Reviews for Superman Volume 1
Son of Whitebeard chapter 12 . 5/10
great to see the first flash
Cookie Montser chapter 12 . 4/28
Compared to your other fics, this one is pretty grim. Everyone seems to have a messed up life that's just getting worse. DC universe is depressing. Great work. Looking forward to more. And Chloe annoys the hell out of me. She's going around practically approaching these meta-humans head on without thinking about the consequences; good thing she got shot. Maybe she'll actually put that super intelligence to use next time.
Saint Deltora chapter 12 . 4/28
Almost as quick as a bolt of lightening -Lighting

A woman leaving a bakery with a bag full of bagels gasped as she felt a gut of wind - 'gust'

I'm already the quickest man alive what more do you want from me." - LO?

He joined the army when he was eighteen; now that he's well into his mid-fifties he didn't regret anything. - I think this would flow better if it was "now that he 'was' well into his mid-fifties"

what if one of these kids is the key to saving the world one day." - LO?

"Then I suggest you start making the impossible possible Garrick unless you want us to activate the bomb in your body. - Comma after "Garrick".

Nate eyes widen a little - 'Nate's' eyes 'widened'

"Control be advised these are innocent people present, - 'there'

She could feel darkness over taking her before she saw him vanish. - 'overtaking' her, together.

"Sir, I've contact the other satellite Task Force X sites and all goes well. - 'contacted'

"Is our good friend Lionel still with his little astronomy group." - LO?

"What about him." - LO?

You understand right." - LO?

The meteor rocks miraculously healed him from his injuries and granted him super-speed which his how he became the fastest man alive. - which 'was' how

You do know that right." - LO?

great in the sack aren't they." - LO?

This chapter was an okay set-up.

Say, will that girl who could see the future appear more in the future? I noticed you spent quite a bit of time on her.
spirit117 chapter 12 . 4/16
Nice chapter Nomad, looks like Garrick is in a tough spot.

Keep up the great work.
That Geeky Guy chapter 12 . 4/7
Again greatly written, although i kind of find it a pet peeve that Jay is a meteor freak instead of inhaling heavy water. But i guess for the sake. Of the story it might make sense. I hope you get the speed force in your story for Barry, if he even appears in this
King of 2211 chapter 12 . 4/4
Glad to see at least ONE person who appreciates Old School. But I'm curious, will Ted Grant be appearing?
6tailedninja chapter 12 . 4/4
Well that was dark. But you wouldn't be you if it wasn't!
CMR Rosa chapter 12 . 4/4
Interesting chapter.
Me chapter 1 . 1/13
The galaxy is only aroubd 100,000 lightyears in diamete. 50 million is well too large a number.
thesuperspider chapter 5 . 1/10
wow! really good and well written! i like the part where it establishes Batman and Wonder Woman were born at this time, as well!
Saint Deltora chapter 11 . 1/5


"I'm Chloe Sullivan we go to Smallville High and I'm here to…we can talk later right now we need to get your mother to a doctor." She - comma after "later"

"NO POLICE! NO AMBULANCE! SHE'S FINE!" he screamed while over powering her - I think it should be 'overpowering' her, together.

"The heck is wrong with you!" - LO?

"That's a nasty gash she needs some ice." - comma after "gash"

I'll have to get her there…but…what am I going to do. - LO?

"I was about ask you guys that. How the hand Dad?" - How 'is' the hand

Jordan turned visible again the rush of adrenaline making it a bit harder for him to concentrate but he forced himself to calm down and focus on his abilities. - I think you meant "Jeffery"

He went after him but Jeffery suddenly turned invisible and he was gone form sight. - gone 'from' sight

"Of course I did. And if Veritas has found another alien what's the point of keeping the old one." - LO?

. She was brilliant young woman and that was a fact that she prided herself on - She was 'a' brilliant young woman

"Unfortunately you are but that has nothing to do with this!" - comma after "are"

This chapter was pretty nice, the plot is finally starting to move and Clark is slowly developing that mindset that will end with him becoming Superman in the future.
Saint Deltora chapter 10 . 1/4
She let out a breath and then reached up and gentle rubbed his face. - "gently"

"I would concur with your assessment dear daughter or it could be watchtower throwing us off again." - I think it should be "Watchtower"

"Damn, we've been hacked again, but that should be impossible, this encryption I wrote is for lack of a better word immaculate." - comma after "is" and "word"


Now you all gon and get. - I can't figure out what "gon" is supposed to be.

The people grumbled and mumbled but they each turned and heading for the exit. - "headed"

"Do you have any idea what you have done Swann." - LO? also, any idea 'of' what you have done

"From your response I know that ugly green thing we keep in the basement wasn't controlling you."- comma after "response"

"What" he growled a little bit. - LO?

Be careful what you wish for right." - LO?

The woman's eyes widen at her statement and a smile graced her lips. - "widened"

"You're here to see my Jeffery" - LO?

"My goodness you are beautiful." - comma after "goodness"

'Alight now just hold it you can do it.' - "Alright"

"WHAT!" Tess's mother roared. - LO?

Tess took several steps to the side from the opened as the leer - I am not sure what "opened" is supposed to mean here.

"If I'm supposed to be your inside man how the hell am I supposed to relax when you're not even supposed to know about the traveler." - LO?

This chapter was fine.
spirit117 chapter 11 . 1/3
Hey Nomad and thanks for the 4 awesome story updates on Christmas eve, and you’ve already update 2 of the others stories which I can’t wait to read but before that I have to review this chapter as well as the other one’s you posted on the 24th.

This chapter was pretty solid in the end Clark takes his first steps in becoming a hero without him even noticing. And Clark is now willing to listen about Veritas.

Keep up the great work.
Saint Deltora chapter 9 . 1/2
"What…the…heck Jordan." - LO?

"I do know you, you're different from everyone else right. - LO?

and to him the heartbeats sounded like a heard of rampaging Elephants but listening to Chloe's heart, - a 'herd'

"What!" Jonathan and Martha replied at the same time. - LO?

"Clark we didn't tell you this so you can go tell everyone at your school." - Comma after "Clark"

"It wasn't everyone just one girl." - comma after "everyone"

"But mom, how do you know, - LO?

'I have to know…am I the only alien' - LO?

"WHAT!" Clark shouted. - LO?

"Chloe…why don't you explain all of this to me from the beginning. And how about you explain this wall of weird stuff too." - LO?

"Chloe look I gotta go okay" - LO?

"My friend Cassandra died over this…..don't you understand.- LO?

upon seeing her eyes widen in fear. - "widened"

This chapter was good, better than the earlier one.
Saint Deltora chapter 8 . 1/2
"That's….that's unfortunately news Doctor." - "unfortunate"

"My dear I take high offense to that statement. Through me we've made countless discoveries in the name of science and you call that a failure." - comma after "dear" also, LO?

"BAH! To you and your damn traveler." - I think "traveler" should be capitalized here in other words it should be "Traveler"

"WHAT!" Dr. Shugel exclaimed, - LO?

"You and your father will be working together on finding a way to locate the traveler" - Capital "Traveler"

"I'm aware of my orders Mercer no need to repeat them to me" - comma after "Mercer"

"We're against the clock Lionel is already making moves and we need to make moves of our own." - Comma between "clock" and "Lionel"

"What's was all that stuff about telling the truth Dad…. - I think it should be just "what"

"You are an alien and how the hell do you tell your only son something like that" - LO?

Clark saw him raised into view two solid green crystals and what looked like a piece of ripped cloth. - "Raising"

Both of the genius Doctor's eyes widen and as quickly as they could - "widened"

Lana's eyes widen a little in a shocked manor but the shock only last - In order, "widened", "manner" and "lasted"

"So" - LO?

"It doesn't matter who you were before the Kent's…all that matters is who you now because of them." - who you 'are' now.

Hi Chloe. Why are you here, - LO?

"I know and I did say that but something has coming up and I need your help." - something has 'come' up.

"…you wish to warn this new traveler don't you Dr. Swann" - LO?

Jordan looked and he saw who she was point at and he swallowed a bit. - 'pointing' at

They began to near each other, closer and closer they came until Jordan 'accidentally' bumped into Clark Kent. - They began to 'move' near each other

'Does….Does he know that I'm an alien' - LO?

I will be honest, I think this was a rather weak chapter.
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