Reviews for Fire Red, Ninja Black
Nejiten3 chapter 1 . 4/6
please update
Nejiten3 chapter 2 . 12/22/2014
please update and Snake Eyes can talk?!
Guest chapter 2 . 3/13/2014
Pleaaaaasssssse don't stop the story here, this looks like the makings of a great book. I am already hooked on it.
roxasduelwielder chapter 2 . 9/3/2013
great keep it up
cbishlyn chapter 2 . 6/25/2013
i hope you up date soon like to see your spin on scarlett and snake eye
movielover121796 chapter 2 . 6/11/2013
Cute stuff! Update soon!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/10/2013
YOU'RE REWRITING! I LOVE YOU! I cried when I saw hiatus/discontinued. Author's that do that never pick up the story again, ever! But you are! And you're going to make something awesome even awesomer!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/4/2013
Your continuing this I don't want to have 37 cliffhangers instead of 36. Great story so far. Want to know were this is going.
Guest chapter 2 . 5/20/2013
I really love this story so far and I want to see where you can make it go. Please don't discontinue this, I'll cry. Why would you discontinue this? It's wonderful.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/30/2013
DAMN IT! UPDATE ALREADY! I swear you and Miss Horsehead are trying to drive me completely bonkers. AND IT'S WORKING!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/26/2013
PLZ finish this story! I 3 it! :)
Rogue Ronin chapter 2 . 4/22/2013
A really good story, I enjoyed reading it! _
Cribellate chapter 2 . 4/17/2013
Ooh, I like this! Excited to see where you take it :)
Guest chapter 2 . 4/13/2013
This is GREAT! i imagined snake eyes like that before he met scarlett too. you should really keep going with this story.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/13/2013
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