Reviews for Butterfly Heart
Danneyland chapter 40 . 1h
I was very worried that this wouldn't end up with a happy ending after all. I'm so glad it worked out!

This fic has been exactly what I've been looking for. Murder, mystery, dangerous games and a damning romance... This is going on my "to be read again" list! I stayed up all night reading this and don't regret a minute of it. Thank you immensely for such a well-written and enticing story.
Danneyland chapter 11 . 15h
Hmm... May have caught a bit of a plot hole.

Why would Harry have had to break through Tom's wards if Voldemort had truly delivered him there? Wouldn't Voldemort have broken the wards, delivered Tom, and left for that scene with Harry? Shouldn't Harry find it suspicious that Voldemort put the wards back up? (Assuming Tom is still out of it at this time—according to his story.)

(Of course I know Tom Voldemort but from Harry's perspective, you know.)
Guest chapter 40 . 9/8
Loved it! Thank you for your dedication and work, no one has explored Tom's psychology the way you had in this fic in all the fucked Tom/Harry I've read. Really interesting and unique. Thanks again.
Perhentian chapter 40 . 7/10
I liked this story very much. The way you picture Tom and Harry is really good. Thank you very much for writing and sharing this story.
Joaquin chapter 40 . 6/4
Love it!
VivianVolkoff126 chapter 40 . 5/31
The story was beautiful. There is no other way of putting it. I never lost interest and you always pushed enough. If anything, I’m almost sad that you didn’t break Harry. I mean you did in a way, but you stopped short. But I understand why you didn’t, this ending is much more clean. Still it is undeniably good. I am still looking for a story that goes all the way, but this was wonderful find in the search. Thank you.
serinity89 chapter 40 . 5/18
This story was highly refreshing from everything out there. I feel like i've read all of the interesting stories with all parings in Harry Potter Fanfiction and this one just makes a lot more sense in a way. It was very well written and you captured the emotions exquisitely in all aspects from harry going crazy to him trying to keep standing while the world is being tilted on its axis. It was fantastic, the detail used to figure out the killers notices, his mental break down, the self assurance, and the emotions of Tom. You humanized him yet made him a monster at the same time. I felt that everytime the readers entered a crime scene there was a classical orchestra playing in the background that would crescendo eheb the characters hit a peak emotionally. It was a beautiful story :)
acetwolf94 chapter 40 . 5/3
I LOVE IT! Will there be a sequel? I didn't want it to end.
Liz hart chapter 3 . 4/8
"It's good to know my 'work' is appreciated" my god Riddle here sounds like a bloody lunatic,is in need of psychiatrist himself. Showing his love through mass murder? How come no one knows of riddle as the same one as ...voldie?
PS: sorry i wasn't bad mouthing your in itself shows how well justified your characters are. Can't wait to read more
Eaze chapter 40 . 2/22
I enjoyed your story very much.
Fanduyaoi chapter 40 . 2/10
So firstly I want to thank you for writing this story. For whatsoever reason, I have overlooked it the first around. And it was only after years of having read all the remarkable hplv pairing available that I decided to read those that I didn't the first time because I didn't find the summary, the plot or the first paragraphs interesting. And I'm glad that I took it upon myself to give your fanfic a fair chance. I loved your writing style- which quality has become a rarity in this fandom- and I enjoyed my reading the time it lasted, which is the duration of the 40 chapters. I think also that it was probably for the best since where I encountered your fanfic before it wasn't finished and I got the chance to read it in one go. So thank ou again for your dedicating. And hopefully see you soon. Meanwhile take care of yourself
sedina chapter 1 . 12/11/2017
A Surprising but amazing end, a bit too much sacrifice on Tom's side _, maybe turning into a vampire and feed on Harry's blood next time…? (Well I'm so cruel yeah)
ColorMeMonochrome chapter 40 . 10/7/2017
For anyone wondering if they should read this without knowing anything about Silence of the Lambs, do it! It sets you up for the horror themes but otherwise no knowledge needed to enjoy this.

I don't think I knew what was getting into when I opened this fic. Firstly I didn't realize it was an AU that still had magic which was a nice surprise. But this story was so captivating I finished it in a day even though I had real life responsibilities. I loved how you eventually drew a comparison with the two futures of the serial killer and dark lord Voldemort. Loved Harry's development from martyr to something healthy. It was an AMAZING fic that gave justice to what insane circumstances would have to happen for these two to be together.

Childish part of me wishes the ending was more sunshine and daisies but I'm stuck between hoping that there's room for a sequel, appreciating the realism, and hoping it's an unreliable narrator situation. Oh and the Ron thing. But that was also definitely a refreshing surprise so I can't blame you.

The only critiques I have is occasionally there were words/thoughts skipped that prevented a smooth flow, like grammatically. And that I think there should have been a bit more emphasis on Harry being a Horcrux because it was mentioned but then Voldemort kept considering killing Harry and it took me out of the story to try to think about it.

But otherwise this is still probably one of the best complete LVHP fics out there for it's consistent themes and overall sense of everything coming together. Thanks for writing this.
WereBunny87 chapter 40 . 9/1/2017
Omg I love this so muuuuch
Mirage chapter 40 . 7/24/2017
that was an interesting Story an Pairing and also interesting end, they deserve peace, hope they find there place somewhere.
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