Reviews for Legacy
ARTIITHEHERO chapter 68 . 1h
That's some serious planning you got there, dude.
It really feels like chapter 69 will be the final piece to complete the puzzle between "Legacy" and "The Eternal Guardians".
Seriously one of the best stories i've ever found.
Claw-Cannon chapter 68 . 4h
This oddly enough feels like Avatar the Last Airbender when he made that new city
ZyiareHellsing chapter 68 . 5h
Wow that was fast! That was a really heart felt chapter. Your writing never stops amazing me. Thanks for the great update. I'll probably reread this story again after the next update.
Guardian Of The Three Planes chapter 68 . 7h
That was awesome and sad and ...

You my friend have the most awesome and beautiful story ever
Izuna Namikaze chapter 68 . 8h
wow... The Republic City... I never saw this coming...
Anyway what happened with Madara, I liked that.
Guest chapter 44 . 10/5
O_O remind me to stay away from temari
jtscores chapter 68 . 19h
This is art. Pure art. This truly was a beautiful story, and I look forward to the conclusion. Thank you for writing this masterpiece, this may just be the best story I have ever read. If not, then at least the best Fanfiction. Thanks agian! Can't wait for the final chapter!
ChakraTank35 chapter 68 . 20h
Simply beautiful! I do wonder though, did you think of Madara's plan from the beginning? If so, you are a genius man.
Naruto the joker chapter 68 . 23h
I am speechless...literally...this is the single most awesome fic I have ever read this is what I have been looking for for ages. It wasn't God Vs God this was more this is what I dream of as the fics that would hit 100 out of 10 more than that actually but still I hope you will update this soon and wirte more fic that are like this.
jonathan chapter 67 . 10/5
viejo que fuerte no dejes que nadie te diga lo contrario eres uno de los mejores escritores que conozco el 1 de 10, aunque yo lo u viera hecho un harem

Aaron Leach chapter 68 . 10/7
Awesome chapter.
Lord Farsight chapter 68 . 10/7
Damn. Way to make Madara a hero. I had a feeling he wanted to be defeated, but damn, that's some serious self-sacrifice. When the scroll becomes public after one or two generations (IF it ever becomes public) ... damn.
Uzumaki no Rinne-Sennin chapter 68 . 10/7
This letter of Madara has reminded me of Lelouch And the Zero Requiem ha ha ha.
Shigure Toshiro chapter 68 . 10/7
Good chapter, I always liked the idea of focal point of all evil.
looking forward to the last chapter.
zigmas chapter 68 . 10/7
You mixed up genders in a few cases.
But I kinda liked the chapter, including the final solution.
Not that it is fool-proof, but it's still a good attempt nonetheless.

Waiting for the Epilogue. :)
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