Reviews for A Different Kind of Magic
khrysavek1 chapter 3 . 5/16
Oh myyy! You have GOT to continue this! It's adorable! :-D
AnyMoreBrightIdeasGenius chapter 3 . 5/3
This is a really good story, I can so guess what is going to happen, Snape is in for a treat. Thanks for sharing your writing! I look forward to the next chapter!
pushi19 chapter 3 . 5/1
The Truth of Words chapter 3 . 3/17
I like this so far lol.
Shinoki chapter 3 . 2/28
Hoooh I wonder if she's going to make herself look Lily? Anyways this is a nice story! Interesting to see the Dursleys be nice and nice to see 'Harry' actually realizing that Dumbles is sketchy.
Georgia chapter 3 . 2/11
Really intriguing beginning. The characterisation is very good as well. I hope you continue some day. Thank you for sharing.
JanusGodOfPossibilities chapter 3 . 2/2
Excellent chapter. 4,000/10

I really, really like this fic. Fics where Harry does magic the way it should be are one of my favorites. Magic is Free and Unlimited. Is "Once Upon a Time" aired already in Halli's reality? (Since Halli mentioned Charmed and Sabrina I'm guessing it might be later then the 1990's?)

Maybe in the far future Halli could take inspiration from Charmed and create an Order of Whitelighter and Elder-like beings? And maybe something similar to Elder Land/Up There? Maybe try to recreate other Teleportation Magics like Orbing?
The Green Eyed Cat chapter 2 . 12/30/2014
I've already commented on the last chapter of this fic - where this comment should belong. I absolutely adore this fic, I desperately hope that you are going to continue with it as I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I am so desperate to see what's coming, please don't abandon it as it's a wonderful fic & beautifully written. Please, please, please update soon. I think I am addicted to this fic as I have already read it quite a few times. I really can't wait for the next chapter.

kathlynscutekid chapter 3 . 12/20/2014
Come on, PLEASE finish this story. I REALLY need to know what colour Snapss hair turns. I realize that it has been a while since you have posted on this story but I think it's cute and funny and should be finished.
SkyetheRaven chapter 3 . 11/29/2014
Genius raw genius! just wondering are you going to update it or leave it to our imaginations?
Furionknight chapter 3 . 11/15/2014
I look forward to more :)
GenJordan chapter 3 . 11/1/2014
I really like what you've done so far and I am hoping you will someday continue this story.
Sam chapter 3 . 10/30/2014
This is by far the best and most original story I've come across in months! I love it! Please update soon!
Tirian chapter 3 . 9/10/2014
I love this story. It's beautifully written and I just adore Halli. She's the perfect mix of sophisticated and fiery. I love how understanding she is of Neville and how she deals with Snape and Malfoy. While I would love for you to continue this, I understand that writer's block or family/personal issues can get in the way of writing sometimes. I thoroughly enjoyed A Different Kind of Magic and I just wanted to say thank you for writing it. I wish you luck in all your future writing endeavors.
HairyLimey chapter 3 . 8/30/2014
Not a Hermione fan are you? loving the story please please update again soon.
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