Reviews for A Twist on Legend
Jwolf chapter 28 . 7/20
Wow just wow fell in love with this story. Your story telling is amazing. I'm really sad to see it unfinished. I've read it three times now and I gotta say it enchanted me
Guest chapter 28 . 7/5
Absolutely amazing story! I love the way you wrote Arthur and Emerlyn's slow build up from friendship, to love. I especially appreciate the way you put emphasis on certain points, and details to your story concerning the characters and events. Please keep up the good work!
Guest chapter 28 . 7/3
plz update :) love this story
sddc0 chapter 28 . 5/24
oh my god this is so so so so so good i love a badass merlin and good morgana!'
8goose8 chapter 28 . 5/16
Guest chapter 28 . 5/15
This is so awesome! But are you ever going to update? It's been so long that I'm starting to loose hope...
Guest chapter 28 . 5/14
Are you ever going to start writing season 3 I feel that this season is going to be far better considering the storyline
Obsessed and Loving It chapter 28 . 5/13
So I know this hasn't been updated in a while but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this story and I am in love with your emerlyn and your morgana
Vialovesbooks chapter 28 . 4/19
I just read this in one sitting. Unbelievable how good this is. Please, please, please update soon! I, and plenty of other readers, really need to know what happens next!
Guest chapter 2 . 3/25
I take it English is not your first language... and you are very young. Givem that, it's not bad, but you need to work hard on the characterization.
reptoholic chapter 28 . 2/17
Absolutely love this story, amazing work.
I am glad you are changing up things and not just following the plot.
Some suggestions:
1. She could go to the Fisher Kings land and bring back the wyverns and knowledge of the Fisher King himself.
2. Dragons, is able to get into the temple she could get all the gold, artifacts and the egg before it collapses.
3. Anhora, will her be joining her? unicorns
Vault. If she broke into Camelot's vault she could get all the magical items, also Siegans gold (and he would most likely have a grimoir).
, can she get the rest of the round table to join her? Lancelot, Perciviel, Gwain...
6. What about morgause and others? If she is now friends with Morgana could she not also get her to join? Other Magicals too. Seeing others, not only druids, joining her would make her seem like she cares for everyone. No matter their past difference if they are going to follow her way of changing the future, they can find peace there.
7. The Staff. Rowan Staff
8. It would be interesting to see her Create new spells/ward/protections/enchanted objects... While she is learning from others, it would be interesting to see her create something of her own. Have a signature in a sense.
9. What about a weapon for her? Something that is of legend that she can wield. You have her find it or have a dragon burnish it. Something that is ONE of a KIND.
, while she has a lot of people, it would be nice to have warriors. The Blood Guard are loyal and would fit in. While she is not going to attack and kill, she should have a formidable army in case others come to slaughter them like before.
11. Should could start making allies of other countries. If you have another kingdom who she allies with and he/she does not have an heir, she could make a deal and pose as one while wearing a glamour. If you do this she could be able to marry Arthur or have some kind of relationship with him.
12. what of the other magical creatures? Who all has joined? Other beings of the Old religion, are they going to be coming now that it is a safe zone? You could have other come and even if they are not human they could be the defense of the island.
13. Birthing of magic. It would be nice to see the evidence of magic starting to come back

Over all I am loving this story, I have to say it is one of my favorite and definitely my favorite of its kind. I am Looking forward to all future chapters.
reptoholic chapter 27 . 2/17
I hope she takes up the mantle of head Priestess at the Isle of the Blessed and starts bring in druids and other magicals.
reptoholic chapter 26 . 2/17
WOW, I do hope though her father lives.
reptoholic chapter 25 . 2/17
awesome. I Love that he isn't going bad! Great job
reptoholic chapter 24 . 2/17
I enjoyed this chapter! I hope she starts talking to Morgana and preventing her from turning. Could she do the same with Morgause?
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