Reviews for Legacy
Brian West chapter 15 . 9/23
What a nice breeze. I love Naruto! So now Naruto saved Anko can we have a love story here ? Please? I love Anko. I already gave my reasons why I want Anko to love Naruto. So both Hinata and Anko can love Naruto. Please please do this.
Brian West chapter 13 . 9/23
Very interesting story. I like the deep thinking Naruto does in this chapter. I love Kurama and how friendly he is. I do like Hinata but there is another girl that I feel would have a closer bond to Naruto. Anko Miterashi is like Naruto, alone, hated for reasons beyond her control and has a similar personality to Naruto. Both are passionate, fun loving and impulsive people. Both are named after food. Please please bring Anko and Naruto together please.
Guest chapter 63 . 9/17
Sigh. The stupidity is astounding. Really. Moron decision after moron decision all so the writer can create drama. But it’s all fucking stupid. This is shit that would t actually happen. They aren’t that stupid. Horrible plot writing.
Robert k chapter 37 . 9/16
why not had Naruto and his dad made the former clan homes and shops into abut black ops base and base to living into it and a big size gym too, as for offices too, when his had offices into former home of 3 men one with blond hire and 2 with long hire guys , had is now 3 offices now and some times it be helping too with clan money too, Naruto and Hinata and both mom and dad had get to seeing the books into seeing money now, be big super size now, his had time to working on a swords and others ninjas stuff too, when get to doing booms taps and others too,
Robert k chapter 17 . 9/12
when thinking of a hell of it now his had some wars and battles with his class foe and his had wins vs others his face off back into the bound huters days his made a inc with his wife and then with his abut black ops team his and dad and mom and the 2 founders of the village and his grand mother too, when it get to the end now only ones were sill into it is Naruto and the former sand ninja and his wife now doing it now more on the former lands of water high ranks ninjas when 12 to 5 had get took out by now, 3 be women ninjas and 12 guys , then when money get out to them now, the sand ninja move to the west with his own bar now, and Naruto and wife had get out now she was gave his some kids 1 was twin boys Naruto JR and Minato ,when then a girl was born now, Kushina Sammy no go , then she had Naruto JR working into mic ninjas workings then his run the shop now,
Robert k chapter 16 . 9/10
why not before his meeting his god father soon his back home get to going over scrolls his had keeping into his own home office now by then was on water and fire , when his had master over now is going good now, his had saw some odd things too, when his get up the ranks now his the fox master and with time his move to the whirlpool lands now his clans home now up now and his wife with him now had meeting over the mic and his over the abut black ops for a time then past over to the rogue Ash lee and his 1 officer Robert Leroy wolf , as for the job run the village is Jimmy Sammy Robertson a ex ninja of rain fell , and spy into Naruto spy networking , when then others came into the lands now, some body huters one Bill Leroy , and his clan brothers , the wolfs boys his had the wolf clan simmers like Naruto with the fox s ,
Robert k chapter 6 . 9/10
why not let Naruto and his wife move into his home now and then his had helping out with her like over came her be so quit and her out going now, and both had get big msucles now think hulk and she hulk now, when then why not when summer had came into soon the 2 be to the lost lands of the whirlpool lands and get to reading scrolls and old books of ninjas stuff it helping too , as for gold bars he had finding them had them to buying food and others stuff too, when old pics to others stuff had helping too, why not had them hidden in his dad and mom old home and keeping under the earth now, living into it now, helping as will too,
tupacrest102 chapter 46 . 9/5
while he was strong sasuke saru can't hold his own against hashirama or madara
Robert k chapter 40 . 9/4
right was when the boss was kill off Naruto and inc took the money and gold bars now and had then get back home Naruto and his dad and others had a meeting on why kind of workings is need on the Clan home Uchiha is need to working with a big size gym is need and seeing it be made into a home when the 2 long black hair guys had living into and a blond one is had it too, when seeing a need for a books rooms and scrolls too, and when get to walls now is art of past wars and some others s class men and women be took out and seeing a need for some office on the top floor now, and meeting room now, and seeing his wife had a shop need by now, and seeing wood dummy s be made now , when get to put into a locker rooms now one men and women ones now, when back home now Naruto had made his old men home as his own now, 2 women and men caves now , and get to the bed rooms now, sleeping now, quit now,
tupacrest102 chapter 16 . 9/4
sasuke out here violating
Robert k chapter 8 . 9/3
why not let Naruto and his time into the bad guy lab and find books his had keeping and had reading on bloods of the hokages of the past and 2 wife s and his had keeping them as unkown too, when his had made it now,
Robert k chapter 7 . 9/1
why not doing Naruto and his women had time now and seeing next is her clan Hyuuga is next is scrolls and books the 2 be reading over now and seeing them had spying and others skills the 2 had now, over time the had made it now, pics of them one was in the JR year with the siting with each other her in her own ninjas t shit and long pains and blue vest ,and Naruto into his own white shit and long jeans and gray hood , and it the west wall now, when others times in the clan home is pics of his dad 1 ninja team and 2 one , when his mom the same ways too and the 2 lovers and now Naruto and Hinata own pic , now,when the team 8 pic now, and when living with his god mother and his had out the pics now on the wall now, as for the house of his mom and dad made it into a body huther inc offices and gym and meeting room and books room and scrolls too, as for his dad own clan made into the abut black ops HQ base , his let his mom and dad living into the east gust house and others too, when his let his wife keeping her own she cave too, and mic lab too,
Robert k chapter 36 . 8/31
why not let Naruto had some glass to keeping his eyes out of the others to seeing with ,and 2 his had took to find out about his team too, so with his dad clan home when his former live it is abut black ops base now, it had 6 bed rooms and gust houses 2 each now, when keeping it out eyes now, Naruto sleeping now with his wife now, his team had the house abut black ops unit now, as for the clan home is now men caves and women caves ,and 2 incs too, bar his keeping for ninjas and officers now,
Robert k chapter 35 . 8/31
why not let Naruto took the clan money of the Uchiha and his be looking it the map of the clan homes and shops and others too his put into meeting with his wife and looking it is former posic base offices and is now a body huthers inc his now open up now, when his wife had a shop for her own now , and others be a meeting room hall , when former gust houses is now for books rooms and men cave ,and women cave now, as for when Tsunade and Naruto and his wife sill had the home now and his had his dad home as 2 men cave now,
Robert k chapter 36 . 8/13
why not let Naruto had his own office it his dad clan home a body huther inc and his own wife she had her office here too, when his had be over the clan home now and both had a room for a girls night time and other one is for a gu nights now,with it now be quit too,
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