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Nine tails of darkness flame chapter 39 . 13h
Too bad naruto didn't think of using time God and leaving before the explosion
Nine tails of darkness flame chapter 38 . 14h
omg you should have put are you not entertained! When he was running away from her mom
gandalf da black chapter 64 . 6/27
Damn I did not see that coming. And yaaaattaaaaaa hinatas is a badass.
Guest chapter 64 . 6/25
the madara fight scene was epic bro. i really hope that you keep updating this fic. it is an amazing read, and i will follow it until it is finished.
Kaorilamb chapter 64 . 6/25
Freaking awesome!
INTHEDARKESTNIGHT chapter 64 . 6/25
im sorry; but can Naruto learn something new as well?
(I've got a few ideas,; PM me if you want to hear them)
animefan chapter 64 . 6/22
don't forget about the baby.
Me chapter 64 . 6/22
Naruto and teen titans crossover please naruto and raven please naruto has rinnegan ethernal mangeko yo sharingan
jtscores chapter 64 . 6/24
Great chapter! I'm looking forward to the next one.
ahmadbasilsetyo.01 chapter 64 . 6/24
4 Days For Read 64 Chapters Amazing man so Hinata Have Tenseigan Which In naruto the last toneri have ?
WeberCode chapter 64 . 6/24
Sequel, please
Archangel0 chapter 1 . 6/23
Hey I noticed you used death from the series "supernatural" good choice, also perfect lines from the show as well. Love the story so far can't wait to see how naruto handles madara
gandalf da black chapter 43 . 6/23
Hey me again. The muscle in your chest that pumps blood is your heart. A hearth is a stone platform in front of a fire place.
gandalf da black chapter 41 . 6/23
Uhhhh. I don't know if anyone's has told you but HEARS means to be hearing some thing. The appendages on the sides of your head are EARS. no H in front. Not being rude just informing so you don't seem illiterate and because how else will you learn? Have a good day.
Guest chapter 64 . 6/21
don't take so long to update please this story is a masterpiece which at this point is twice as long or more then some harry potter books(which is about 150,000 or more feel proud its quite a feat for a fanfiction writer) update soon so we can all enjoy this beauty
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