Reviews for Wanted Dead or Alive
Josie chapter 53 . 8/13
Hey it's me again lol it's been awhile, I just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your story when it only had five chapters and I've had it open on my phone since 2013 lol it's crazy to think that! But anyway I love this story to death and I'll keep it open forever if I have to lol cheers! :)
trouvaille chapter 41 . 6/10
It pains me to read this story because its been months since the last update. I love it so much that since I'm kinda near the latest chapter I'm dreading it too because there's nothing left for me than to reread it.

Hands down the best Kili/OC i've read.
treesliketorches chapter 30 . 5/2
I'm unsure as to whether or not ou still read the reviews for this story now it is finished, but I have to just say how bloody amazing this is. I have read multiple other stories about the Hobbit, and quite honestly this take it the best, and will probably remain the best, I have ever read. There's something about how you write and the extra descriptive depth to each character, how you're not allowing then to fall in some sort of smutty lovestruck trance within the first few chapters. My favourite part by far is Arya's pure rage in Thranduil's cells - and that she doesn't use her royalty to her advantage. Oh, and her link to Aragorn.

I cannot thank you enough for posting this story. My only regret is that I did not come across it earlier. This has seriously helped me when taking breaks between studying, and keeps me sane. Thank you, and I can't wait to continue to read more x
Becka3490 chapter 53 . 4/14
pls update soon!
Guest chapter 24 . 3/26
Just a question, but when they ventured into Mirkwood, had it not already been a full year that had passed on their journey?I noticed you said four months...

Anyway, love the way it's progressing!
XxBlindXxAngelXx chapter 5 . 3/3
is she aragorns cousin?
Lea chapter 53 . 2/7
I really, really need to know the end to this. Please update soon, I love it.
leafromlalaland chapter 6 . 1/24

I really hope this will get updated eventually. I quite enjoy it x
Pyrassion chapter 53 . 1/16
I miss this so bad. I eagerly await the next chapter! Beautiful work as always :)
The Serpent Underneath chapter 53 . 1/5
Thank you so much for this incredible story! I absolutely adore Arya and Kili together. Gotta love the slowburn ;)
Keep up the good work and I hope you update soon! Can't wait to see what happens next.

CaroX chapter 53 . 12/19/2015
I just love your story, though I have to stay I'm quite infuriated with Arya sometimes. Curse her stubbornness. She's almost as bad as a dwarf ;)

I really hope she sees reason soon though. Can't she see that what she's doing is hurting Kili? I think it's quite admirable that she remembers her duties as a ranger and the loyalty she has towards Aragorn, but I think that he'd want her to be happy, wouldn't he?

Someone needs to knock some sense into that girl!

And Thorin! I still can't believe he doesn't trust her, after everything she has done for him and the company! Curse the stubbornness of dwarves. You'd think that at least he'd come to respect her loyalty, but noooooooo... he can't get over his petty troubles with the elves and the fact that Arya's mother was an elf.

But on another note, I'm curious about something. Seeing as she's half elf and half man, won't she have a bit more attributes of the elves? The only thing that I noticed are the better hearing and sight, but that isn't quite up to elvish level, is it? And of course, the fact that she'll only love once in her life...

I really hope she and Kili wil reconcile soon enough, because I just love it when they act all lovey dovey. And I really look forward to the first time she and Dis will meet, at least, if you let her and Kili live long enough for him to introduce her to his mother. It quite clear that his father already gave his blessing. And that elf that Kili saw in his 'dream', was that Arya's mother?

I really hope you're going to update soon, for I'm fond of your work. The best of luck and inspiration to you :)
Leda.Havok chapter 53 . 12/7/2015
Soo a while back I found this story on archiveofoum I left you a comment, well me thinks I commented on it xD (at least I very much hope it was you! I'm sure it was o.o) and then I was craving for more because this story is my no lie. So I s̶t̶a̶l̶k̶e̶d̶ searched nonstop aaannd found it again on this website and was overjoyed! As I mentioned once I can't put into words how much I love this story! It's a roller coaster of emotions! It makes me laugh and cry with the characters so many beautiful moments that make me all teary eyed, then hilarious moments that make me burst into laughter at random! I loved watching how Kili and Arya slowly went from hate to love, how it transpired and bloomed through out the story! I'm going to be so heartbroken when it ends...(what point will there be to my life then?) You are a gifted writer and I think I have subconsciously sold my soul to you, and I am totally okay with that! going to bed now because I have class in the morning...well in a few hours and well...I spent my night reading this. No regrets! (Also, I'm sorry if I'm creepy x.x)
Elysium chapter 53 . 11/29/2015
Hands down the best Kili fanfiction ever. It's really well written and a lot more realistic than others I've read. Please UPDATE soon!
squirrelygirl890 chapter 22 . 11/24/2015
Gaah! Sunset pretteh! Totally made me think of this: "hobbit bond" on deviantart
c-hanting chapter 1 . 11/22/2015
Wow! I am super impressed with your exceptional writing skills! All of your facts and Elvish language is undoubtably correct which is very hard to come across lately. I look forward to finish reading your lovely story! :)
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