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Luciendar chapter 46 . 3/24
Can't blame Nao really. He essentially sent her there to die. Also, Izanagi can't kill people the way you seem to think it can.
Luciendar chapter 34 . 3/23
Naruto not summoning kurama as soon as orochimaru arrived was kinda dumb. It definitely seems like you've made Naruto too strong and now you're making poor decisions in combat because you don't want things to end like that
Luciendar chapter 28 . 3/23
Hinata ability to summon Naruto with her ring made her capture unbelievable the way you wrote it
Luciendar chapter 24 . 3/23
I can't help but find some things too weird. Kushina bring Tsunade daughter doesn't make sense age wise. Still, that is nothing when you consider that Naruto is somehow Madara's grandson but Hashirama's great great grandson.
Luciendar chapter 23 . 3/23
I understand Gaara's sand armor, but Naruto could've gotten through it. Him not placing the five element seal on Gaara makes no sense. I hope you provide proper reasoning next chapter, because if he's just showing off then he's risking lives and that's not okay.
Teddy Vanderaa chapter 20 . 3/13
Their is spelling mistake in the first paragraph it was with but should be without
Diya chapter 69 . 3/7
THANKKKKSSS for this fic. made my week. you write so well :)
camilaflordeloto chapter 69 . 3/2
This was awesome! A masterpiece and I skipped sleep to read this. Thanks for creating it!
profenaeto chapter 68 . 2/27
I just realized something amazing in this story.

If I remember correctly, Kurama said that 'half-blooded' Uchihas are power hungry fools and 'pure-blooded' Uchihas are not. This was actually foreshadowing that Madara is indeed a good person, not a bad one.

When Kurama mentioned that 'pure-blooded' Uchihas are not power hungry people, Kurama also mentioned that 'he (Kurama)' wanted all Uchihas to burn and die with the exception of 'pure-blooded' Uchihas who are Naruto, Minato, and Madara. But, Kurama never mentioned Madara being a power hungry fool which raised my suspicion. Why was Kurama not mentioning Madara as a power hungry fool when Madara tried to control Kurama? Was it because the topic slipped his(Kurama's) mind? I doubt, he claims to be the greatest bijuu and I don't think the topic would just slip like that.

Chapter 67, Naruto was about to kill Madara when he(Madara)... Smiled?

This leads us to the final chapter, Chapter 68 - The Legacy of Uchiha Madara. In this chapter, Madara left a letter for Naruto that said "Sometimes... to change the world... you have to be the villain." This implies that Madara wanted peace but couldn't achieve it alone. He decided to play the villain role and decided to place the world's hatred on himself so that when he dies, the hatred would disappear. After Madara dies and the hatred disappears, it's now Naruto's turn to unite everyone and create the peace Madara has long wished for.

Chapter 68. It's just amazing. The letter Madara left for Naruto made me somewhat cry in the inside. 8.5/10 fic, some grammar errors at the start but it gets better.
CallMeRuki chapter 1 . 2/26
a fanfiction from a fellow Portuguese, I am intrigued
nartulay17 chapter 48 . 2/24
The speech is beautiful. Actually crying right now
Sad And Alone chapter 21 . 2/19
The hyuuga elders really be having mood swings
sadfart09 chapter 10 . 2/19
How is this popular? It seems to have delusions of adequacy. It’s written terribly in terms of grammar with alot of non sequiturs thrown in, clunky dialogue and painfully 1 dimensional characters. The actual “plot” is just an unrealistic generic power fantasy. The author never quite seemed to under that “show don’t tell” is rather important for stories. It feels like I’m reading an abrupt summary of an SI power fantasy set in Naruto where all of the side character exist purely to make the MC look good, IQ’s automatically set to zero. Im just… how is this popular?
SatanSan53 chapter 53 . 2/19
Naruto looked down at his waist, then he looked at Hinata who raised an eyebrow and finally he looked back to his steaming bowl of ramen. Having decided on his choice he took Hinata's hand and dragged her away.

SatanSan53 chapter 51 . 2/18
"Susanoo" Itachi said as the dragon connected with the top of the building and, in a flash of blue, the building exploded, blasting chunks of rock everywhere and leveling the battlegrounds to nothing but ruble.

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